You have now read the TRUE STORY of what happened on the CROSS in 33 AD as available on this web site! [or skipped it]!

And it is NOT the story that was told in the

September 30, 2003 SUN TABLOID!

In the SUN TABLOID article, a supposed new author whose book is not even as yet accepted for publication, is improving on earlier theories used by the respected scholar Hugh Schonfield.....In Schonfield's book, The Passover Plot, it is assumed that Jesus did not die on the cross. ...A reasonable assumption since the Gospels show plainly he was only on that cross from three to six hours, and John's Gospel shows that he did not become unconscious until after he accepted a sponge full of vinegar laced with other substances not really identified clearly. ..But the new Tabloid theory of Sept. 30, 2003 is that Jesus was never on the cross! ..This is totally unscriptural!

Hugh Sbonfield's scenero leaves intact the necessary elements that the Christian Church under the direction of the Apostle Paul, used to make Jesus' death the equivalent of a Sacrificial Lamb, slain to placate the desires of a Just God [the Jewish God Yahweh] for a price in blood to be paid by all sinners on earth for our sins..... Both Jews and Christians are in agreement that this is indeed God's requirement, and without this Blood Sacrifice, all the sinners in this world are hopelessly lost forever.

However, there was at the time of the crucifixion, and for many tears afterwards, a group of Essenes, the GNOSTICS, who never bought into Paul's reasoning. //Like the Muslims, thay found it unreasonable that a Just God would accept any kind of a Substitutionary Sacrifice for the sins of religious or political criminals. The people who committed the crimes must pay for these crimes, or be pardoned for them by God Himself. ..That God would allow His own Son to be killed for the sins of anyone or everyone was to Jews, Gnostic Christians, and later the Muslims a delusion verging on madness!

As for the first claim that SUN TABLOID has displayed beside the picture of Christ hanging on a cross, it is very true according to modern standards. ..But to onlookers he appeared to die.... He went through all the physical suffering of a real crucifixion until relieved of that suffering by merciful unconsciousness. ..Whether drugs were involved to induce that unconsciousness is irrelevant. ..Christ suffered and appeared to die "for his friends", and indirectly, for all of those who would later believe that he had them in mind when he agreed to this type of torture!

As for the claim of Muslims, Martin Piswell, and those others inclined to believe that Jesus was never on that cross at all, the "Gospel Pesher" and the Bible plain text agree that they are simply wrong. ...All the four surviving Gospels are unanimous in their description that it was indeed Jesus Christ hanging on that cross, not someone else... And Flavius Josephus not only tells us that Jesus was crucified, but that Jewish leaders assented to that crucifixion. ..And that Pilate was the one in charge of the crucifixion... But Josephus also plainly says that Jesus was seen three days later in Jerusalem by hundreds of people, totally alive. ...Not just a ghost or apparition! ..Exactly as the Gospels also relate. ...That Jesus did not die on the cross might not agree with Paul's "Gospel", but it does agree with the accounts given in Matthew, Mark, Luke, John, Acts, and the History of Josephus! This statement is worthy, I believe, of repetition. .....And since this is my web site, I'll see that it happens!

.That Jesus did not die on the cross might not agree with Paul's "Gospel", but it does agree with the accounts given in Matthew, Mark, Luke, John, Acts, and the History of Josephus!

Now we will deal with the second statement beside the picture in the TABLOID of Christ's crucifixion. Was their a HOAX, and if so, was it a HOAX set up by Pontius Pilate for a BRIBE? You'll be surprised by the TRUE ANSWER to this one! THE BRIBE!