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Beginning with the Arrival on Earth of 

Alalu, God of Nibiru

and ending with the 2012 Election 


   443000 BC through 2012 AD



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443000 BC--1000 BC

 1000 BC -- 37 BC

 37 BC -- 125 AD

125 AD -- 1844 AD

1844 AD -- 1933 AD

1933 AD -- 2012AD

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443,000 BC

Alalu, God of Nibiru

arrives on Earth in a lone space-craft after fleeing Nibiru, and discovers gold needed to save Nibiru's atmosphere which is being degraded

Source: Zecharia Sitchin "Lost Book of Enki" pages

442,300 BC

Lord Enki arrives Earth

with 50 astronauts and they set up a colony that later becomes known as the "Garden of Eden" in 7 days

Source: Zecharia Sitchin "Lost Book of Enki" pages

 290,000 BC

Lord Enki and some goddesses

create the first human servants, the male servant is called Adama.  The  humans are sterile, and cannot produce offspring.

Source: Zecharia Sitchin "Lost Book of Enki" pages

270,000 BC to 250,000 BC

Adapa and Titi created by Enki

who, worried about degeneration of the species, has sexual intercourse with two female humans now known as "Dawn" and "Dusk"

Source: Zecharia Sitchin "Lost Book of Enki" pages

     The genetic markers for homo sapiens, first studied through the mitochondrial DNA that is passed by the female alone, and then by studies of Nuclear DNA that is inherited by both parents (reports at the 1994 annual meeting of the American Association of Physical Anthropologists) indicate that we all stem from a single "Eve" that had lived in southeast Africa between 200,000 and 250,000 years ago.  Studies released in May 1995 of the Y chromosome indicate a single "Adam" ancestor some 270,000 years ago.  The Sumerian data, we have concluded, places the creation of The Adam at about 290,000 years ago -- well within the time scales for the progenitors that modern science  now suggests.  How long the stay at the Garden of Edin, the attainment of the ability to procreate, the expulsion back to southeast Africa, and the Cain-Abel birth had taken place, the ancient texts do not state.  Fifty thousand years?  One hundred thousand years? Whatever the exact time lapse, it seems evident that the "Eve" who was back in southwest Africa, bearing offspring to The Adam, fits well chronologically with the current scientific data."

Source: Zechariah Sitchin "Divine Encounters" page 45

110,360 BC

Adam born

"Adam" here being the Biblical man whom we term Neanderthal

102,560 BC

Seth born

The solution offered by Zechariah Sitchin (a numerical solution involving using 60 (Sumerian counting system) for the 1 assumed by Hebrew redactors, leads to astounding results.  It places the Adam-Seth-Enosh line right in the time slot when Neanderthals and then Cro-Magnons passed through the lands of the Bible as they spread toward Asia and Europe.

96,260 BC

Enosh born

"Enosh", which means "Human", was the Biblical term for what we call Cro-Magnon -- the first Homo sapiens sapiens, indeed the fore-father of Enoshut, today's humanity.   It was then, the Bible asserts, that humanity "began to call upon the name of Yahweh."

Sitchin uses the Biblical ages supplied, multiplied by 60, then adds the 13000 years since the Deluge.  I have subtracted 2000 years from each figure for a BC date.

Source: Zechariah Sitchin "Divine Encounters" Page 47

11,000 BC

The Great Flood

caused by global warming, and a huge sheet of ice sliding into the sea from Antarctica.  The "gods" are blamed because they make no major effort to save a rapidly proliferating human race.

Source: Zecharia Sitchin "Lost Book of Enki" pages

10,000 BC to 5,000 BC

The Great Pyramid and Sphynx built, by the Anunnaki, not by primitive Egyptians

Source: Zechariah Sitchin "When Time Began" pages 256, 257

4,000 BC

Priests and Kings

care used by the "gods" to govern and control mankind, the "gods" struggle with each other for power and territory, using armies of humans.

Source: Zecharia Sitchin "Lost Book of Enki" pages

 3760 BC Nippur C. 0

Sumerian civilization. Nippur calendar begins

Source: Zechariah Sitchin "The End of Days" page 274

3460 BC Nippur C. 300

The Tower of Babel incident

Marduk, son of Enki builds a launch tower 

for the landing and taking off of space-craft in area he controls to supplant the other divine beings,  they oppose him by changing human languages

Source: Zechariah Sitchin "The End of Days" page 274, 19-22

3113 BC

Start of Long Count Calendar

Mesoamerica, the Maya and Aztecs, Toltecs and Olmecs and lesser known tribes -- had three calendars.  Two were cyclical, measuring the cycles of the sun. moon, and Venus.  The other was chronological, measuring time from a starting point.  In The Lost Realms, Sitchin suggests that it marked the arrival of Thoth (known there as Quetzalcoatl) to South America.

Some suggest that the Long Count Calendar will end on December 21, 2012

Source: Zechariah Sitchin "When Time Began" pages 293-5

3100 BC

Civilization established in 2nd Region (Egypt and Nubia)

Source: Zechariah Sitchin "The End of Days" page 10

2900 BC

Civilization established in 3rd Region (Indus valley, India)

Source: Zechariah Sitchin "The End of Days" page 10

2860 BC Nippur C. 900

Bull of Heaven killed by Gilgamesh

Source: Zechariah Sitchin "The End of Days" page 274, 26-28

2360 BC Nippur C. 1400

Sargon: Era of Akkad Begins

Source: Zechariah Sitchin "The End of Days" page 274, 29-30

 2160 BC Nippur C. 1600

First Intermediate Period in Egypt; Era of Ninurta (Gudea builds Temple-of-Fifty)


 2123 BC

Birth of Abraham 

The family moved to Ur in 2113 BC

Source: Zechariah Sitchin "The End of Days" page 70

2095 BC

Terah moves family to Harran, including Abram and Lot

Abraham was 28 and already married, Terah was transferred to Harran by the Anunnaki gods

Source: Zechariah Sitchin "The End of Days" page 68, 70

2060 BC  Nippur C. 1700

Nabu organizes  Marduk's followers; Abraham to Canaan; War of the kings --

Source: Zechariah Sitchin "The End of Days" page 274

2048 BC

Abraham moves from Harran to Canaan, Lot to Sodom

Abraham was 75 years old when he made this move

Source: Zechariah Sitchin "The End of Days" page 70

2047 BC to 2040 BC

Abraham's 7 year stay in Egypt

Source: Zechariah Sitchin "The End of Days" pages 72-73

2041 BC to 2039 BC

The War of the Kings 

recorded in Genesis chapter 14, and partly in the Khedorla'omer Texts, first coming to the attention of Assyriologists in 1897

Source: Zechariah Sitchin "The End of Days" pages 74-78

2024 BC

Sodom and the Cities of the Plain

are destroyed by atomic weapons as most of the other "gods" try to prevent Ra/Marduk from taking over as the chief god of Earth -- he succeeds anyway

Source: Zechariah Sitchin "The End of Days" pages 79-96

1960 BC Nippur C. 1800

Marduk's Esagil temple in Babylon

Source: Zechariah Sitchin "The End of Days" page 274, 97-116

1760 BC Nippur C. 2000

Hammurabi consolidate's Marduk's supremacy

Source: Zechariah Sitchin "The End of Days" page 274, 117-135

1560 BC Nippur C. 2200

New dynasty ("Middle Kingdom") in Egypt; new dynastic rule ("Kassite") begins in Babylon

Source: Zechariah Sitchin "The End of Days" page 274

1460 BC Nippur C. 2300

Anshan, Elam, Mitanni emerge against Babylon; Moses in Sinai, the "burning bush"

Source: Zechariah Sitchin "The End of Days" page 275

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1,000 BC

Reign of King David and Solomon in Israel

their power and territory later exaggerated by scribes trained in Persia.  Most Scripture dates from after 700 BC, Torah written by anonymous authors now labeled J. E, P, and R

760 BC Nippur C. 3000

Prophecy in Jerusalem begins with Amos

Source: Zechariah Sitchin "The End of Days" page 275

560 BC Nippur C. 3200

Anunnaki gods complete their departure; Persians challenge Babylon; Cyrus

Source: Zechariah Sitchin "The End of Days" page 275

556 BC 

May 19 Total Solar Eclipse

Recorded in VACh.Shamash/Rm.2,38

"In the beginning the solar disc, not in an expected time, became darkened, and stood in the radiance of the Great Planet, on day 30 (of the month) was the eclipse of the Sun."

Zechariah Sitchin speculates this was a close passage of Nibiru.

Source: Zechariah Sitchin "The End of Days" page 220

460 BC Nippur C. 3100

Greece's Golden Age; Herodotus in Egypt

Source: Zechariah Sitchin "The End of Days" page 275

167 BC

Maccabees revolt against the Syrian overlord Antiochus Epiphanes

Most of the Book of Daniel composed at this time. Orthodox Judaism becomes a possibility.

160 BC Nippur C. 3600

Maccabees free Jerusalem. Temple rededicated.

Source: Zechariah Sitchin "The End of Days" page 275

60 BC Nippur C. 3700

The Romans build Jupiter Temple at Baalbek, 

occupy Jerusalem

Source: Zechariah Sitchin "The End of Days" page 275

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37 BC

Herod the Great becomes King

Most of the Jews hate him because he's neither Jew nor a Hasmonean but he brutally suppresses discord and stays on good terms with the Romans.  He is a nominal Essene, and rewards them for their cooperation and their money.

22 BC

Joseph, Jesus' Essene Father becomes King of Kashmir as "Sandhimati"

"Kings of Kashmira" Appendix page xx

7 BC March

Birth of Jesus Christ

Contrary to traditions, he was born 1 Km. south of the Qumran monastery at the "Queen's House", a place where unwed mothers gave birth to children classified as "orphans" ("Lambs of God") and brought up to be celibate monks at the monastery

1 BC March 9

Foundation of the "Vineyard"

Rome.  Conceived by the ex-high priest Matthias as a 60 year project supporting the "Davids" as superior rulers.   Sept. 7 at Ain Feshkha, Joseph renews marriage.  Mary is pregnant with James, Jesus' brother in December.

0 BC Nippur C. 3760

Jesus of Nazareth; AD count begins

Source: Zechariah Sitchin "The End of Days" page 275

1 AD September

Birth of Jesus' brother James

Since Joseph and Mary, the parents, were now married,  James was favored by many of the High Priests, (both Essene and at the Temple) to become the "Messiah" after the death of Joseph.

6 AD March

Bar Mitzveh for Jesus (Yeshua)

The Romans appoint a governor for Judea and impose direct taxation.  Jesus becomes acceptable as a legitimate son of Joseph, thus entitled to a "Bar Mitzveh".  Part is held at Qumran and Ain Feshkha. The Shepherd story of Luke 2, and the "Genealogy" of Luke 3:23-38.  The second ceremony at Kherbit Mird is symbolized in Revelation 12:1-6.

15 AD March

Jesus 21, Baptized 

Joseph joins Jesus in Jerusalem for baptism ceremony (Luke 2:41) at the Feast of the Passover.

17 AD March

Jesus' Initiation as Essene

Jesus turns 23, age for full initiation. March 22, midnight Jerusalem.  Joseph arrives for repetition of Jesus' baptism prior to full initiation.  After end of 12 hour ceremony, Joseph leaves for Mar Saba, expecting Jesus to finish ceremony there.  Jesus stays at Essene gate instead, showing preference for village life and Gentiles.  Eleazer Annas is High Priest ("My Father") considers Jesus to be eligabe to be an Essene Messiah.

23 AD March

Death of Joseph - Mary a Widow

Hidden history, part in the Gospel of Luke (Luke 13:1) and part in "Kings of Kashmira"  (Joseph was also King of Kashmir as "Sandhimati") shows that Joseph was crucified by the Romans at Jerusalem for participating in a Zealot insurrection, but resuscitated and carried to Kashmir by Lord Shiva) officially "dead" in Judea, he lived on a few more years in Kashmir.

25 AD 

Jesus as Meghavahana

becomes King of Kashmir supposedly because he was chosen by the princess Amritaprabha to be her husband.  I suspect this was arranged by Joseph-Sandhimati, who was crucified 2 years before, and now wished to retire.   As Meghavahana, Jesus' main crusade was to promote vegetarianism and inforce laws making it illegal in Kasmir to slaughter animals.  He also on one occasion "walked on water". Kings of Kashmira pages 36,37 Appendix D

Evidently Jesus commuted between Kashmir and Judea in an aircraft belonging to Lord Shiva, as did his father Joseph.

26 AD 

John the Baptist becomes Pope

20 years from the "Period of Wrath", AD 6  CD "Damascus Document" --1:9-11

29 AD March 8

Baptism of Jesus by John the Baptist at Qumran

A scism breaks out, and John deprives Jesus of the right to give absolution.  John Mark (the "John" of the Gospels) along with Andrew, joins Jesus. (John 1:38-40)

29 AD March 10

Jesus gains more disciples

Jesus goes from Qumran to Ain Feshkha (3 Km.) as  his first step to going into the world.  He meets Philip and joins Jonathan Annas-Nathaniel. He is on his way to spend 40 days in the wilderness as a fast.  He will subsist on water and locusts (grass-hoppers) as did Elijah the prophet.

29 AD April 18

Jesus back from the Wilderness

Jesus reports back to Ain Feshha, where he will be tested by "Satan" (Judas Iscariot) to determine whether he and Judas can find common ground to lead the Essenes.

29 AD April 20

Jesus and Judas Iscariot

Judas offers Jesus an alliance in which he (Judas) will be High Priest, and Jesus will be the World Emperor.

Jesus refuses (Luke 4:2-13)

They do form an Essene government together, however, with Simon Magus being the priest (Pope).

29 AD June 24

Jesus chooses his "Fishermen"

          After declaring a "Jubilee Year" at Ain Feshkha, Jesus walks another 3 Km. to Kherbit Mazin, the Essene "Capernaum" where Simon Magus ("Zebedee") maintains a fishing boat in the Dead Sea in which Tourists are baptized as "Fish".  His "fishermen", Peter, Andrew, James, and John become Jesus' disciples, and continue to "Fish for Men".

29 AD September 23

Jesus preaches pro-Samaritan Sermon at "Nazareth" (Mar Saba)

Jesus walks to Mar Saba (about 7 miles uphill). He declares the last Jubilee is now fulfilled, and expresses pro-Samaritan opinions. The Nazarites express their disapproval. (Luke 4:17-20)

30 AD June 6

"Wedding at Cana"

Ain Feshkha has a grape arbor and so can be called "Cana of Galilee".  It's also where large water-pots can be filled with clear cold water for the other Essene sites.  Before his betrothal ceremony there with Mary Magdalene, he uses the symbolism of changing water to wine in these large water-pots to indicate that he's now allowing women and Gentiles to partake of the "wine" at Essene holy meals.

30 AD June 23

Formal Appointment of the Twelve Apostles

Mark 3:13-19, Luke 6:12-16

30 AD September 22, 6 pm

Wedding of Jesus and Mary Magdalene

This is an Essene "Trial Marriage" and will not be finalized unless Mary becomes pregnant, and stays pregnant for three months

Mary Magdalene acts as the bride of Solomon

(Luke 7:37-38, Song of Solomon 1:12)

Jesus Walks on Water

6 pm, John Mark and others set out in a boat from Ain Feshkha to Mazin (the Essene Capernaum). Jesus is still at Ain Feshkha although he should have arrived at the Mazin building by 9 pm (3 hr. walk at 1 km./hr)

Sat. --March 22 -- 2:55 am.  John Mark starts rowing from the 1000 cubit offshore point.  3 am Jesus meets the boat at the end of the jetty -- appearing to "walk on the water" -- John Mark, a Greek, is not bound by Sabbath law, so he moors the boat.  Peter leaves to walk on the jetty (walk on water) to meet Jesus.

32 AD December 3

Simon Magus ("Lazarus") and Judas Iscariot, along with Theudas ("Barabbas") have participated in a Zealot demonstration in Jerusalem in which Roman soldiers were killed.  As a consequence Simon ("Lazarus") has been excommunicated (placed in Cave 4 at Qumran dressed in grave clothes), Jesus, with permission from Jonathan Annas, lifted this excommunication after 4 days in "the grave" ---

Raised Lazarus from "the dead".

After this, the three "wanted felons" hid near Qumran in one or several of the many caves in that area.

32 AD December 22

Mount of Olives, near Jerusalem

Jesus goes to Jerusalem, to the Essene-owned building on the Mount of Olives, to resume married life with Mary Magdalene.  This time she gets pregnant with her first pregnancy.  Eventually Jesus and her will have three children, 2 sons and a daughter.

John 11:54

33 AD March 2

Overthrowing Money Tables

No fulfillment has occurred of a prophecy that has predicted a restoration.  So Jesus overthrows the furniture used to collect money at Qumran.

33 AD March 19

Second Wedding of Jesus

Midnight.  Mary is now 3 months pregnant, so a permanent Essene wedding is appropriate.   John 12:1-8, Mark 14:3-9. Again the wedding of Solomon is the pattern for the ceremony.  Mary annoints his head (as Messiah) and his feet (sexual intimacy). 

The Last Supper

6 pm. The evening communal meal begins.

7 pm. Jesus blesses the fermented wine.

8 pm. As he blesses and breaks the bread, 

he gives it symbolic meaning.

9 pm. The cup of sacred wine is blessed.

Judas leaves to send a message to Pilate 

that the wanted Zealots are at Qumran.

33 AD March 20

"Good Friday"

midnight-3 am: Jesus says the prayer "The hour 

is come." Nothing happens, so he and Simon 

Magus have no more political support.

Both are arrested, tried, and sentenced to be crucified for the murder of the Roman soldiers.

Judas, who had offered a bribe for his own release, is sentenced to be crucified also, but Theudas ("Barabbas") is released with Judas' bribe - the "thirty pieces of Silver'

9am - noon: -- The crosses are erected in an unclean area of Qumran near the unstepped cistern.

noon - 3 pm -- After 6 hours on the cross, Jesus is in intolerable pain.  He cries out, both asking for the drugged drink and reproaching Jonathan Annas for his treachery -- "Father, why has thou forsaken me?"

Jesus loses consciousness, and is taken down from his cross and placed in a cool cave covered with medicated bandages.   The two "thieves'" legs are broken and they are placed in an adjoining cave.

33 AD March 21


Midnight -- Mary arrives near the cave, sees that the stone has been removed.  She goes to fetch Peter and John. 

1 am. They arrive at the opening of the cave, and see Simon Magus' headcloth has been left in there.

2 am. Mary returns to the cave and sees Simon Magus as two "angels" or men clothed in white. Then she sees Jesus, now standing.  Jesus is helped down the hill to the "Queen's House" where he rests all day Sabbath.

33 AD March 22

"Easter" Sunday

Jesus is now under the rule for the sick, who must stay outside Qumran for three days.  He acts like an outside Nazirite during this time, walking long distances to the various outposts.

33 AD March 23, Monday

At the Essene Gate of Jerusalem

James and Theudas arrive at the Essene gate at 9am

noon: They begin the noon meal, where common food is taken according to Herodian rules.  Jesus arrives and takes the position of bishop, proving that he is physically present by eating common food. (Luke 24:36-43)

33 AD September

Demaris Born, Jesus' daughter

Peter preaches, including the point that Jesus will return to the world in September 36 AD.  He must come back in three years. the last possible chance for the fulfillment of the "restoration" prophecy.

36 AD September 15

6 pm. Jerusalem  Jesus comes back into the world for the conception of a child.  Simon Magus allies with the Jerusalem members. Peter acts as a second to Jesus.

Acts 5:12-16

37 AD June 14

Jesus Justus 

noon: Jesus Justus has been born, and given official birthdays June 1 and at the solar 31st.  Agrippa is appointed head of the ascetics.  (Acts 6:7) "And the word of God increased--" means Jesus had "increased" by now having a son and heir.

40 AD February 29

Paul Converted

Saul, a servant of Agrippa, meets Jesus at Damascus, in the Essene monastery there, and Jesus convinces him to convert to what will become Christianity.

43 AD December 24


Gentile center, village level "church" established in Antioch.  Name "Christian" adopted for party of Peter (westernized village Essenes, holding Jesus to be the David) (Acts 11:26)

57 AD June 1

Paul appointed Archbishop in Ephesus (Acts 19:11)

Magians, founded 44 BC, persecuted and their library destroyed (Acts 19:13-19, Ant. 20:142, 162-167)

58-78 AD 

Linus, Bishop of Rome

Source: Bloodline of the Holy Grail, Laurence Gardner page 184

59 AD 

Jesus "dies" in Kashmir,

I'm convinced he faked this death, and his "son" is himself!

Then is replaced by his "Son"

King Pravarasena I

His new young wife, a blonde, is most likely Lydia, a Christian Essene he met in Philippi (Acts 16:12-40)

They have 2 sons, Hiranya, and Toramana

Hiranya became King of Kashmir in 89 AD

60 AD September 1

Paul's Party heads for Rome

They embark in a ship of the Alexandrian line at Myra. By the 19th they arrive at Fair Havens in Crete. On September 30 there is no prophetic fulfillment, so they sail to Phoenix on the west side of Crete.

Jesus is secretly aboard this ship, as is Luke.

61 AD January 1

The "Shipwreck"

     The boat arrives near Malta.  The depth soundings match those at Qumran so we know we are approaching an Essene monastery.  This is not a real "shipwreck" but a staged one.

3 am.  They arrive at port and say a prayer.  Paul officiates at the meal.  Apollos as a "viper" attacks Paul.    But Paul survives.

61 AD March 2-22

"Easter" Events Remembered

Since the Essene calendar for 61 AD matched that for 33 AD, Luke places events on the final days approaching Rome on the same dates and days of the week as they occurred for the crucifixion and "resurrection" of Jesus -- with one exception.  Sunday is now celebrated as the anniversary of the Resurrection. Paul holds a eucharist. (Acts 28:15)

63 AD 

Traditional Date for the Death of Mary Magdaline

at St. Baum in southern France at age 60

Source: Bloodline of the Holy Grail, Laurence Gardner page 113

63-64 AD 

Building of Glastonbury Chapel in Cornwall, England

dedicated to his mother, Mary Magdalene, by her son Jesus Jusus in 64 AD

Source: Bloodline of the Holy Grail, Laurence Gardner page 140

64 AD Summer

Nero's Persecution

In summer, AD 64, following the great fire of Rome, Nero blamed the Christians and crucified large numbers of them (Tacitus, Ann. 15;44) Peter and Paul were both put to death by Nero (Eusebius, H.E. 2, 25:5-8)

70 AD 

Jerusalem and the Temple Burned by Titus

74 AD 

Last Stand of the Zealots at Masada (Jesus was There)


82 AD

Death of Joseph of Arimathea

(Saint James the Just)

Source: Bloodline of the Holy Grail, Laurence Gardner page 184

89 AD 

Jesus retired in Kashmir as Pravarasena I and became the Prophet Yesu Asaph

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125 AD

Jesus' grandson Pravarasena II becomes King of Kashmir

c. 180 AD

Lieffer Mawr's daughter Eurgen

married Jesus' great-grandson Aminadab of the "Fisher Kings"

 of France

Source: Bloodline of the Holy Grail, Laurence Gardner page 236

219 AD

Jesus' Descendent Ranaditya becomes King of Kashmir, becomes Time-Space Traveler and reigns 300 years! until 519 AD!

325 AD 

Council of Nicea

Declares Jesus to be a God like the Roman Emperors

365 AD 

Synod of Laodicea

Sunday Law making it illegal to "Judaize" by worshipping on the Jewish Sabbath

381 AD 

Council of Constantinople

Adds the "Holy Ghost" as being equally "God" with Jesus and the Father God, and hammers out the language for a Divine "Trinity."

350 AD?

Baptism and Death of Constantine

Arias was allowed to return from exile, but died before he could be reinstated.  Constantine baptised as an Arian Christian by his nephew, who was an Arian Bishop.

603 AD

Death of King Arthur

son of Aedan mac Gabran, King of Dalraida

and Ygerna del Acqs

descendents of James the Just

Source: Bloodline of the Holy Grail, Laurence Gardner page 199

622 AD

Prophet Muhammad's "Hijra"

To escape persecution, Muhammad sent some of his followers to Abyssinia] before he and his remaining followers in Mecca migrated to Medina (then known as Yathrib) in the year 622. This event, the Hijra, marks the beginning of the Islamic calendar, which is also known as the Hijri Calendar. In Medina, Muhammad united the conflicting tribes, and after eight years of fighting with the Meccan tribes, his followers, who by then had grown to 10,000, conquered Mecca.. In 632, a few months after returning to Medina from his Farewell pilgrimage. Muhammad fell ill and died. By the time of his death, most of the Arabian Peninsula had converted to Islam, and he had united the tribes of Arabia into a single Muslim religious polity. Source: Wikipedia

642 AD 

Library at Alexandria Burned

by Arab invaders, the Piri Re'is Map may have survived this fire

Source: Zechariah Sitchin "When Time Began" pages 286-91

 1513 AD

Piri Re'is Map

An ancient map now kept at the Topkapi Museum in Istanbul, named for the Turkish admiral who had it made, the date is the Moslem year equivalent of 1513.  This map shows all of South America and an accurate outline of Antarctica.  Features supposedly unknown until much later.  Notes on this map refer to Alexander the Great (4th century BC)

Source: Zechariah Sitchin "When Time Began" pages 287-9


Martin Luther's 95 theses

nailed to door of Wittenburg church, beginning of Protestant Reformation in Germany

1519 AD

Hernando Cortes arrives

in Mesoamerica

Thoth (Quetzalcoatl) who had arrived in 3113 BC, had left the natives with two rotary sacred calendars that had gears, which when meshed together measured a period of about 52 years.  In the Christian calendar, the years AD 1363, 1415, 1467, and 1519 corres- ponded to this 52 year cycle.  When Cortez arrived, fair-skinned and bearded as Quetzalcoatl had been, the Meso-americans treated him as the god, because the god had promised to return when he had left.

Source: Zechariah Sitchin "When Time Began" pages 293-7

1543 AD May 24

Nicolaus Copernicus

"On the Revolutions of the Celestial Spheres"

published on the very last day he was expected to live so that he would escape the inevitable trial, persecution, and perhaps death to be expected at the hands of "Mother Church" and her children.

This heretical religiously and controversial scientifically book proposed that the earth was in orbit around the sun like the other planets.

Source: Zecharia Sitchin "When Time Began" page15,16

1582 October 4

Decree of Pope Gregory Xiii establishing the current "Gregorian Calendar"

This reformed the former Julian Calendar instituted by Julius Caesar who borrowed it from the Egyptians.  This was, like ours, a Solar Calendar of 365 days with an extra day on "Leap Year".

By Pope Gregory's time and extra 11 1/4 minutes per year not accounted for by the Julian Calendar system had accumulated to where the first day of Spring was the 11th of March instead of the 21st of March as decided in the Council of Nicea.  Pope Gregory "fixed" this problem by decreeing on October 4 that the next day would be October 15.   The other innovation was that the year would begin January 1.

Source: Zechariah Sitchin "When Time Began" page 200

1610 AD

4 Large Moons of Jupiter

discovered by Galileo, looking through one of the newly discovered telescopes

Source: Zechariah Sitchin "Divine Encounters" page 70

1659 AD

First Ring around Saturn

discovered by Christian Huygens

Source: Zechariah Sitchin "Divine Encounters" pages 70

1781 AD

The Planet Uranus Discovered

using an improved telescope.  This planet, which is beyond Saturn, cannot be seen by the naked eye.

Source: Zechariah Sitchin "Divine Encounters" page 70

1833 AD

"Stars Fall" Spectacular Meteorite Shower in New England

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1844 October 22

Jewish Feast of "Yom Kippur"

The "Day of Atonement"

"Great Disappointment" for Millerites




1844 December

Ellen Harmon's First Vision


Neptune Discovered

This planet was discovered beyond Uranus 

Source: Zechariah Sitchin "Divine Encounters" page 70

1849 January 5

Rocky Hill, Connecticut

Vision of Time of Trouble, Voice of God, and the 144,00 who triumphed

Ellen White's visions of the "4 bitter cups" that Adventists must drink along with 4 angels who hold back the 4 winds

Ellen White's vision of the "Pestilence" or PANDEMIC

Ellen and James White believe that Christ will return with great power and glory within 7 years (before 1851)

1849 July

James and Ellen White living near Middletown, Connecticut

     In July of 1849 the first issue of The Present Truth came from the press. Its subject was the Sabbath, and James White invited its readers to support the paper with their funds. A thousand copies were printed."        "The Whites and the few other Advent believers in that region gathered around the copies and prayed that God would "let His blessing rest upon the feeble effort of His servant" (ibid.) They addressed the papers to people they thought might be interested and sent them out. 

 "Two more issues followed in August, and by the time another issue had been published in early September, Mr.. Pelton wrote a receipt to James White for $64.50, "being in payment in full of all demands to this date." The Lord had rewarded their faith."

         "After publishing eleven issues of The Present Truth, and five issues, plus two "extras" of The Advent Review in 1849 and 1850, James White decided to combine the two publications. He named his new publication the Second Advent Review and Sabbath Herald. Both its name and place of publication have changed several times since the Review and Herald, now the Adventist Review, was first printed in Paris, Maine.   The paper now circles the globe both in printed and electronic form.   And the publishing work which had such a humble beginning now encompasses 56 publishing houses around the globe, printing and distributing Bible-based literature in more than 300 languages. The "streams of light" have indeed gone "clear round the world" (Life Sketches of Ellen G. White, p. 125).

 The three Maryland locations of the Review and Herald Presses have been, left to right, Takoma Park near CUC, downtown Takoma Park, and Hagerstown.

The Parallel in Revelation, NOT Chapter 7, but Chapter 14

     Ellen G. White and the  still quite small group who listened to and read her visions paid increasing attention to the "Three Angels" of Revelation  14:6-12.   By 1851 when Early Writings was edited and published with a diminished role for the "Shut Door", and the "4 bitter cups" and the "pestilence" left out, these "Three Angels' Messages" had become symbolic of the Seventh-day Sabbath, and also Ellen White's visions.    But nobody much noticed a second subset of three more angels "hiding" in verses 13-20 and a 7th angel with no obvious connection to the now 6 angels of chapter 14 in chapter 18 of Revelation.    It was not until I did some serious study on the symbols connected with these last 4 angels long ignored by Adventists that I recognized them in a logical numerological sequence and was able to date their appearance in real time.

1865 April 14

Abraham Lincoln shot


Colt 45 Pistols 

first used by US Army, became popular among ranchers and lawmen (and bandits) in the American West   Source: Wikipedia



Anti-Jewish Pogroms in Russia

The term "pogrom" became commonly used in English after a large-scale wave of anti-Jewish riots swept through south-western Imperial Russia (present-day Ukraine and Poland) from 1881-1884 (in that period over 200 anti-Jewish events occurred in the Russian Empire, notably the Kiev. Warsaw and Odessa.

The trigger for these pogroms was the assassination of Tsar Alexander II, for which some blamed "the Jews". The extent to which the Russian press was responsible for encouraging perceptions of the assassination as a Jewish act has been disputed. Local economic conditions (such as ancestral debts owed to moneylenders) are thought to have contributed significantly to the rioting, especially with regard to the participation of the business competitors of local Jews and the participation of railroad  workers, and it has been argued that this was actually more important than rumors of Jewish responsibility for the death of the Tsar.  Source: Wikipedia

1888 Jewish Pogrom


1888 Adventist Reversal

"Righteousness by Faith"

Up until 1888, the Millerites who became Seventh-day Adventists were content to follow Ellen G. White's detailed instructions which she obtained from visions and dreams, which purported to show Jesus' requirements in life-style, diet, education, and religious beliefs and practices.   This was definitely a "works-oriented" program that without their knowing it, was mimicing the Essenes of Qumran, of which Jesus himself had been a member in the first century AD.   

      Two major Adventist evangelists in 1888, E. J. Waggoner and A. T. Jones, took it upon themselves, quite successfully, to reverse the trend towards "legalism" among Adventists, and "convert" them back towards the prevailing emphasis on "Faith", not "Works" that had made Catholicism popular to the masses  since the 4th century Council of Nicea, and nominal Protestantism successful since Martin Luther nailed his 95 theses to the door of the Wittenberg church in 1517.

Luther's 95 theses

      Now with an increasing grasp of the seductive power of the "Gospel" that the Apostle Paul had fine-tuned to the desires of the Gentiles for a "Magical Religion" and "Magical Savior" that required little in life-style changes, and allowed for constant lapses into sinful behavior up until one's deathbed (as in Constantine's case) Seventh-day Adventist preachers and evangelists were on their way after 1888 to win the world to what, before that date, they had rightly seen was "a delusion".   After the 1950s they were all the way back into Fundamentalist Trinitarianism.  And by 2012 counted a membership of over 16 million.    Still Sabbath-keepers and interested in "Health Reform" and higher education.   Some former Adventists would like to convince this church that the Seventh-day Sabbath was also "nailed to the Cross", but the leaders rightly realize that this would involve a name-change also and resist.

1911 - 1918

World War 1

1912 April 15

Titanic Sinks

 after colliding with an iceberg in North Atlantic Ocean, 375 miles southeast of Halifax, Nova Scotia --Source: Wikipedia

1917 April 16, October

V. I. Lenin brings about Communist Revolution in Russia

Source: "Time: Great People of the 20th cent" page 12-13

1917 July 13

Fatima, Portugal (Cova de Ira)

3rd "secret" given to Lucia dos Santos, oldest of 3 shepherd children chosen to receive prophetic visions of future events - this "secret" was supressed by first Lucia herself, and later by the Catholic church hierarchy -- an edited version was published in the year 2000

1917 October 13

Fatima, Portugal (Cova de Ira)

Miracle of the "Dancing Sun" at Fatima


Adolph Hitler writes Mein Kampf

Source: "Time: Great People of the 20th cent" page 14


Great Stock Market Crash


begins "Great Depression", ends "roaring 20s"

Source: "Time: Great People of the 20th cent" page 25


Discovery of Pluto

Outermost Planet

Source: Zechariah Sitchin "Divine Encounters" pages 70 


Franklin Delano Roosevelt

elected President of the USA with 472 electoral votes to Hoover's 59

national income had plunged by more than half, 1/4 of America unemployed -- 27.5 Americans had no income at all.  1 million roamed the country as hobos.

Source: "Time: Great People of the 20th cent" page 25,26

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1933 March 31

Birth of Another "Elijah"

 Father, Russell F. Holt  Pvt. Bob Holt, AMEDS

 Edna Goodwin Holt

Robert F. Holt

in Washington Adventist Hospital, Takoma Park, Maryland

    My father, Russell F. Holt, went to school at what became Columbia Union College, and I was born on March 31, 1933 at what was then the Washington Sanitarium and now Washington Adventist Hospital.  In 1966-1967 I attended college myself there and two of my children, William and Becky, were born in Washington Adventist Hospital.  After graduating from CUC magna cum laude with a BA in Biology, Chemistry, and Social Science, I attended Loma Linda University School of Medicine, gaining a degree in both medicine (MD) and Public Health (MPH). Class of 1971.  I studied Epidemiology at LLU School of Health, so I know whereof I speak on these pages about the coming Pandemic.


Hitler appointed Chancellor of Germany by Pres. Paul von Hindenburg

Source: "Time: Great People of the 20th cent" page 17

1934 June

Hitler carried through the "Blood Purge" and became absolute Fuhrer

Source: "Time: Great People of the 20th cent" page 17

1937 May 6

Graf Zeppelin "Hindenburg" explodes in Lakehurst, N.J.

On 6 May 1937, while landing in Lakehurst after a transatlantic flight, in front of thousands of spectators, the tail of the ship caught fire, and within seconds, the Hindenburg burst into flames, killing 35 of the 97 people on board and one member of the ground crew. The actual cause of the fire has not been definitively determined. Perhaps a combination of leaking hydrogen from a torn gas bag, and the vibrations caused by a swift rotation for a quicker landing started static electricity in the duralumin alloy skeleton. A flammable outer coating spread the fire from its starting point in the tail to engulf the entire airship in 34 seconds.

Despite the acknowledged danger, there remained a list of 400 people who still wanted to fly as Zeppelin passengers and had paid for the trip. Their money was refunded in 1940. Source: Wikipedia

1939 March

Hitler's Germany occupied Czechoslovakia, and in April made demands on Poland.  Aug.23 signed non-aggression pact with Russia. Blitzkrieg begins with Poland, then Norway, the Balkans, the Netherlands, then France.

Source: "Time: Great People of the 20th cent" page 17

1940 June

Hitler's armies enter Paris

Source: "Time: Great People of the 20th cent" page 17

1941 December 7

Japanese Attack on Pearl Harbor brought the USA into WW II

Source: "Time: Great People of the 20th cent" page 17

Jewish Holocaust

6 million Jews killed by Nazis


End of the "Third Reich"

In a conference in Yalta in the Crimea, Roosevelt, Churchill, and Stalin carved up Hitler's empire

Winston Churchill, Britain

 F. D. Roosevelt, US

Josef Stalin, USSR

Roosevelt died in Warm Springs, Georgia on April 12

Source: "Time: Great People of the 20th cent" page 17

1945 April

Harry S. Truman 

after 3 months as vice-president, becomes president, 3 years later defeating Thomas E. Dewey

Source: "Time: Great People of the 20th cent" page 33

1945 August 6

8:16 A.M.

Atomic bomb dropped on Hiroshima, Japan on the orders of Harry S. Truman, president of the United States of America

As I discovered in 1993, this fulfills Matthew 24: 21- 30 in a parallelism with Isaiah 66:6-9, and with certain of Ellen White's prophetic visions.

Voice of God (isaiah, EGW) = Atomic Bomb

The day and the hour = of Israel's deliverance (Atomic Bomb) (Aug. 6, 1945 at 8:16 A.M.)

Sun darkened (momentary comparison) = Atomic Bomb

Great tribulation (Matt. 24) = Holocaust and WWII

"The Elect" (Matt. 24) = This generation of Jews

Moon not give her light = Shadow of men on moon (1950s)

Stars fall from heaven (Matt. 24) = ICBM missile race (1950s onward)

1948 May 14,15

Harry S. Truman supported Israel by recognizing them

immediately after they declared themselves a nation

"Birth" of New Nation of Israel

       Revelation 14:15 "And another angel (the 4th angel) came out of the temple, crying with a loud voice to him that sat on the cloud, Thrust in thy sickle, and reap: for the time is come for thee to reap; for the harvest of the earth is ripe.

      16 And he that sat on the cloud thrust in his sickle on the earth; and the earth was reaped."

May 14, 15


First "Bitter Cup" for Adventists (White Vision of 1849) (That Jews were the "Elect" the literal "Israel")

4th Angel's Message of Rev. 14: 15,16


Martin Luther King 

leads a bus boycott in Montgomery Alabama

Source: "Time: Great People of the 20th cent" page 64


John F. Kennedy 

defeats Richard Nixon for President

Source: "Time: Great People of the 20th cent" page 17

1963 November 22

Assassination of John F. Kennedy

at Dealy Plaza in Dallas, Texas

Source: "Time: Great People of the 20th cent" page 38


Voting Rights March in Selma, Ala.

lead by Martin Luther King

Source: "Time: Great People of the 20th cent" page 65

1968 April 4

Assassination of Martin Luther King

by James Earl Ray, a white supremist, who was sentenced to 99 years in jail, after shooting King on the balcony of the "Lorraine", a cheap black-owned hotel, outside Rm. 306 where he and his entourage paid $13 a night -- near Beale St. in Memphis

Source: "Time: Great People of the 20th cent" page 65

1986 January 28

Space Shuttle Challenger Disaster


1987 September

Pope John Paul II Tours USA

I and another member of ELIJAH REVIVAL (of Garland, NC) go to New Orleans, LA to see the Pope during an unusual thunderstorm that delayed his appearance to the crowd

1988 Sept. 11,12,13

  Revelation 14:17 "And another angel (the 5th angel) came out of the temple which is in heaven, he also having a sharp sickle."

The "Rapture 88" movement disappointed as were Millerites in 1844
Second "Bitter Cup" for Adventists (White Vision of 1849)(That Pentecostals are also led by Jesus and prophecies fulfilled by them)

5th Angel's Message of Rev. 14: 17

1988 Sept. 11,12,13

Hurricane Gilbert

Demolishes Jamaica

1989 Summer

Hurricane Hugo

Defaces Columbia S. Carolina


Berlin Wall Demolished

Sept 11 1988 to Oct. 1989

"hour, day, month, year"

exact match with Rev. 9:15

I am in Jerusalem, Israel, excavating for Ark of the Covenant with Ron Wyatt of Nashville, Tennessee, and we both meet a "Man in White" at the "Garden Tomb" who claims to be "on his way to the New Jerusalem". First of 8 major "Angel Encounters" for me.  Ron later decided that this "Man in White" was Jesus Christ.


Saddam Hussein invades Kuwait

 1991 January 15

US & UN Armies Aid Kuwait

Operation "Desert Storm" launched by President George Bush against  occupation forces of Saddam Hussein

1991 July - December

Astronomers find first evidence of other planets orbiting other suns (stars) in our universe

Source: Zechariah Sitchin "The End of Days" pages 74-78 Source: Zechariah Sitchin "When Time Began" page 3


William Jefferson Clinton President



The Roman Catholic Church pardons Copernicus (admits they made a mistake in declaring him a heretic 450 years previously)   

Nicolaus Copernicus promoted the idea in 1543 that the earth orbits the sun like the other planets in our solar system -- to escape persecution Copernicus' friends published his book as he was dying!

Source: Zechariah Sitchin "Divine Encounters" page 70


Fiery Confrontation at Waco, Texas

Revelation 14:18 "And another angel (the 6th angel) came out from the altar, which had power over fire; and cried with a loud cry to him who had the sharp sickle, saying, Thrust in thy sickle and gather the clusters of the vine of the earth; for her grapes are fully ripe."   

Third "Bitter Cup" for Adventists (White Vision of 1849)( David Koresh was following "God's Plan" for his group at Mt. Carmel in Waco, Texas) 5th Angel's Message of Rev. 14: 18


Dead Sea Scrolls Explained by "Gospel Pesher"; "Torah Codes" (1997)

        Revelation 14:19 "And the angel thrust in his sickle into the earth, and gathered the vine of the earth, and cast it into the great winepress of the wrath of God.

       20 And the winepress was trodden without the city, and blood came out of the winepress, even unto the horse bridles, by the space of a thousand and six hundred furlongs."

Coming of Another "Elijah"


Malachi 4:5 "Behold, I will send you Elijah the prophet before the coming of the great and dreadful day of the Lord."

Elijah the "Decoder of Codes"

     Ellen White in 1890, about the time when Elder Canright was making a big issue that she was a false prophet, and among other things had "suppressed" certain visions, which he claimed were not "inspired" visions at all, but her attempts at autocratic control of the church -- promised that another "Elijah" would come, one who, among other things, would have the power to "distinguish between the work of God and that of man."  One that will "let the Spirit of heaven guide into all truth."  Testimonies to Ministers and Gospel Workers, page 475, 476 and published in the Review and Herald, February 18, 1890.    That this would be someone in the future, someone who would use information available in the future to solve all these unsolved "puzzles" that the "brethren" could not solve, has been suppressed by the White Estate, who has done their best to make everyone believe that Ellen White was referring only to herself as this "Elijah who would come" --at the End of the Days. 

 "Brethren, we must not put our dependence on man. -- You must hang your helpless souls upon Jesus." ibid pg. 476 Jesus would somehow communicate even at the "End of Days."     "If -- you do not understand, -- investigate, compare scripture with scripture, sink the shaft of truth down deep into -- God's word--" ibid pg. 476 Be a detective, find new things, not just parrot old ideas!
"It does not become us to drink from the fountain in the valley when there is a fountain in the mountain." The new doctrinal and historical information now available from the Dead Sea Scrolls and "Gospel Pesher." "You must lay yourselves and your opinions on the altar of God, put away your preconceived ideas, and let the Spirit of God guide you  into all truth."  Or if you can't do this, let someone else do it that can do it!

1997 December

Drosnin's "Bible Codes" Book

Although Michael Drosnin was not the only one talking about the  ELS codes found in Hebrew in the Torah and Tanakh, he made them popular in 1997.  I learned to use them and met Jesus as a "Cartoon- ist" in a shop in Jerusalem, Isr.

1997 December 12

In the cartoonist shop in Jerusalem, Jesus, posing as a Jewish cartoonist named "Elijah Schwartz" drew my cartoon portrait as the "Arrogant Judge" of Luke 18:1-8 as shown on the left.  It took me a year to discover  its meaning.
The cartoon portrait was full of smaller cartoons, including Clinton and Monica Lewinsky. And a year of my activities of 1998.


Clinton-Lewinsky Scandal

I spent a lot of time in 1998 looking up ELS codes involving Bill Clinton and Monica Lewinsky, and got my five minutes of fame on Ashville's channel 13 demonstrating them on the 6:30 Evening NEWS with Sharrel Barber.  Sharing the time that evening with Pope John Paul II in Cuba, and continued live reports about Clinton and the scandal.

Channel 13 sent their truck with a dish to my trailer in Edneyville, where I worked the Bible Codes software on my computer in my front room.

1999 December 31

Y2K Scare

Many computer programs stored years with only two decimal digits; for example, 1980 would be stored as 80. Some such programs could not distinguish between the year 2000 and the year 1900. Other programs would try to represent the year 2000 as 19100. This could cause a complete failure and cause date comparisons to produce incorrect results. Some embedded systems, making use of similar date logic, were expected to fail and cause utilities and other crucial infrastructure to fail.

2000 November

George W. Bush President

very close election with recount in Florida, and the Supreme Court making a final decision about who won. 

2001 September 11 (911)      

      Revelation 18:1 "And after these things I saw another angel (the 7th angel of the chapter 14 series of 7, and the 4th angel with a bitter cup for Adventists) come down from heaven, (in a jetliner), having great power (derived from a full load of jet fuel), and the earth was lightened with its glory."

      2 And he (the Muslim "martyrs" steering these two planes into the TWIN TOWERS of the World Trade Center) cried mightily with a strong voice (seen and heard around the world on millions of TV sets), Babylon the great (The USA, the  "Great Satan") is fallen, is fallen (two towers, not one), and is become the habitation of devils, and the hold of every foul spirit, and a cage of every unclean and wicked bird." 

Third "Bitter Cup" for Adventists (White Vision of 1849)(Passing of the final speculative date (2000) for Jesus' magical return as part of the "Divine Trinity")

7th Angel's Message of Rev. 18: 1, 2, 6

  Revelation 14: 6 "Reward her even as she rewarded you, and double unto her double according to her works: in the cup which she has filled fill to her double."

2011 October 7

Osama bin Laden

US Invades Afghanistan

The War in Afghanistan, also called the Afghan war, began on October 7, 2001, as the armed forces of the United States of America, the United Kingdom, Australia, and the Afghan United Front (Northern Alliance) launched Operation Enduring Freedom. The primary driver of the invasion was the September 11 attacks on the United States, with the stated goal of dismantling the al-Qaeda terrorist organization and ending its use of Afghanistan as a base. The United States also said that it would remove the Taliban regime from power and create a viable democratic state. A decade into the war, the U.S. continues to battle a widespread Taliban insurgency, and the war has expanded into the tribal areas of neighboring Pakistan. Source: Wikipedia

2003 March 19-Apr. 9

US Invades Iraq

2004 November

George W. Bush re-elected

2005 August 23-30

Hurricane Katrina

Hurricane Katrina was the deadliest and most destructive Atlantic hurricane of the 2005 Atlantic hurricane season.. It is the costliest natural disaster, as well as one of the five deadliest hurricanes, in the history of the United States.   Among recorded Atlantic hurricanes, it was the sixth strongest overall.. At least 1,836 people died in the actual hurricane and in the subsequent floods, making it the deadliest U.S. hurricane since the 1928 Okeechobee hurricane; total property damage was estimated at $81 billion (2005 USD), nearly triple the damage wrought by Hurricane Andrew in 1992. Source: Wikipedia..

2006 - 2008

Avian (Bird) Flu Scare

public warnings became numerous about the lethal effects of the H5N1 Flu virus, but it was discovered that most cases started with close contact with chickens and spread only to family members


Financial and Mortgage Bailouts Recession Begins

 2008 Summer

Bill Clinton, Hillary, and Sarah Palin all come to Asheville to campaign politically

2008 November

Barak Obama elected President


Evangelical Christian 

reaction against Obama

Congress at a virtual stand-still

2011 December 15

"Elijah" hears on Channel 4, the NEWS of the Engineered Bird Flu

2012 January

Newt Gingrich wins S. Carolina Republican Primary

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