Pastor Bryan Aalborg's 

Sermon of 9-17-2011




 While we were "sleeping"! 

" at even, at midnight,  at the cockcrowing,

 and in the morning:--"  Mark 13:35 




"Tis so sweet

Just to take

To TRUST in Jesus

Him at his WORD!

 Just to REST

Upon the PROMISE 

Just to say --

Thus saith the Lord!

"Jesus, Jesus,

How I've proved 

Precious Jesus,

Him o'er and o'er!

 Jesus, Jesus,

Precious Jesus! 

O for Faith --

To Trust (understand) Him more!

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Pastor Bryan Aarborg

 in his sermon for September 17, 2011, quoted first Matthew 24, various verses, then finished with Mark 13:32-37.  One of the major points he wanted to get across is that setting dates for Jesus to come back is a risky business, especially so since Jesus did not himself authorize it, and claimed to not know himself what that date might be.  Nothing makes this more CLEAR in Pastor Bryan's opinion than Mark 13:32-37.   I wish to here publicly thank Pastor Aalborg for forcing this text upon my attention, for like millions of other readers of this text, I failed to see its  significance!   But not anymore.  It does not prove Bryan's  point, however, but completely disproves it!  And on that happy note, I'll begin!


Mark 13:32-37

   "But of that day and hour knoweth no man,

            no, not the angels which are in heaven,

                 neither the Son, but the Father.

    Take ye heed, watch and pray;

             for ye know not when the time is.

    For the Son of man is as a man 

             making a far journey,

                    who left his house,

    And gave authority to his servants,

             and to every man his work, 

                    and commanded the porter to watch.

     WATCH ye therefore: for ye know not

             when the master of the house cometh,

     at even, or at midnight, or at the cockcrowing,

             or in the morning:

     Less coming SUDDENLY he find you sleeping.

     And what I say unto you

              I say unto all,  WATCH!"

     On page 1 of this series I pointed out that scriptures like this one have a different meaning depending on whether one sees Jesus as a part of a Holy Trinity of three equal, all-knowing, all-powerful gods, or if one wants to play games with words (and people's brains)-- "One God" who is really three persons -- OR, as an Essene Christ-Messiah with a whole lot less power and knowledge than he would have, were he really a part of such a "Trinity". Bryan Aalborg sees Jesus as God, I do not.  So he took a risk by emphasizing Mark 13:32-37,  which contains a duplicate of one of the 10 or more New Testament texts that is "Anti-Trinitarian."  

      To the Essenes listening to their Christ- Messiah, Jesus the son of Miriam, there was no problem here.  Not even in their wildest dreams could they imagine Jesus knowing everything that Almighty God might know -- but for us Christians, "brain-washed" for 1600 years to accept this as a great and unquestionable "Truth", it's easy.  In fact, it's now harder NOT TO BELIEVE that Christ knows everything, and is all-powerful.

     Having said that, that Jesus can't know everything, and doesn't know everything, as Mark 13:32 clearly states, I've "proved it o'er and o'er" as the well-known hymn states, that Jesus did and does know a lot more than modern critical scholars give him credit for knowing.  He knows these things because he's a TIME-TRAVELER, something I've maintained to be TRUE since about the year 2000 on my websites.



    Even if you're not prepared to travel with me this far along an uncharted pathway (through time and space), those millions who believe that Jesus is still alive somewhere, doing something (even if it's only standing with one foot in the holy place of a "heavenly sanctuary" waiting to take another step, or in the second compartment waiting to throw down a smoking golden bowl full of burning coals and incense)-- must be willing to admit he, Jesus, must know what really occurred between October 22, 1844 and September 11, 2001, which is the period of time I am looking at here today.  In September 2011 (present time) IN THE PAST to both me and to Jesus (if indeed he is "WATCHING"), the operative command of Mark 13:32-37.



Mark 13:34 "For the Son of man is as a man taking a far journey (through time into the mid-19th century), who left his (astrological) house, and gave authority to his servants (the Christian Church), and to every man
his work, and commanded the porter (the ministers, would-be prophets, authors of prophetic books, Wm. Miller, Hal Lindsay,  Harold Camping, etc) to watch."

36 "Less coming suddenly, he find you sleeping."

          Pastor Aalborg put a picture up of William Miller, the Baptist preacher and would-be "Prophet" whose provocative interpretation of Daniel 8:14 made possible Pastor Aalborg's own livelihood as a Seventh-day Adventist preacher.  And reminded all of us present in the Foster Seventh-day Adventist church on September 17 that all throughout the almost 2000 years (lacking now 22 years) since Jesus gathered a small group of disciples on Mount Olivet (next to Herod's temple) -- and gave them hints as to how long this might be -- there have been those like William Miller and Harold Camping willing to imagine they know what only God Almighty knows, --- when the world will end.

        But the question all along has not been "When will the WORLD end?", but "When will the AGE end?"  And GOD, like everyone else watching world events from a safer distance than we do, knew when the AGE ended.   It ended on August 6, 1945 at 8:16 AM when an atomic bomb was exploded over the Japanese city of Hiroshima.

      The explosion of this bomb made a SOUND, and to the prophetic Essenes writing both Isaiah 66:6 and prompting Ellen G. White in her book Early Writings (page 15 and 285) that sound was the "Voice of God". Before the atomic device was detonated no one knew the hour and the minute, but some may have known the day.

     Isaiah 66:6 (interestingly, there's that number -- 666)

      "A voice of noise from the city (Hiroshima), a voice from the temple (the atom, the "temple" of the Creator-God), a voice of the Lord (YHWH, God of the Jews) that rendereth recompence to his enemies (Japan as the wartime partner of the Nazis who were exterminating all the Jews of the world.)

    Early Writings (page 15) "Soon we heard the voice of God like many waters, which gave the day and the hour (Aug. 6, 1945 at 8:16 AM) of Jesus' coming.  The living saints (Jews that survived the Jewish holocaust), 144,000 in number, knew and understood the voice (deliverance from total annihilation), while the wicked (including, sad to say -- Seventh-day Adventists) thought it was thunder and an earthquake (symbolic of the Atomic Bomb)."

      Here Ellen White has given us the major clues to the overall meaning of Mark 13:32-37 that the "Second Coming" was to save the Jews from extinction, and that the "Day and Hour" that this WAS (not is to be) accomplished was when the "voice of God" -- the "thunder and earthquake" of the Atomic Bomb accomplished this goal --- August 6, 1945, at 8:16 AM.  That's one of 4 "Second Comings", and it turns out it was the second of the 4.   Ellen White gives us the clue to this also, on page 285.

      "It was at midnight that God chose to deliver His people.  As the wicked were mocking around them (anti-Semitism), suddenly the sun appeared (again the Atomic explosion), shining in his strength, and the moon stood still.  (A few years later, a moment in prophetic time, men were walking on the moon  -- so symbolically it "stood still"). The wicked looked upon the scene  with amazement, while the saints (the Jews, now returning to Israel in the 1960s) beheld with solemn joy the tokens of their deliverance.  etc.)


      Less than a month before Pastor Bryan Aalborg called my attention to Mark 13:32-37, I had stumbled across the problem of determining the identity of the final three angels of Revelation 14, a subject that Seventh-day Adventists have avoided just as they have the Essenes and the Dead Sea Scrolls, afraid, I suppose, of finding out something new that might show they will not, as they suppose they will, judge the whole world as "kings and priests" for 1000 years.  To be sure a world of "dead people" , but the whole world, anyway.   I discovered in these last three of a series of six angels what I needed to identify now what  Mark 13:35 meant by "evening, midnight, cock-crowing, and morning". 

       The "evening" Coming of Jesus belongs to Seventh-day Adventists and the first three angels of Revelation 14.   Although Jesus did not show himself to all those Millerites with their packed suitcases on the backyards and mountain-tops of New England and upstate New York, He did indeed show himself to Ellen Harmon, the teenager with her visions and dreams. And that was enough to accomplish what he set out to accomplish, fulfill his promise of John 14:1-3 to his Essene associates.   That he would launch out into the future, and in some way or other carry them into the future with him.   Which he did by teaching Ellen White what she needed to know to convert a large group of 19th century Christians (Sunday-keeping, pork-eating, cigarette-smoking, and snuff-snorting Christians) into vegetarian Sabbath-keeping Essenes.   After two quite truthful and outstandingly accurate visions (when interpreted properly), Ellen's later visions and dreams became more mundane and adapted to her audience's needs and prejudices, but that does not mean Jesus did not willingly participate in this subterfuge.    

       The less "Essene" Adventists became, the less responsibility Jesus felt for their back-sliding.   Once they had joined what he was likely to label "the wicked world below", they got treated the same as the "wicked world below."   One can say the first two angels' messages were given by William Miller, or even before, but I think we can realistically pinpoint the coming of the "Third Angel" to 1844-1851.   So "evening" to "midnight" took from 1844 to August 6, 1945 a period of 101 years.  By then Christ had come TWICE.  

      We can assume that the 7th angel came at dawn in Mark 13:32-37, and Revelation 14 does not describe this angel or his coming.  But Revelation 17 and 18 does, as the "Judgment of the harlot Babylon." That chapter 18 prophesies in amazing detail what happened to the World Trade Center, whose twin towers burned and collapsed in Manhattan, New York on September 11, 1901, should not surprise us. I suppose one could determine the hour and minute this happened also, but it's not important.

       We're left with two angels, 5 and 6, and one time, the "cock-crowing".   What the "cock-crowing" was supposed to do was wake up the "sleeping saints" to the reality that Jesus had come already, for the Jews, and not for them.    But since no Christian is likely to admit this, I'll just tell it as I see it, knowing that nobody really cares. The details that allow these two angels to be separated and dated are there in Revelation 14, but they're given in Pagan and Jewish mythology terms, to sort of "hide them" from the "sleeping" Christians.

      Revelation 14:17 "And another angel came out of the temple which is in heaven, he also having a sharp sickle."  The unusual feature of this angel is that he doesn't really do anything when he arrives on the scene.   He's there, up in the night sky (God's temple of Isaiah 66:1-3), brandishing a sickle like he's going to reap -- but doesn't reap. This angel stands for a lot of false prophecies, many of them dated prophecies, between 1988 and 2001.   A period of 13 years. By comparing this period with Ellen White's two visions of 1844 and 1847, and with Matthew 24, we can identify this "Second Coming" which didn't occur as advertised (a "Secret Rapture of the Saints") as the Pentecostal Revival driven by the hope that a "Secret Rapture" would occur on September 11,12, 13 of 1988, beginning a period of "Great Tribulation" that was supposed to last until 1994.  Lots of terror and some preparation.  No sickle!

       Both the 4th angel of Revelation 14 and the 5th angel are involved with sharp sickles.  The 4th angel tells Christ to use his sickle, which he does, and "the earth was reaped."  The 5th angel holds his own sickle, but doesn't use it.  The true prophecy of Israel's redemption versus the false prophecy of a "Rapture" of Christians.  The figure is that of Saturn, the Roman god of the harvest, pictured above.   Always holds either a scythe or a sickle.  Important figure in both Jewish and Roman mythology, but means nothing to Christians, who worship instead, the sun.  On the day of the sun, Sunday.

      The Jewish connection to Saturn is that Saturn is listed as the 7th heavenly body that could be seen by the naked eye besides the stars and earth. Moon, sun, Venus, Mercury, Mars, Jupiter, and Saturn. So the Romans named the 7th day of the week, kept holy by the Jews, Saturday after Saturn.  Strange that Seventh-day Adventists, after keeping Saturdays holy for 100 years after 1847, couldn't recognize in the images of the 4th and 5th angels the figure that Saturday was named in honor of!  But described in identical terms.   But after Ellen White died in 1915, the church went blind -- suddenly and all together. Trained to follow, but not to lead.

     The 6th angel is described in terms that are slightly different than angels 4 and 5.  No sickle, but able to control fire.   Comes out from an altar, not from a temple.

     Revelation 14:18 "And another angel came out from the altar, which had power over fire; and cried with a loud cry to him  that had the sharp sickle, saying, Thrust in thy sickle, and gather the clusters of the vine of the earth; for her grapes are fully ripe." The "grapes" are Christian communion, or as Catholics would call it, the "Mass".

     The figure is that of Elijah, who prayed at the end of 3 1/2 years drought, and fire came down from heaven and burned up a sacrificial offering on an altar on Mount Carmel.  In February of 1993, on another "Mount Carmel" in Waco, Texas, a building containing Vernon Howell, aka "David Koresh" was burned up.  Containing Koresh, his 17 children by many different women, and many others.   He called himself "Elijah" also, besides an end-time King David, planning to turn over his kingdom to Jesus Christ on his return to rule Israel.   In that same year, 1993, I was becoming proficient at "Gospel Pesher" and making repeated trips to Israel.  Besides presiding over a church group in Garland, North Carolina that I had named "Elijah Revival".  By 1997 I was also learning to do the Bible (Computer) Codes, and in December 1997 I met Jesus in Jerusalem, Israel, posing as a Cartoonist.   Which confirmed my belief by then that he was, indeed, a TIME TRAVELER.  In my opinion, we can date the 6th angel to 1993-1994. (A lot of really bloody events happened in 1994).

      Such a person as both "Pesher History" and the Dead Sea Scrolls reveal Jesus to have been would be fully capable of either Himself writing a description of historical events designed to "trick" every generation into thinking theirs was the "final generation," or of directing Essenes fully as tricky as he appears to have been to do so.   Right on, Pastor Bryan!   You're really not that far from the Truth!    Only never go the rest of the way -- or Foster Church will again be looking for another senior pastor.   One who doesn't think, or reason, or study too much.

As for me, I have my own choice to make.  Become a popular liar, who steps over the truth without seeming to see it, or go on telling people what they don't want to hear..