The Real King Arthur

His Genealogy

His Apostasy

His final battle with Modred

"Excalibur" in Kashmir

King Arthur's Genealogy

....Using the new techniques of "Gospel Pesher" publicised by Dr. Barbara Thiering, PhD of Australia, best demonstrated in "Jesus and the Riddles of the Dead Sea Scrolls" in 1992, the European genealogist and writer Sir Laurence Gardner was able by 1996 to publish "Bloodline of the Holy Grail" [Element 1996] from which the following story is derived... A summary will do..... For more read Gardner's book.

....Gardner is able [thanks to Thiering's research and his own] to identify "King Arthur" of the famous tales of the "Round Table" as Arthur of Dalraida, a Scottish Celtic chieften who reigned until 603 in Dalraida, at which time he was killed in a historic battle by his own son Modred, who fought on the other side. .........In his genealogies, Sir Laurence shows Arthur's father to be Aedan Mac Gabran, descended through a long line of royal Britons [including Bran the Blessed, Penardun, Lleiffer Mawr, and Confer of Strathclyde] from "Joseph of Arimathea" [who was in reality "Saint James" the brother of Jesus Christ].

... Aedan Mac Gabran was married to Ygerna del Acqs, whose ancestors were the "Fisher Kings" of France, Boaz [Anfortas], and Aminadab, son of Josue, son of Joseph the Rama-Theo, son of Jesus Christ and Mary Magdalene.

His Apostasy

....Early in his career as crown prince, Arthur was induced to have ritual sexual intercourse in a Druid ceremony with his sister Morgaine d'Avallon, also descended from Jesus and Mary Magdalene, and their "secret" son was Modred, who was heralded as the new "Messiah" because of his double portion of the "Bloodline of the Holy Grail". ...He became the Druid Arch-Priest, and protector of Celtic Christianity against the inroads of orthodox Roman Catholic Christianity in 6th century Great Britain.

....Over the years, Arthur of Dalraida listened to the siren call of various monks sent from the Vatican, and grew increasingly "soft" on defending Celtic Christianity, whose adherants kept the Seventh-day Sabbath and kept all the Jewish feast-days, against the newer theology being crafted at the Vatican. ....To the arch-priest Modred, it seemed that his father was apostasizing [as he was] so Modred joined with those intent on keeping Celtic Christianity true to their original Faith and ideals.

His Final Battle with Modred

....In a historic battle not nearly as clear historically as it became in the romantic tales of King Arthur and his "Round Table", Modred and King Arthur met and hacked away at each other until they could both fight no more. ..Both died from their wounds, but Celtic Christianity was able to survive for another generation or so until Roman Catholicism finally took over this last northern bastion of "heresy". ..At least officially and in public ceremony.... But as we are all aware, Celtic Christianity is not really "dead" and is making its comeback among "New Age" young people partly in defiance against the heavy hand of "Authority" weilded by the popes, bishops, and black-robed priests of the "Mother Church."

"Excalibur" in Kashmir

....Everyone familiar with Mallory's "Morte d'Arthur" and other such tales, are aware of the importance of King Arthur's magic sword, which according to various traditions he either pulled out of a rock, or received from the ghostly hand of the "Lady of the Lake". ....With this sword, named "Excalibur" Arthur was always victorious in his battles, but as fate would have it, he was without it in his final battle with Modred. ..However, in Mallory's book, King Arthur insisted on having a trusted friend take the sword to the lake and throw it in. .....The friend returned twice telling Arthur that he had done as Arthur commanded him, but Arthur did not believe him. ......The third time he returned and told Arthur he flung the sword as far as he could, and an arm and hand reached out of the lake and plucked the sword out of the air. ........Then plunged beneath the waters never to be seen again.

.....In the summer of 2001, while Suzanne Olsson was ducking the Taliban in Kashmir, and peering out through a narrow slot in a burqua, she was telling me about a "magic sword" owned by King Pravarasena of Kashmir. ...Sue had already made up her mind that Pravarasena I, the one with the jewelled sword, was Jesus Christ as King of Kashmir. ...We were carrying on a lively E-mail discussion about this sword, and I made the connection with King Arthur's sword "Excalibur". ...A time/space traveller, such as was Jesus Christ, would have the power and the opportunity to "loan" King Arthur his own jewelled sword for as long as King Arthur protected Jesus' own Gnostic theology, then take it back when King Arthur apostacized and no longer earned its protection.

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