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Dr. Bob Holt, MD presents:

"Jesus, Messiah of the Essenes" also was




"King of Kashmir!"

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..The proof that Jesus Christ, the "Messiah" of Western Civilization for 2000 years, survived crucifixion and lived out His later life in India, in the small Himalaya country of Kashmir.

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Dr. Holt's 2006 book, a novel like Dan Brown's The Da Vinci Code sells for $9.86 +S&H and is titled Mary Magdalene and the Sword Excal- ibur. It is based on the speculation that David's sword he took from Goliath was owned by Jesus [Rev. 19:15], King Arthur, and Joan of Arc, among others. And still exists in Jerusalem!

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ISBN 978-1-4116-9331-9

.Proof that that has been available for many centuries in India and Mideastern countries is presented, along with new pictoral and archaeological discoveries!

.Dr. Bob Holt, MD, will here present, in a clear and understandable form, the real life story of the One known in the West as Jesus Christ!

.But also known to millions of people in the East by other names that sound foreign to Europeans and Americans.

..The One known by all Indians and Muslims as Hazrat Issa or Yuzu Asaph!t

..But also by his loyal and greatful subjects in Kashmir as --

King Meghavahana and King Pravarasena I.


..Jesus Christ lived in India before and after his 'Gospel Years'. He was King of Kashmir from AD 59-89 as Pravarasena 1. 'Son' of an Elohim God. His descendents were also kings of Kashmir. Documentation from Kahlana's 'Kings of Kashmira" and pictures. Suzanne Olsson supplied much of information. Both Dr. Holt and Suzanne Olsson visited Rosa Bal in Shrinagar at different times. New Bible codes support claim. Dr. Robert Holt, MD, who is expert in various Bible Codes is presenter of this information."

Dr. Robert Holt is a world traveller, lecturer, minister, and an expert in all types of Bible Codes!