and indeed 'not understand'.">



Century 9 Quatrain 62


Barak Obama taking the Oath of Office

The Crowd in the Mall as Obama was inaugurated

In Dr. Holt's 2012 prophecy, this date, became the beginning

of the 1290 days and 1335 days of Daniel 12: 11-13

     On page 28 and 29 of the SUN Tabloid for Jan. 2, 2012 (the same issue that presented an accurate account of the "Man-made Super Flu" on page 50) i read:

    "In the 1500s, the French physician Nostradamus published his ninth Century, a volume of coded, four-line poems called quatrains.

     The 62nd verse in this book reads:

     "At the great battle of Armageddon

     Shall join the crusaders all attached by rank,

     The long-lasting Opium and Mandrake,

     The Dragon shall be released on October third."

    "Our analysis, based on a series of astrological clues, places this quatrain in 2012, just as Mary Magdalene's writings foresaw,' explains Demontrand. 'But this verse describes a date - October 3 - and a manner of battle - chemical warfare using narcotics and poisons - for the final conflict  between God and Satan."

     "In adjacent verses, Nostradamus describes forces from Persia, the seer's name for Iran, doing battle with crusaders of Europe and the United States at the End of Days."

    Now I don't know about you, but I for one am not going to put much stock in anything purported to be quoted from Nostradamus in the SUN Tabloid or any other Tabloid unless I read it also both in French and English from several other Nostradamus books (of which there are aplenty), and know that Erika Cheetham for one, has an opinion on this particular verse.   Another I might consult is Peter Lemesurier. Fortunately, I found 2 versions by Cheetham and 1 by Lemesurier.   The GOOD NEWS is the poem does exist, and the BAD NEWS is that as expected the SUN translation is a very radical one and interpreted to fit with the rest of SUN's premise for this particular issue: that all end-time prophecies will be fulfilled in 2012.


"The Final Prophecies of NOSTRADAMUS"

Perigree (Putnam) 1989 isbn 0-399-51516-x

Page 382 Century IX    IX.LXII

FRENCH                                               ENGLISH

Au grand de Cheramon agora               To the grand one of Cheramon agora

Seront croifez  par ranc tous attachez   will all the crosses by rank be attached

Le pertinax Oppi, & Mandragora,          The long lasting Opium and Mandrake.

Raugon d'October le tiers seront           Raugon will be released on October

   laschez.                                                 the third.

CHEETHAM'S COMMENTS:  This is a ver odd quatrain.  Cheramon Agora  was actually the name  of a town in Asia Minor, believed to be the present day Usak.  Both opium  and the mandrake root had mysterious virtues and were used in occult practices.  But what that has to do with a town in Asia Minor, I canot tell.


"The Man Who Saw Tomorrow" "The Prophecies of Nostradamus" History's Greatest Psychic"

Berkley Book (Putnam) March 1981 isbn 0-425-08757-3

Page 373 Century IX    62

      (identical to above)                                       (identical to above)

     COMMENTS: The Same


"The Nostradamus Encyclopedia"

St. Martin's Press, New York

 1997 isbn 0-312-17093-9

Page 230 Century IX    IX.62

   FRENCH (identical to above)     ENGLISH (not given word for word}

   Lemesurier's Interpreted Translation:

      "Christians are held by rank, drugged in Turkey, until a third are ransomed in October."


     The poem does exist, and it's reasonable to assume Nostradamus did write it.   The French is identical in the three books, and we can assume the SUN Tabloid used the same poem.  Christians are assumed by Lemesurier and the SUN, but not specifically by Cheetham, but crosses do make this assumption easy.  CRUSADERS wore crosses on their uniforms and armor, so the SUN can be forgiven for making this assumption.   "Held by rank" in Lemesurier, then "ransomed" assumes some type of battle, part way to the SUN's assumption of a battle ("Armageddon").  He uses the "third" not as a date, but as a portion of the Christian "soldiers" to be ransomed.

     Cheetham sees Opium and Mandrake as indicating "Magic" and occult practices, Lemesurier sees the soldiers as "drugged", while the SUN's interpreter sees this as chemical-biological warfare.

     Since Cheramon agora is in Turkey, Lemesurier assumes this will happen in Turkey.  The SUN uses the more traditional place for the "Battle of Armageddon" to occur, in a field near Megiddo in Northern Israel.


      That Nostradamus apparently used ANAGRAMS seems plain enough in those quatrains that appear to indicate HITLER (as Hister) and NAPOLEON (as PAU,NAY, LORON), so now let's look for Armageddon in Cheramon agora, and we can indeed find it!

cheRAM to cheARM A G E(from che) leaves us with only DDON to find in the rest of the line.   granD ONe will do it if w double the "D", and there it is -- ARMAGEDDON!

(the French line already has 2 "d"s so this doubling is unnecessary)

      So let's not fool around any longer but look for Obama in line 3, the "Opium" line.

      It requires a substitution of the "Hister" for "Hitler" type, but  once this is done, here he is Obama.

      The long lasting Opium and Mandrake.

      the long lasting O(B)ium And MAandrake.  or in French --

      Le pertinax O(B)ppi, & MAndrAgora,    OBAMA  In English we have a bonus --- OBAMA NATION!

      the lONg lAsTIg O(B)ium And MAaNdrake.  OBAMA NATION

      Whether the "Dragon" to be released on October 3, 2012 is  the man-made "Super Flu" (H5N1 "engineered Bird Flu") or if 1/3 the population will die from this Flu, or 1/3 survive, we may yet get to see in the year 2012.

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