(Unidentified Flying Objects)

were already being seen in connection with

various Kings of Kasmir as early as the time

of King Solomon of Israel and Judaea.

King Sidha (983 BC to 923 BC)

Kings of Kashmira page 17 and 18 "He.. led a pure life and passed his days in peace.. He disregarded riches, and had his god Mahádeva always in mind whenever he did anything. After a reign of sixty years he with his servants went up bodily to Mahá- devaloka, and the gods for seven days beat drums and published the fact. ...they (his servants) were admired by the world because they went with him to heaven."

Now were this the only example of a king and some of

his servents going up "bodily to heaven", we could assume

a symbolic meaning. ...But this happened again and again,

and eventually we must entertain the explanation that

UFOs (Flying Saucers) were involved in each of these cases!

King Pravarasena I (59 AD - 89 AD)

(a little over 1000 years later --)

Kings of Kashmira Appendix E page x "The king ascended the heaven piercing through the stony house and the people saw him going towards Kailasa across the clear sky, like another sun. ..The king reached the court of Shiva in his human body...Even to this day may be seen the passage through which the king made his exit into heaven."

Now this is a more "classic" description of a sighting of a

UFO, but to justify the belief of that generation of Kasmiris

that their king was "on board" or a part of this "light"

zooming off across a clear sky, we must assume they saw

him climb aboard the space-ship. ...No "cloud" could

be blamed (as in the Gospels) -- the sky was clear!

King Ranáditya (219- 519 AD)

Kings of Kasmira page 56 "The queen (a former goddess) taught the king the incantations of Shiva Hátakeshvra, by virtue of which one could enter the world below. .. (or ABOVE) -- For many years the king devoted himself to becoming an adept at this art.. (ASTRONAUT training!)... Thus after reigning for three hundred years, the king went to the god Pátála where salvation is certain."

Although this little snippit from the main text of Kings

of Kashmira is not enough to clearly identify that UFO

trips are the cause of Ranáditya's extraordinarily

long reign, by the time we have collected together

all the "clues", and displayed them on this Web Site

and on the additional CD I am offering my viewers,

the CASE is clear!