Suzanne Marie Olsson Speaks

of Jesus and the Rosabal Tomb

.."I spent several years living and working in India, Pakistan and Kashmir to research the theory of Jesus surviving the crucifixion, and going to Kashmir, dying there in his old age. I believe there is ample historical proof that this was not a one-off, unique event, but follows a pattern that had been established for generations in his family, and it is now encumbant upon us all to preserve the tomb and get to the truth." [Picture taken in Mari, Pakistan]
.."While on this research journey, many wonderful people helped me. They put their lives on the line to help this work move forward. To them I say, thank you, and I shall never betray your trust. I have extended the same courtesy to others who are interested in seeing this project move forward. This is why, even though Doc Holt and I disagree on how to interpret events and names, we have helped and supported each others works for many years." [On the right is the book Ms. Olsson sent Dr. Holt]

"As an example, when I was in Kashmir, I kept coming across the name

'Moroka'. It seemed an important link, but I couldn't figure out how.

There wasn't enough literature available there. When I asked Doc Holt

what he thought it all meant, he found it was the same name as Jesus'

disciple, John Mark.

Suddenly a wealthy new clue fit into place. We helped each other; and

that's the kind of help we've extended to each other through the years.

And we have both shared freely with others too. It's not about who's

first, or who's best (within the law, of course). It's about rescuing the

tomb and getting to the truth before it goes the way of the Bamiyam


There had been an overzealous news writer whom I never met, who

exaggerated his news article to include a statement that I had already

'dug up graves'. That is not true. No other news article made such claims,

because I never did. It wasn't until nearly a year later I saw that article. I

tried to get a retraction, but by then the reporter had moved on, and I

couldn't find him.

Some people take things out of context, and show malicious intent,

twist facts, insert half-truths and lies, thus damaging reputations, trusts,

and friendships of the unwary, and even the very tomb and the research

itself. They want the research to fail. They want us to stop. But there's

an even darker side to such events. If people feel trusts were broken,

lies were told, and feel they were tricked or made fools of, innocent

people die.

So with that in mind, I want to make my position very clear.

   "I am not a Muslim. I am not an Ahmadi. I am not Hindu. I am not Buddhist (although I do practice some Buddhist methods of quiet relaxation). I am not a Catholic. However, since my research has brought me into such a close and familiar relationship with the man in the tomb. I do use his ethics and code of conduct as my guideline for living, so in that respect I AM A CHRISTIAN. I have learned that a religion does not define what a man is, his actions do."

 "I believe the tomb of Roza Bal is, and always has been a private family tomb. It does not belong to India or to Islam, or to any one religion, but to us all. It should be managed by an inter-faith, international Board of Directors who are commited to pure science and research of the tomb, to discover the truth; then they should see that artifacts are recovered and protected. I believe when this happens, every religion in the world will gain something to benefit from it,  

...and every Kashmiri will be restored to new pride and a better standard of

living. ...I have helped several people with their forums and websites, if I

believed they really cared about the safety of the tomb. This includes Catholics,

Muslims, and Almadis. I believe this website is dedicated as we all are to

the tomb, to finding the truth, and for this I commend Robert Holt, and will

always wish him continued success. ...Thank you,

Suzanne Olsson

E-mail dated 6-18-2004 18:05

Sue Olsson's Interview with Arri Mitchell

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