Was a fast-moving comedy series that aired 124 TV shows from 1968 - 1973

One of their regular features was an "award" -

"Schtick" comedy was what made the show famous -

like that of Goldie Hawn, who played the totally hair- brained dumb blonde!
The caracters on the laugh-in show were quite predictable --

And caricatures of people we felt we knew in real life!

What those of us remember, who are old enough to remember "Laugh-In", was that everyone knew that although the index finger was used, with little wings on it to make it the "Flying Fickle Finger of Fate" -- it had the same meaning as the third finger "salutes" of later times.

And everyone in India has known, from ancient times to the present, that all those Shiva-lingas all over India and Kashmir stand for the male organ of procreation. [As does the extended third finger]

But specifically that of Lord Shiva, the creator god and destroyer god of the Indian pantheon of gods.

Which makes Shiva a very different god than Allah and Yahweh are thought to be!

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Ancient Vedic Vimana of Shiva, etc

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Ancient Vedic Vimana of Shiva, etc