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For God so loved the world, that He gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in Him should not perish, but have everlasting life."

For God sent not His Son into the world to condemn the world; but that the world through Him might be saved!  John 3:16 and 17

There's a lot of religions

 And many of them believe in life eternal  One believesin TIME/TRAVEL

The Real Theology of the 

Only True God!


Adam and Eve Story derided!

Noah's Flood debunked!

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 Foster Memorial Seventh-day Adventist Church Of the three ministers who preached this series --  preached a series on "Grace" in January 2006. two "fell from grace" and no longer preach there!

January 28, 2006

Dialog between Pastor Bryan Aalborg and Pastor Erin Miller --

with edited-in substitutions and additions by Dr. Bob Holt, md.

on May 22, 2011

Let's be CLEAR here.  Neither Bryan NOR Erin said what you read

 here in the RED type!

Song Leader: "Praise the Lord"-- I tell myself, with my whole heart I will praise His holy Name!"

       Erin Miller: "The Lord is merciful, and gracious, and slow to get angry and full of unfailing love, and will not constantly accuse us, nor remain angry forever, -- "

       Bryan Aalborg: "He hath not punished us for all our sins, nor doth he  deal with us as we deserve, --"

       EM: "For His unfailing love towards those who fear Him is as great as the height of the heavens above the earth--"

       BA: "Where (what has been labeled as) sin abounds --"

       EM: "(God's Compassion) abounds much more!"

       BA: "As the deer pants for streams of water -- so I long for you, O God, (the True God, the "Compassionate God") -- I thirst for God, for the living God."

       EM: "Where (what has been labeled as) sin abounds -- (God's Compassion) abounds much more. The Lord detests lying lips, but He delights in men who are truthful.-- (And now, at long last, you are reading and hearing THE TRUTH!)"

     BA:  Where (what has been labeled as) sin abounds---"

     EM: "(God's Compassion) abounds much more. --- 'Peter, do you love me?"

The "Gospel Pesher " of certain texts in Matthew shows that Jesus Christ claimed

to have gone to Kashmir in search of the lost sheep of Israel..

     BA: "Yes, Lord. You KNOW I love you."

     EM: "Feed my sheep." ---"Peter, do you LOVE me?"

A picture I adapted to show a gray-headed Jesus tending sheep in Phalgam, a 

suburb of Shrinagar, in Kashmir.

         BA: "Yes, Lord.  You KNOW I love you."

     EM: "Feed my sheep." --- "Peter, do you love ME?" 

The Aramaic Version of the text Erin and Bryan are quoting here shows "Feed my ewes,  

(female sheep) to be the intended meaning here..

     BA: "Yes, Lord.  You know I LOVE YOU!"

     EM: "Feed my sheep." ---"Where (what has been labeled as) sin abounds --"

     BA: "(God's Compassion) does much more abound."

     EM: "Rebellion"

     BA: "Repentence."

     EM: "Fractured"

     BA: "Forgiven."

     EM: "Guilt."

     BA: "Grace."

     EM: "Regret."

     BA: "Renewal."

     EM: "Shame."

     BA: "Peace"

     EM: "Dirty."

     BA: "Friend"

     EM: "Failure."

     BA: "Freedom."

     EM: "Desire."

     BA: "Desire."

     EM: "Transgression."

     BA: "Transformation." "When we were utterly helpless --"

     EM: "God showed his great love for us by sending Christ to die for us while we were still sinners.  If we confess our sins to Him--"

     BA: "He is faithful and just to forgive us from every wrong!"

     EM: "In the kindness and love of God, our Savior appeared. He saved us."

      BA: "Not because of the righteous things that we have done but because of His MERCY."

      EM: "He saved us by the washing of rebirth and the renewal of the Holy Spirit  whom he poured out on us generously -- through Jesus Christ our Savior  -- Where (what has been labeled as) sin abounds--"

      BA: "(God's Compassion) abounds much more!"

      EM: "Where (what has been labeled as) sin abounds--"

      BA: "(God's Compassion) abounds much more!"

      EM: "Where (what has been labeled as) sin abounds--"

      (EM and BA in chorus:) "(God's Compassion) abounds much more!"


    COMMENTS by Dr. Bob Holt, md.   There can be no doubt to those who read the Gospels and the Book of Revelation that Jesus Christ claimed to know the future.  But there is serious doubt among current Bible critics and scholars about whether or not he really did know the future.   Knowing full well that according to the time schedule inferred from reading the four gospels that Jesus prophecied the destruction of Jerusalem about 40 years before the Romans attacked Jerusalem and burned Herod's temple (as prophecied in Matthew 24), these same scholars have dated the writing of this gospels as being after 70 AD, specifically because they don't believe anyone, including Jesus Christ, could have known in 33 AD that Jerusalem would be destroyed so thoroughly 40 years later that "There shall not be left here one stone upon another, that shall not be thrown down." 

     To me, one of several people now able to read Matthew 24, and interpret it using "Gospel Pesher", this chapter is one of many indications that Jesus was during his 3 1/2 years as a Messiah in the Qumran area by the Dead Sea, engaging (mostly secretly) in trips into the future.   Trips using technology as yet not available to mankind, but available to Jesus at that time by his association with a divine being who possessed and used such technology.

     On a previous page, entitled "Amazing Grace" I copied Erin and Bryan's dialog, word for word, and criticized it afterwards by carefully examining their examples.   On this later page, I have instead changed and added to their dialogue.  

    "Grace" has been so misused by Paul and the religious establishment that I have substituted a "Compassionate Christ" and a "Compassionate God" for this idea of "Grace" which in the end did not work out well for either Erin or Garin Carter. 

     What they needed from God and from His supposed Church was compassion not "grace".

      Compassion is taught in the Bible, and also in all the major religious "Holy Books" of the world.   However, scribes and priests and Church functionaries with an agenda of their own have mostly hidden this compassion from view, or taught those they wish to control that they only can dispense it, and only on their terms  -- (as in the case of Erin  Miller and Garin Carter).
   Beginning with this page I will attempt to show to what I can realistically expect to be a somewhat hostile and unbelieving audience, that there is indeed a COMPASSIONATE GOD and that JESUS CHRIST (who was called other names in other cultures) had at least some success in portraying this COMPASSIONATE GOD in His real character and with His real personality.   So far some of my readers might agree.

      But then I will launch out into the deep, so to speak, and show that this COMPASSIONATE GOD is never pictured among those of His "Subjects" who know Him well and love Him, as the semi-nude overweight Greek flying old codger "with an attitude" as pictured on the left.   Who made Adam out of mud and Eve out of Adam's rib, and robbed them of "eternal life" for a minor infraction, then thundered the "Ten Commandments" at their enslaved descendents!


View of the Dead Sea Scroll caves from the South.

       As I showed my readers before on the web page titled THE INVISIBLE ESSENES, the real reason Herod the Great held the Essenes in high honor, and allowed them privileges he would not give anyone else, is because he met an ESSENE named Manahem as a child who was able to prophecy Herod's future many years before he became king.   I only cited part of this story on this other page -- now I will give it completely.

     "Antiquities of the Jews"  15-10-4    (371) "  The Essenes also, as we call a sect of ours, were excused from this imposition (to take an oath to Herod) .  These men live the same kind of life as do those whom the Greeks call Pythagoreans; concerning whom I shall discourse more fully elsewhere. (373) However, it is but fit to set down here the reasons wherefore Herod had these Essenes in such honor, and thought higher of them than their mortal nature required: nor will this account be unsuitable to the nature of this history, as it will show the opinion men had of these Essenes. 15-10-5 (373) Now there was one of these Essenes, whose name was Menahem, who had this testimony, that he not only conducted his life after an excellent manner, but had foreknowledge of future events given him by God also.  This man once saw Herod when he was a child, and going to school, and saluted him as king of the Jews; (374) but he, thinking that either he did not know him, or that he was in jest, put him in mind that he was but a private man; but Manahem smiled to himself, and clapped him on the backside with his hand, and said, 'However that may be, thou wilt be king, and will begin thy reign happily, for God finds thee worthy of it; an do thou remember the blows that Manahem hath given thee, as being the signal of the change of thy fortune; (375)  and truly this will be the best reasoning for thee, that thou love justice [towards men], and piety towards God, and clemency towards thy citizens; yet do I know how thy whole conduct will be, that thou wilt not be such a one, (376) for thou wilt excel all men in happiness, and obtain an everlasting reputation, but wilt forget piety and righteousness; and these crimes will not be concealed from God at the conclusion of thy life, when thou wilt find that he will be mindful of them, and punish thee for them."

     (377) Now at that time Herod did not at all attend to what Manahem said, as having no hopes of such advancement; but a little afterward, when he was so fortunate as to be advanced to the dignity of king, and was in the height of his dominion, he sent for Manahem, and asked him how long he should reign.  (378) Manahem did not tell him the full length of his reign; whereupon, upon that silence of his, he asked him further, whether he should reign ten years or not?  He replied, 'Yes, twenty, nay thirty years;' but he did not assign the just determinate limit of his reign.   Herod was satisfied with these replies, and gave Manahem his hand, and dismissed him; and from that time he continued to honor all the Essenes.  (329) We thought it proper to relate these facts to our readers, how strange soever they be, and to declare what hath happened among us, because many of these Essenes have by their excellent virtue, been thought worthy of this knowledge of divine revelation.


        I learned to interpret "Gospel Pesher" by studying Dr. Barbara Thiering's book, published in 1992, then going to see the sites she described.  In 1995 I took a trip to India, including Kashmir, where I later affirmed that Jesus lived most of his lifetime after his crucifixion and resurrection at Qumran.  And in 1997-1998 I acquired the software to access the Old Testament (Torah) Computer Codes that work by skipped letters (ELS). It was in December of 1997 that I had an interview with a person posing as a cartoonist in the walled city of Jerusalem that I now feature on both my web-sites.   That person was, in my opinion, either Jesus Christ himself, or another person posing as him, and doing his bidding.    By the end of 1998 I was also proficient in discovering ELS codes on my own that other people were not finding.   By 2000-2001 I was communicating regularly with Suzanna Olsson, who was living in Pakistan and Kashmir, and sending me pictures and information from Kashmir and Indian history books that by using the same "Gospel Pesher" techniques I had been using on Bible texts I was able to demonstrate that Jesus not only lived in Kashmir before and after his crucifixion, but was using a space-craft to commute between Kashmir and Judea during his 3 1/2 years at Qumran as an Essene Messiah.  Then I made the connection between the existence of the ELS codes and Jesus, and  determined that Jesus did have access to both a high-technology spacecraft and the advanced computer used to fly this space-craft.    Finally it became clear to me that Jesus was indeed a TIME/SPACE traveler, and when I put up my first web-site, about this time I drew and displayed this cartoon on the web-site of Jesus riding around on this "flying saucer" like it was a "flying carpet".   SO, I have been maintaining for over 10 years now that Jesus was, indeed, a TIME/SPACE traveler.  But it has taken me almost 20 years to acquire the techniques and knowledge necessary to give me confidence that this is indeed true.

        Now for two Dead Sea Scrolls that are not recognized as such by Dead Sea Scroll scholars, but in my opinion, provide major support for the idea that Jesus was not only an Essene, but was also engaged in TIME/SPACE activities while he was living at Qumran.

      Indeed, I took the title for my cartoon of Jesus as a TIME/SPACE "voyager" from the second of these two Dead Sea Scrolls.


  I   .... of his hand: two ... a birthmark.  And the hair will be red.

  And there will be lentils on ... and small birthmarks on his 

  thigh.  [And after t]wo years he will know (how to distinguish)

  one thing from another.   In his youth, he will be like .....

  [like a m]an who knows nothing until the time when he knows

  the three Books.

      And then he will acquire wisdom and learn und[erstanding]

  .... vision to come to him on his knees.   And with his father 

  and his ancestors ...  life and old age.   Counsel and prudence 

  will be with him, and he will know the secrets of man.  His 

  wisdom will reach all the peoples, and he will know the secrets

  of man.    His wisdom will reach all the peoples, and he will 

  know the secrets of all the living.   And all their designs 

  against him will come to nothing, and (his) rule over all the 

  living will be great.   His designs [will succeed] for he is the 

  Elect of God.   His birth and the breath of his spirit ...  and

  his designs shall be for ever ... 

  (several other scraps have been connected to this scroll and it now has a different number, but this is

    how it read when J, Starcky edited it.  Nothing that has been added need change Starky's opinion of 

    what it is --- the Horoscope of the final Prince of the Congregation, or Royal Messiah.

   What keeps this scholarly crowd from jumping up and down and shouting at the top of their 

    voices that "We have found the Horoscope for Jesus Christ "is this --- they would have to admit 

    that Jesus was both a man and an Essene --- and nobody's church wants that to happen!

4Q491 fr. II = M2

Labeled in Vermes' book "The Song of Michael and the Just"

     .... a throne of strength in the congregation of 'gods' so 

   that not a single king of old shall sit on it, neither shall their

   noble men ....  ... my glory is incomparable, and apart from 

   me none is exalted.   None shall come to me for I dwell in ...

   ... in heaven, and there is no ... ... I am reckoned with the 

   'gods' and my dwelling-place is in the congregation of 

   holiness.   [My] des[ire] is not according to the flesh, [and]

   all that I value is in the glory of ... [ ... the pl]ace of holiness.

   Whom do I count as despicable, and who is comparable to

   me in my glory?   Who is like ... ... the young (?) like me?

   Is there a companion who resembles me?   I have ..., and no 

   instruction resembles [my instruction] ... ... Who shall attack 

   me when [I] op[en my mouth]?    And who can deal with the

   issue of my lips?   Who shall summon me to be destroyed

   by my judgment? ... ... [F]or I am reckoned with the 'gods', 

   and my glory is with the sons of the King.  No pure gold or 

   gold of Ophir ... ...

   (What keeps anybody among the scholars from connecting this last text in any way with Jesus Christ is (1) No one other than Dr. Barbara Thiering PhD, is willing to step forward and admit that Jesus ever spent any time at or even near Qumran, or even knew any Essenes.   To do so would cause them to be forced to answer a lot of questions they would rather not face.  (2) It's a lot more safe and comfortable to allow those who would defend Jesus' 'divinity' (as decided at the council of Nicea three centuries after his crucifixion) to do so, understanding that they are doing so to protect their jobs and influence.  While those professors and scholars inclined to be skeptical of Jesus' divinity are entitled to see him as an uneducated Galilean peasant.   (3) It is the well-known and widely accepted view of these skeptical scholars that these Gospel stories about Jesus and what Jesus is supposed to have said are so unreliable that none of these speeches of Jesus were made by him at all, but were made up decades later by people who perhaps never even met Jesus. (4) Only those who, like Dr. Barbara Thiering, PhD believe the gospels and especially the first part of John were written from actual dictated notes can have any confidence that Jesus made the claims recorded in the gospels and especially John.  (5) Once these various attitudes and suppositions are dealt with, however, Jesus in the gospels is making exactly the same claims as the author of this Dead Sea Scroll is making!)

    It's my opinion that Jesus Christ himself, not some other Essene pretending to be "Michael the Archangel", wrote this Dead Sea Scroll after one of his first rides in a space-craft,  which must have  been an awe-inspiring experience in an age unfamiliar with any land transportation faster than horses, and in which only insects, bats, and birds could be seen flying through the air.  And that evidently whoever gave him these rides in a space-craft made him the promises he described in this Dead Sea Scroll text!

November 2010 NOTE: Those at least a bit familiar with Dr. Barbara Thiering's "Gospel Pesher" from her 1992 book "Jesus and the Riddle of the Dead Sea Scrolls" will notice that I go FAR BEYOND her usage here.

      We're not just applying this to a hidden history of Jesus' activities in the first century, but apply also meanings dealing with ASTROLOGY and TIME TRAVEL!  By 2004 I already knew about Jesus' time travels.



 Now for the TEST!

A Hint: Remember, everything is in Code!

Mark 4:35 "And the same day, when the evening was come,"

 Would that be at the beginning, middle, or END of the "Age of Pisces"?

"he saith unto them," Is he talking now to FISH, to PEOPLE on the shore, OR to FISH with an opportunity to become PEOPLE on the shore?

"Let us pass over unto the other side."

Mark 4:36 "And when they had sent away the multitude," Does the "Church" now have the same POWER and influence it had in the Middle Ages, and in Martin Luther's time? "they took him even as he was in the ship." Since this is crossing a "SEA" that covers 2000 years' TIME as well as SPACE, is it unreasonable to assume that a SPACE-SHIP capable of TIME/SPACE travel is indicated, and that "they" are beings capable of operating such a "ship"? "And there were also with him other little ships." In the realm of UFO's there are big ships and little ships, but all are anti-gravity and capable of WARP speeds, and TIME/SPACE travel....Here we have a fleet of them!


      Mark 4:37 "And there arose a great storm of wind,"

Are there not winds described in Revelation to mark the End of the Age? Are we not now experiencing the "winds" of El Nino and La Nina; of Gilbert, and Hugo, and Andrew, and Bonnie, and Dennis? "and the waves beat into the ship, so that it was now full."  It doesn't take much imagination to begin listing some of these "waves", overpopulation, with "waves" of people crossing our borders, stock market crashes around the world, and "Y2K" computer glitches threatening the developing countries, "waves" of gun violence threatening our schools, etc..etc. we could fill several books just listing these "waves"!

     These are all "dated" events which indicate I wrote this page in 1998-1999, but one can now (in 2011) make a new list even more frightening!

    Mark 4:38 "And he was in a hinder part of the [space-] ship, asleep on a pillow:" Perhaps far from earth, enjoying some kinder and gentler land....or perhaps just sleeping on a long TIME/SPACE voyage! "and they"Not his disciples, but his divine companions..."awake him, and" give him the urgent message of millions of prayers, which "say unto him, Master, carest thou not that we perish?" Our worked-over dogmatic, ritual-based, Pagan-mimicing "Gospel" is not working any more!...Our children, who never got interested in Sunday School are shooting each other! ...When people can't become millionaires in a few days in stock-market day-trading they kill their wives and children and business associates!....And our president doesn't even know what "is" means, and our ministers and congress can't really figure out what's wrong with him that isn't also wrong with them!....And of course, all these people go to church on Christmas, and Easter, and sometimes in between!.. And expect preachers to preach them into heaven at their funeral!

The president who didn't know what "is" means was Bill Clinton of course, about to be impeached as I wrote this.

 Mark 4:39 "And he arose, and rebuked the wind,"

Both the Bible, in literal, plain language, and the TORAH CODES, in Equidistant Letter Spaced Codes, reveals that GOD DOES control the weather, whenever the DIETY desires to do so...and that Jesus NOW HAS THIS POWER, whether or not he did when Mark was written! "and said unto the sea" The church authorities of the "Age of Pisces" and all those others clamoring for our attention...."Peace, be still."

When will this happen, symbolically at least? ...See my prophecy on this WEB-SITE!

December 31, 1999Jerusalem, Israel!

     At the time I originally wrote this page, sometime in 1998, I expected something spectacular to happen (besides the arrival of the year 2000) in Jerusalem, Israel, on December 31, 1999, at midnight.  Nothing happened of this sort, however.  And only a relatively few computers failed due to intense efforts to prevent disruptions by the Y2K "bug".

   Mark 4:40 "And he said unto them, Why are ye so fearful?" 

Are you going to blame ME, Jesus, for all this sinful mess and violence? The one who gave the "Sermon on the Mount"? The one who forbade LUST as well as adultery? ..The one who equated HATE to murder?....Surely you must be jesting!

"how is it that ye have no faith?" Not faith the "opposite" of  WORKS, as some have distorted Paul's more slippery phrases to mean, but faith that shows itself through GOOD WORKS as my brother James so clearly explained in HIS Gospel!

Mark 4:41 "And they" At the END of the AGE.."feared exceedingly, and said to one another, What manner of man is this, that even the wind and the sea


       Once I had interpreted Mark 4: 37-41 in this manner as coded TIME/SPACE travel by 

       Jesus, I was able to go on and find other such texts giving even more details. 


       And by  the time I was able to get a Kashmir history book from India, sent to me by Suzanna 

       Olsson, I discovered the stories of a king there who was indeed riding around in a 

       space-craft that belonged to a Kashmir god named Varuna.   And that Varuna was another 

       name for the most powerful god in Hindu theology, Lord Shiva.  We'll continue this story 

       on another page.   A page titled "the DESTROYER of AGES".

BUT FIRST: 1844--End of the World



SHEOL and Noah's Flood

The Invisible ESSENES

1844-End of the World

ADAM and EVE Myth

Sodom and Gomorrah


Destroyer of Ages