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Safe and already available vitamins and health supplements promoted in a logical sequence to combat and treat the Covid 19 Pandemic.    Internet Family Doctor, Robert F. Holt, md, mph, has provided medical advice on
First Aid, how to quit smoking, diet, etc. since 1998.   In October 2020 he has added this new "Seven-step protocol to Prevent and Treat Covid 19 infection"
       Instead of doing nothing but  "Social Distancing" and "Economic Lockdown" Dr. Holt promotes the anti-Parasite drug Ivermectin to those infected with Covid virus.

    Perhaps we need to also take a look at what Royal Rife and Dr. Hulda Clark discovered many years ago about the frequencies generated by parasites, bacteria, molds, and viruses, and how it may be possible to use this knowledge to fight this newest Pandemic.

Dr. HOLT looks at how followers of Royal Rife have used his machines and techniques. Including mostly Dr. Hulda Clark, PhD.



 against all infections! and even Cancer!

Can it reduce Covid 19's ability to replicate in your body?

and the CDC and the FDA and the various state and National Medical Societies have pronounced that there is no CURE nor proper treatment for COVID 19 except

WEAR MASKS and keep 6 feet apart in public gatherings and stores.


My Protocol will liberate many!


COUGHING and SNEEZING spreads Covid 19 and masks it's symptoms


to avoid Confusion and Serious Illness!

Hot Baths, an IMMUNE Boost

that saves money and perhaps your life!

Vitamins, Zinc, and Dietary Supplements may increase Natural Immunity.

 "WAITING FOR A MIRACLE VACCINE" has not saved thousands of PEOPLE and due CAUTION may save you also. 

Is there anything to Royal Rife's Theories and Experiments that is Helpful

and can help us in our

 present Covid 19 Pandemic ?

     According to Royal Rife [now dead] and those who use the machines he invented to treat thousands of people all over the world of infectious and degenerative diseases and even some types of Cancer, sometimes apparently successfully, every living thing and virus has an electrical  frequency as long as it is active.  A freqency that can be measured  reliably and altered by using electrical pulses of the proper strength and frequency.  Sometimes altering this frequency in the organism or virus can apparently heal the patient of his or her symptoms.  This has worked reliably before -- and may work again with the Coronavirus now labeled SARS 2 or Covid 19!

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