To the writers and comedians of the "Laugh-In" show of 1968-1973, it is doubtful that they thought at all of gods, ancient astronauts or UFO's when they designed this prop.

It is much more likely they were being naughty with the sexual innuendos.

They also did not wish to give this "Award" to someone present on the show. .So the little wings would carry it to the unfortunate recipient. A "flying" award!

As we look up close, we notice the bullet shape, and the wings --


And that by rotating it to point upward to the sky --
That we can mentally remove the hand and have the Anunaki symbol for the gods in their spacecraft!
Now if we mentally remove the wings also, we are left with either a rocket ship, or the symbol of one particular member of the Anunaki, Lord Shiva!

And everyone in India has known, from ancient times to the present, that besides those Shiva-lingas all over India and Kashmir standing for Lord Shiva's male organ of procreation, they also stand for Shiva's Vimana, his "Space Vehicle".

This Vimana allows Lord Shiva to travel rapidly to wherever he wants to go, and even to travel through time, destroy "Ages", and initiate other "Ages".

Ancient Vedic Vimana of Shiva, etc


Ancient Vedic Vimana of Shiva, etc