"Harp Music for the Angels!"

Hi, I'm Doctor Bob Holt, MD, the owner and maintainer of JESUS in KASHMIR dot COM, and as you have probably noticed, the STRANGE does not bother me, and the OCCULT does indeed interest me! ...So when Patty Peffer told me about the LIGHTS frequently seen on BROWN MOUNTAIN, not far from Morganton, N. C. I said, "Let's go!"

EVERYBODY agrees there are indeed "LIGHTS" on BROWN MOUNTAIN, they are even featured on a map of the PISGAH FOREST, and two "lookouts" are identified as the best places to be when these strange lights begin to show, if indeed you are lucky enough to be present when Nature (or something definately un-natural) decides to put on another night-time show of these EERIE LIGHTS! ...No one has the foggiest notion of what causes them, but they have been a regular occurrance since before the civil war.....So modern campers with flashlights and ATVs roaming the woodland trails are not the likely cause.

A favorite story of those who like ghost stories is that a settler that lived near BROWN MOUNTAIN killed his wife and buried her on the mountain, and the lights led the authorities directly to the grave. ....Another story involves Indian tribes fighting each other, and the lights are the wives of slain Indian warriers looking for the bodies of their sons and husbands. ....Nearby Asheville, North Carolina is famous for "Ghost Stories", and that's what keeps a lot of these tales current and circulating.

On Friday, August 1, 2003 I had made a prophecy involving both "Prophecies from the Psalms" and Bible Computer Codes. August 15 would be a "big day."
"Bible Codes" use ELS, OT and numbers. In the TANAKH (Jewish Bible) Micah 6:10 reads, "Will I OVERLOOK, in the wicked man's house, the graneries of wickedness -- wicked balances -- etc.?" On the computer, the text was Micah 6:10

So, to me at least, it seemed to be a good time to be at the


on Route 181, looking for

 On Friday afternoon, August 15, three "UNITICS" met at Wendy's in Hendersonville, where I was reading a paper whose headlines were about the biggest BLACKOUT in many years in New York City. While eating lunch, the three of us, Diana, Patty Peffer and I, discussed some of the strange things LIGHTNING can do, including the BALL LIGHTNING that can run along the ground and kill sheep. Perhaps the BROWN MOUNTAIN LIGHTS were a form of BALL LIGHTNING? ....We wondered, talked about the BLACKOUT, then headed for BROWN MOUNTAIN in Diana's white Nissan Pathfinder with its 24/7 lighted compass and sun-roof. ...We were ready to "see the Light"--- oops, LIGHTS!

I would have been satisfied to see one or several bright lights above the tree-line on Brown Mountain, that would remain stationary for a while, then leave abruptly, like this photo I took at Gulf Breeze, Florida. Where many UFO's are seen, and reported in the paper. 

 Patty Peffer, pictured on the right, would have been more satisfied, however, with the more ghostly lights usually seen on BROWN MOUNTAIN.

She became my EXPERT on this subject, downloading lots of informtion from such sites as and www.brownmountainlights (dot) com...With her, UFOs are OK too.


AUGUST 15, 2003

6:30 - 8 PM

We all sat and waited.....

But Patty Peffer had even better things in mind to do. ...She had no doubt angels, and perhaps the big Boss Himself would be present. After all, I had convinced her we had a divine appointment! ...So for about an hour she played a harp for the heavenly listerners, after flashing the angels signals with a bright strobe headlamp that her concert was about to begin!  

Here is Patty, playing harp music for her heavenly guests, sure to be listening while -- I am industriously clearing away weeds so we could hopefully see "the lights"!

Photos by Diana Hect taken at the Brown Mountain Overlook on

8-15-2003. ..Animated GIF effect by Doctor Bob Holt, MD.

However, sad to say, there were no lights on or near BROWN

MOUNTAIN, and it was fogging up like it might RAIN.

And so it was that the three of us, Diana, Patty Peffer, and myself, "Doctor Bob" decided that there would be no "sound and light show" tonight, and headed home.

Boy, were we wrong! Within 1/2 hour, there was sound and light all around!

Thunder crashed, lightning flashed, sometimes 5 bolts at once, and rain poured.

All three of us riding up Black Mountain felt that Patty's concert and flashing lights were being "returned"!

Meanwhile, in New York City, Ohio, New Jersey, and parts of New England and Canada the lights were blinking back on, but no one in those areas will soon forget the evening of August 14 and early morning of August 15, 2003.


By late in August, the Planet MARS was supposed to be as close to earth as it has been since Prehistoric times, and closer than it will be for another 60,000 years, so I contacted Patty Peffer with an even bolder plan than watching from an OVERLOOK, and hopimg we'd be NOTICED by whoever or whatever causes the BROWN MOUNTAIN LIGHTS. ....This time we'd CLIMB the mountain, and stay there, weather permitting, until we saw SOMETHING. ...We did just that, and we were NOT disappointed! ....On the NIGHT of August 26 - 27, one of the CLEAREST NIGHTS of the whole summer!

What most impressed Patty and I as the evening turned to night and the night to midnight was the uncanny stillness. ...We surprized no deer, startled no birds or small animals, and indeed heard nothing by kady-dids all night long! ...The only thing larger than bugs and insects we saw was one toad!....It seemed like some advance party of lepracauns and fairies had cleared the mountain and told the animals, "This mountain is theirs tonight. Leave them alone. ...It is their DESTINY to be the WITNESSES!

............Reaching the top of the mountain ABOUT MIDNIGHTafter a three-hour climb, we walked a little further into a slight depression, and flopped down our back-packs and spread out sleeping-bags. ...Nothing but ants and very large long-legged spiders contested the area. ...But we did move over about 4 feet to avoid a heavy migration of ants who took an immediate interest in my sweat-soaked hat. ....I decided they were welcome to the hat until morning......What this short move accomplished was to allow a view through the overhead tall trees that exactly framed what would become visible about 3:30 AM.....A sort of a "constellation" of stars, and TWO UFOs, one moving and one stationary. ....That the stationary LIGHT was a UFO not a bright star or planet can only be surmized by the line-up of stars in that vacinity, which formed a square and pyramid, and together duplicated the outline of the Phalgam "obelisk" that is the major feature of this web site.

Since I know very well what is pictured on the Phalgam "obelisk" I was free to imagine JESUS CHRIST, as King Meghavahana of Kashmir, sitting on this much LARGER THRONE as revealed in a rather small, exactly framed patch of clear sky over BROWN MOUNTAIN. ....All this would be highly imaginative and speculative were it not for the large "Mother Ship" that crossed the field of vision of my binoculars as I was looking over this patch of sky and organizing what I saw into the numerological and visual framework into which it belonged.

And of course I by now had A WITNESS. ...I passed my binoculars to Patty Peffer three times, and explained what I was seeing to her until she confirmed that she saw the same line-up of stars and the bright light or object to the far left lower corner.

She, unfortunately, didn't see the "Mother Ship", but did hear me describe that I was seeing something that looked like a large airplane with three lights in a straight line. ...And my repeated exclamation that I could not hear any sound, such as all jets make, even if they are very high. ...It took me several minutes to decide I'd seen either the space-station or a UFO. ....Then several more minutes to realize the space station could not be visible without reflected sun-light, and at 3:30 AM the sun was all the way around on the other side of the earth, perhaps over India!

So now, by the "Magic" of animated GIF technology, I'll duplicate what both Patty and I saw in the sky, both with and without binoculars, and super-impose my space-craft sighting over it. ...Exactly as all this occurred at 3:30 AM on August 27, 2003!



AUGUST 27, 2003

The BROWN MOUNTAIN "Sighting" of

AUGUST 27, 2003

by Patty Peffer and Doctor Bob Holt, MD.

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Aug. 15, 2003 Prophecy

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