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A PROPHECY FOR 2012 updated now in 2014



    We know what it looks like --


 and we know what animals besides humans can spread it --- ferrets!

and we know that chickens were the first to pose a major threat to humans with this virus -- avian flu virus H5N1

       So long as chickens were the only major carrier if the disease it was possible to control at mostly by isolation, wearing masks, and killing a lot of chickens, but now the game may be changing completely, due to some totally ill-advised human meddling --

"This is how the world ends!"


 reads the sign along the back wall of this football-stadium sized flu clinic in the movie titled

      Perhaps the screen-writer, producer, and actors in this Hollywood movie knew that researchers were indeed working on such a virus.  Perhaps they did not.  That's unimportant.   What IS important is that the slightest mistake, or planned act by a terrorist or terrorist group, could, and probably will, unleash this new virus on an unprepared human race.

       This is the second movie with the same name -- "Contagion".  The first movie by that name was ready for release in 2001, but its release was delayed because of the ANTHRAX scare about the time of the 9-11-2001 attack on the World Trade Center, and authorities did not wish to further spread fear among an already spooked public that were afraid their next letter through the US mail might kill them with specially prepared ANTHRAX germs machined into a powder that could be inhaled and cause lethal Anthrax pneumonia. The first "Contagion" movie, re-titled "The Last Breath" was shown on the Lifetime TV channel on October 7, 2003.

       If, indeed, the same authorities had known of the existence and potential of this new "ENGINEERED AVIAN FLU VIRUS", they might have banned the showing of this second "Contagion" Movie also.   It appears to be logical to some that it's more important that people aren't FRIGHTENED than that they know about what is about to kill them.    And what they need to do to cut down on their exposure to this lethal threat looming on the human horizon.   Well, it's too late now.   I'm a doctor, I have studied Epidemiology, I've watched the 2011 "Contagion" movie, and I'm wide awake and logical.   And I also happen to read my Bible and decipher Bible Codes  of a number of different types.

     "Andromeda Strain" was an early such Hollywood Movie, and this 2011 "Contagion" movie was the last.   But what's coming is not a movie, and people will die an early and rapid death.   And many of them that die will be in your family and mine.   There may be time for you to begin living healthfully, or move out of a crowded city neighborhood.   And perhaps hoard some food and basic supplies while there are such things available.   There may soon come a time when such things are costly, if you can obtain them at all, and even then, you might be risking your life to even take a short trip to a store with mostly empty shelves.

Picture of a trashed and empty city street in the movie "Contagion"

Mass burials (without funerals) of victims of the flu in body bags.

Hospital treatment will be costly and limited, and some will go to unusual lengths to make money from those who are frightened.

 This may be your last living view of someone you love.

      The Bible implies that if you can "make it" to day 1335 you may indeed be OK,  for now.   Unless someone, for whatever reason, be it curiosity or otherwise, engineers another such virus.  Terrorists who wish to die for God and to bring down the United States and Israel are in plentiful supply, and if they kill themselves, all their own relatives, and even most of the people in their own countries, this is a minor concern to such people!


Erasmus Medical Center in Rotterdam, the Netherlands, where

the research was done that ended another Age on Earth.

    Daniel 12: 12 "Blessed is he that waiteth, and cometh to the thousand  three hundred and five and thirty days."  About mid-August or September of 2012.  Another prophecy extends this date to October 13.   Perhaps later if against all odds these "mad scientists" keep a lid on this longer than I think they will.    Surprise me  I've been a FALSE PROPHET before.   I'd rather be a living FALSE PROPHET than a DEAD person who made the world's most lethal TRUE PROPHECY!

Completed 12-20-2011 at 10 PM EST Added to 12-25-2011

ADDENDUM January 4, 2012

  In 1848 Ellen Harmon, a Millerite Adventist born in Maine, had married James White and was after that known as Ellen G. White.  Her visions and dreams were beginning to attract attention. The young couple at that time was living in a rural area of Connecticut. They both expected Christ to return soon.  

The Little Paper that went Around the World! 

     " On November 18, 1848, Ellen White was shown in vision that her husband, James, should start a little paper. Like "streams of light," it would eventually go "clear round the world." That was quite a challenge considering he had no money, and there were fewer than 200 Sabbath keepers."

    "The next year, 1849, despite such unpromising conditions, James White determined to begin publishing that little paper.   To raise money, he decided to find work such as farm labor, which he had done successfully in the recent past.   But in vision Mrs. White was shown that he was not to do this now. Rather, "he must write, write, write, and walk out by faith" (Life Sketches, 1880 ed., p. 260). James began to write, and soon he had the articles for the first issue of The Present Truth. What he didn't have was the money." 

    "While he was still preparing the copy, James White walked about eight miles (13 km) to Middletown, Connecticut, to find a printer. He presented his case to Charles H. Pelton, asking if Pelton would be willing to print the paper and be paid when funds came in. Pelton agreed, and in July of 1849 the first issue of The Present Truth came from the press. Its subject was the Sabbath, and James White invited its readers to support the paper with their funds. A thousand copies were printed."        "The Whites and the few other Advent believers in that region gathered around the copies and prayed that God would "let His blessing rest upon the feeble effort of His servant" (ibid.) They addressed the papers to people they thought might be interested and sent them out. 

     "Two more issues followed in August, and by the time another issue had been published in early September, Mr.. Pelton wrote a receipt to James White for $64.50, "being in payment in full of all demands to this date." The Lord had rewarded their faith."

     "After publishing eleven issues of The Present Truth, and five issues, plus two "extras" of The Advent Review in 1849 and 1850, James White decided to combine the two publications. He named his new publication the Second Advent Review and Sabbath Herald. Both its name and place of publication have changed several times since the Review and Herald, now the Adventist Review, was first printed in Paris, Maine.   The paper now circles the globe both in printed and electronic form.   And the publishing work which had such a humble beginning now encompasses 56 publishing houses around the globe, printing and distributing Bible-based literature in more than 300 languages. The "streams of light" have indeed gone "clear round the world" (Life Sketches of Ellen G. White, p. 125).

The Vision that got Left Out!

(Now comes my part of this story -- Bob Holt, md)

     In one of the 11 issues of this little paper, The Present Truth, that was published after 1849 and before 1851, was published a vision of Ellen White's that anyone can still read parts of in Early Writings, published in 1851 and again in 1882.   The parts of this vision that can still be read are on pages 37 to 39 of Early Writings, copied from pages 31 and 32 of "Present Truth." But thirty-five lines are missing from this vision as originally recorded. 

      I can only here quote D. M. Canright , a later critic of Ellen White and her visions, who claims these lines were omitted because "---The pestilence here referred to was local, brief, and soon checked.   No such thing happened, as she predicted.    She simply expressed the fears common to frighten persons at the time.   That is all.    The vision absolutely failed, and therefore these lines had to be suppressed"

     Canright did not quote all the 35 missing lines, but this he does say:-- "In this she says the messengers sent out of God "would be safe from the prevailing pestilence. But if any went that were not sent of God, they would be in danger of being cut down by the pestilence...What we have seen and heard of the pestilence is but the beginning of what we shall see and hear.   Soon the dead and dying will be all around us."    "Soon" is relative in such prophecies!

 A Prophecy of Ellen White for 2012?




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