Prince Ranáditya's

Wedding [About 219 AD]

Without the help (although often unintentionally) of the blonde lady on the left -- I would never have known a thing about Prince Ranaditya's wedding, or that he was indeed a great-great grandson of Jesus Christ.p

Her name is Sue Marie Olsson, and she lived in Pakistan, Kashmir, and India just before and after the 9-11 terrorism, and dodged the Faydayeen and Taliban.

[Picture taken in Mari, Pakistan]

....The book pictured on the right, written by Kahlana Pandita, is the official history of the Kings of Kashmir.

....Sue Olsson has written her own book on some of the subjects on this Website, but uses mosty traditions of the area, and Buddhist sources.

In her research Sue read a lot about King Pravarasena I and II of Kashmir, suspected that one of them might be Jesus Christ, and sent me her main source of these stories [the book above] in the mail.

Sue Olsson sent me through the E-mail a copy of a photograph of a Buddhist painting she obtained from a book she bought in India.

This is neither that photograph, nor a direct copy of that painting.

It is, however. my colored free-hand drawing of what the photograph and painting shows. The colors are altered a bit, and the quality much poorer. But it is what I have to work with without infringing on anyone's rights of "ownership".

With the help of "Kings of Kashmira" and the

new Bible Code technique known as "Gospel

Pesher" used by Jesus and the Essenes, I will

show this painting was of Prince Ranaditya's

wedding, and was painted around 219 AD.