have teased and tormented both

the curious and the religious ever

since the first Scriptures were written!

Doctor Robert F. Holt,MD is well-versed in all types of Bible Codes, which include NUMEROLOGY and ASTROLOGY-based Codes, Prophecies in the Psalms, "Gospel Pesher" and "Bible Computer Codes" (TORAH Codes).

Modern interest was stimulated in these various "Codes"

once again with the publishing in 1997 of Michael Drosnin's

first book on the "Bible Computer Codes" which he named

Reporter Drosnin was able to write and publish this best-selling book in 1997 because codes were found in ELS (Equadistant Letter Spacing) in the Old Testament Scriptures (TANAKH) which accurately described Yishak Rabin's assassination, named his assassin, and the city (Tel Aviv) where he was assassinated!

Also the date when this happened!

Immediately there was a tremendous interest throughout the Western World in ELS and in the so-called "TORAH CODES". ...An example of which is shown here.

Early this year (2003) a sequel by Michael Drosnin appeared, which is pictured on the left (copyright 2002). I bought this copy at WalMart, so it can not be called either a rare, or difficult to obtain book. Drosnin deals in it with the events of 9-11-2001, and other events of 2001, all revealed in ELS in the Bible Computer Codes! But since then the CRITICS have had their day!

NOTICE: the cover designs and art work of the above books are Copyright by Simon & Shuster and Viking Press, and can only be used to advertise the books and describe their contents, exactly as I have done here! Robert F. Holt, MD

I am not selling either of Michael Drosnin's books here on this Web Site, so don't send me any requests for them!

They can, however, be bought in almost any store that books are sold, including, as I said, WalMart (as I write this - 7-30-2003).

What I am trying to convince you of, is that whatever the Critics say to the contrary, this is not "Snake Oil", the "codes" are there, and even a computer literate "child" can find them. With the proper software. Usually sold on CD-ROMS.

What I am offering you on this Web Site is a CD-ROM that tells the REST of the STORY that Michael Drosnin never found in the story he reveals in his second book -- the story of the "Obelisk" he searched for so diligently -- but never quite located! The "Obelisk" that "tells it ALL"!