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     Safe and already available vitamins and health supplements promoted in a logical sequence to combat and treat the Covid 19 Pandemic.    Internet Family Doctor, Robert F. Holt, md, mph, has provided medical advice on
First Aid, how to quit smoking, diet, etc. since 1998.   In October 2020 he has added this new "Seven-step protocol to Prevent and Treat Covid 19 infection"
       Instead of doing nothing but  "Social Distancing" and "Economic Lockdown" Dr. Holt promotes the anti-Parasite drug Ivermectin to those infected with Covid virus.  There are many places all over the world where this common anti-parasitic drug seems to be making some difference in both prevention and treatment, only time will tell if it is a major part of the answer to dealing with the Covid 19 Pandemic.

    During the winter months of 2020-2021 we have just lived through a Spring and Summer of PANDEMIC and we know the FLU [Influenza] SEASON is now beginning.  I discovered yesterday this new article on the Internet posted originally on the Huffington Post Website that I feel might become very useful to my readers during the coming months.   Dr. Robert F' Holt, MD. MPH

Nov 3, 2020 |COVID-19, CRITICAL Care, FLCCC, Ivermectin, News,Real World Data, Real World Evidence.

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   Hydroxychloroquine as a Preventive for Covid Infection

2 doses a week or 1 dose every other week

   The whole political system has driven the FEAR towards this drug.

     This drug is SUPER-SAFE.  It's safer than ASPIRIN, Motrin, Tylenol.

     STUDIES have been quoted indicating there is undue RISK to taking Hydroxychloroquine.  What the problem is with all these studies is that they gave the patients MASSIVE OVERDOSES.   The cited studies are Re.Map, Solidarity, and Recovery Trial.   They used 2400 mg on the first day.   All you need for prophylaxis is 200 mg twice a week.

      Here's what they found out.  When you use MASSIVE TOXIC DOSES, you get TOXIC RESULTS.   The drug doesn't work.

      This DRUG concentrates in the LUNGS.   You get 200 to 7000 % higher levels in the Lungs.   In the bloodstream you're not going to get high levels.

       You're going to find that when you prophylax that the virus can't get into the lungs.   THE DRUG WON'T LET THE VIRUS REPLICATE.   iT BRINGS IN ZINC AND THE ZINC MESSES UP THE 'COPY MACHINE'.

      The doctor spoke at this "Whitecoat Medical Summit" who co-authored the first article about using Hydroxychloroquine for prophylaxis.   He told his listeners that this drug has been used for 70 years and is on the WHO's list of SAFE ESSENTIAL DRUGS.  

      He said "There has been a tremendous amount of CENSORSHIP, and FABRICATED DATA was used in the articles used in the LANCET article that was used to discourage use of Hydroxychloroquine.  The article was RETRACTED by Lancet within 2 weeks after it was published.   The same is true of the article published in the "New England Journal of Medicine."

     Another of the speakers told us more about the role of Zinc.

      ZINC STOPS RNA POLYMERASE.   It is used up by the cells in their normal work of preventing virus duplication but if you haven't taken Hydroxychloroquine you'd still be Zinc deficient because we're in a natural state of Zinc depletion in the United States.   Covid has INCREASED this Zinc depletion because we need Zinc to fight off other viruses.

     The speaker then added, "This is why your mother always said, "Take your Zinc."  [That's a laugh.  My mother never said anything about Zinc.  As a child the only thing I knew about Zinc was it was used to coat iron cans and wash-tubs to keep them from getting rusty!}   



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