According to Revelation Chapter


There are 144,000 "Virgins" who

follow JESUS





 Is it possible that they followed him all the way to India?


Revelation 7:4

"And I heard the number of

them which were sealed [in

India]; and there were sealed

an hundred and forty and four

thousand of all the tribes

of the children of Israel."

Because of the new information

now available to me since December

of 2002, including a carved stone

obelisk in Phalgam, Kashmir

[Phalgam means "the fields of the

SHEPHERD"] and pictures of the

Jesus family in Buddhist caves

in Central India, I have gone

back to the Gospels and to the

Bible book "REVELATION" for

evidence of Jesus in India and

in Kashmir. And I have found

the evidence, in BOTH PLACES!

Dr. Robert F. Holt, MD - Oct. 2003

Jesus, Lydia, and their children.

First we will look at the evidence in Matthew chapter 15, and then we'll return to the Revelation 7 and Revelation 14 descriptions of the 144,000 LOST SHEEP which Jesus FOUND -- in Kashmir!


The wonderful SWORD of King Pravarasena I