The Phalgam Obelisk

These photos, taken in Phalgam, Kashmir are © Sue Olsson.

Sue Olsson sent the author of this web site the two photos seen here in December 2002. Behind the Shiva-linga were two carved rocks. One had a triangular object hovering over a typical obelisk shape with a king sitting on a throne. ....Far right.

BELOW is my colored drawing of the top of the obelisk part of the carved stone. The tree in the middle represents the "Tree of Life" in the Garden of Eden. Adam is standing by that tree, with angels flying by.
The triangular top is a vimana, a space ship - or UFO.
TO THE LEFT one can see inside the space ship the tiny figure of Ganesh, the first-born son of Shiva and Parvati. One of Shiva's several wives is lounging on the side of the space-craft. Perhaps Kali, who destroys things
The rainbow over the king's head is that displayed after the flood of Noah.

What startled Sue, and me also, was the small cross and bishop or pope on the arm-rests of the king's throne. Linking this Kashmir King to Jesus Christ and Christianity.

Our joint theory, Jesus was a King of Kashmir!

On his lap the king, none other than Meghaváhana of Kashmir, holds a lamb

Sue Olsson spent a lot of time in Pakistan,

Kashmir, India, and Thailand tracing tales

and finding artifacts showing the locals had

traditions of Adam, Noah, and Moses living

in their areas, and having local graves.

And in September of 2004 Sue Olsson published a book on her research and adventures titled: "In Seach of Jesus: Last Starchild of the Old Silk Road"

I have read this book and can reccommend it to my readers!

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The Middle Ages artist who drew the picture on the left drew Adam without genitals and a sexually seductive temptor in the "Tree of knowledge". The naked Adam and Eve "hiding from God" in the Garden of Eden have been fair game for the artists of the ages. To view some more examples of their art paintings and drawings:

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Pictures on left and right are drawings of Vedic [Indian] Ancient Vimanas