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For those who may not know about the "Grail Stories" they were composed in the Middle Ages with the heroes of these stories being King Arthur and the knights of the round table, whose base of operations was "Camelot" --


---a recurrent project was the search for the "Holy Grail" a cup or container supposed to have caught the blood of Christ that issued from the wound in his side pierced by a Roman lance or spear. This cup or container was thought to possess magical properties.


....Although I can't here tell you what it was that Church and state authorities are "supressing" in the real relationship of King Arthur to Modred, and why the CELTIC CHURCH and Ireland are still at odds with the present Royal Family (Here on the Internet!)....I can and will reveal the details of another supposed "SCANDAL" the Church (with its enforced CELIBACY for priests and nuns) has been "COVERING UP" for 2000 years......the real relationship of Mary and Martha, sisters" of Lazareth of Bethany, to JESUS CHRIST.

.....The "GOSPEL PESHER" reveals this, and the "HOLY GRAIL" was very much about this "Secret Knowledge".

 Barbara Thiering, PhD, a Professor at the University of Sydney, Australia, has published two books on the GOSPEL PESHER.....One in England titled "Jesus the Man" and one in the USA titled "Jesus and the Riddle of the Dead Sea Scrolls.".....

The REAL IDENTITY of MARY, MARTHA, and LAZARUS of BETHANY is revealed in these books, as well as how to read the "GOSPEL PESHER" in your own BIBLE [New Testament].....The GOSPEL PESHER for the most part requires knowledge of no foreign language, just an open mind and a bit of suspicion that what priests and preachers have been telling us for 2000 years is both untruthful, and for their benefit, not ours!

 Here Dr Barbara

Thiering PhD of Sydney,

Australia, pores over

ancient Dead Sea Scroll

writings...Her book on

the REAL JESUS here!

 It seems the ESSENES of Qumran were superb students of HUMAN NATURE as well as of the origins of their Holy Scriptures, and the HIDDEN HISTORY being "covered up" in these Scriptures. .....In their day they were second in number among religious Jews, only outnumbered by the Pharisees, and more numerous than the Sadducees [this from Josephus, the Jewish Historian, who knew them well].........They are mentioned in the NEW TESTAMENT only by their NICK-NAMES...."The POOR".."The "WAY",

"The Seekers after RIGHTEOUSNESS","The Sons of LIGHT"and others.......Jesus had a lot of good things to say about the ESSENES [by these "nick-names"] but a lot of bad things to say about the Pharisees and Sadducees [Scribes and Pharisees], who competed with the ESSENES for the hearts and minds of first-century Jews....

 As has become customary with all religious sects and denominations, the ESSENES assumed that everyone else could be classified as either smart or stupid, bright or dull, interested in the TRUTH or content to continue on in DARKNESS....As Jesus's "favorite" disciple John puts it in John 1:5 "And the LIGHT shineth in DARKNESS; and the DARKNESS comprehended it not." ....A favorite subject of the ESSENES, and one that occupies many of the sectarian scrolls painfully pieced together in the last 50 years is "the struggle between LIGHT and DARKNESS."...One can now say that those who understand both BIBLE CODES, the "GOSPEL PESHER" and the so-called "TORAH CODES" are in the "LIGHT" while those content to continue on in what Church Councils have determined to be proper "Dogma" are walking in "DARKNESS", and as John would say it, comprehending it not....


 When Jesus in the New Testament says..."I am the WAY, the TRUTH, and the LIFE..." "NO ONE cometh unto to the FATHER but by ME..." John 14:6b, He is speaking in "GOSPEL PESHER"....The meaning was obvious to Thomas and all His listeners, because they knew that "the WAY" stood for the ESSENES..

 Most of these hidden meanings come from the Old Testament, which the Essene Scribes copied in their "Scrollery" at Qumran, where parts of writing desks, pens, and even ink have been found....They even had a place on these desks to wash their hands before writing the name of God....

 he GOSPEL PESHER also reveals who wrote each of the GOSPELS, when, and under what circumstances.....The Gospel of Mark was written by Simon Peter, who also reveals his ESSENISM very early in this Gospel by quoting early on the Old Testament Scripture that the ESSENES used to justify their NICK-NAME, the "WAY".....Mark 1:2b "Behold, I send my messenger before thy face, which shall prepare THY WAY before thee...The voice of one CRYING IN THE WILDERNESS, Prepare ye THE WAY of the Lord, make his paths straight.."[Quoting Malichi 3:1 and various Isaiah texts]....The ESSENES, including Peter, saw themselves as located in the wilderness, doing exactly what this text describes, and therefore they could call themselves, "THE WAY".

BACK NOW to John 14:6..."Jesus said unto him [Thomas], I AM the WAY..." Thomas knew, of course, that the God of the Jews called Himself "the I AM", so Jesus could not use that term for Himself without being stoned to death....[See John 8:58,59] He also knew that "THE WAY" applied to the ESSENES, not Jesus........... And so, Jesus is really saying here, as His listeners plainly understood....I, as an ESSENE am part of the "WAY"[the Essenes], and the "WAY"[the Essenes] are the plan of Salvation of God [the "I AM"]...He clarifies this by continuing..."the TRUTH, and the LIFE.."

The ESSENES gathered here, listening the Jesus and Thomas, KNEW that they had the TRUTH, as the "Children of LIGHT, not DARKNESS" and that Eternal Life was theirs....."no man cometh to the Father, but by me."...Now comes the big difference, seen clearly by "Children of LIGHT" and not seen at all by "Children of DARKNESS".......

As usually read "ME" applies to JESUS, and this is appropriated by each Church and Sect from Roman Catholicism onward to mean their Sect or group..........

"Plain meaning"...WE ARE CHRIST'S REPRESENTATIVES ON EARTH.......You cannot come to GOD the FATHER "but by ME" [My Church].............

 The original and only VALID meaning is....You cannot come to the Father except through THE WAYof the ESSENES, which is a VASTLY DIFFERENT MEANING!


 A number of BOOKS available from the BOOK-BIN on this WEB-SITE are about the REAL MARY, MARTHA, and LAZARUS and telling you even a small percentage of what the GOSPEL PESHER reveals about each of these colorful ESSENES would take a lot more SPACE than I have on theis WEB-SITE, but at least I'll give you a small SAMPLE, so you'll know if this LIGHT is for you [it's rather scandalous], or you might rather continue on in [the more "comfortable"] DARKNESS!

 *Since Pope GREGORY, early in the Middle Ages, even the Catholic Church has surmized that MARY MAGDALENE and MARY sister of MARTHA and LAZARUS are one and the same person....[To HIDE this, make it "PESHER", this is never said outright.]

*The CHARACTERS of MARY and MARTHA are switched in the Gospels, MARTHA in reality was an ex-prostitute from a brothel in Lebanon converted to Essenism by Simon the Samaritan [Simon Zelotes]......And she was his consort, not his "sister" [SISTER is here used in the common "Christian" sense, any female "believer" can be called a "SISTER".]....... The true background of MARTHA is best hinted at in THE SAMARITAN WOMAN at the WELL, John chapter 4...As Simon the Samaritan's live-in partner...MARTHA [sister of "Lazarus"] becomes "the Samaritan Woman", who is not married to the man she is living with. John 4:18.... In first-century history "MARTHA" was well-known as "HELENA" and her Charismatic "Partner", Simon Magus!

 *So now we know who LAZARUS, Simon the Samaritan [alias Simon Zelotes, alias Zebedee, alias Simon the Leper, alias Simon the Pharisee, alias Simon Magus] really is, historically....And who the REAL MARTHA is...And, since Pope Gregory, that MARTHA's sister MARY was MARY MAGDALENE....And I've already alluded to the fact that Mary Magdalene was a GOOD WOMAN not a BAD ONE...And she was a "sister" to Jesus, sort of like Martha was a "sister" to Lazarus!


 That's as much as you will get on this public WEB-SITE, but THE REST OF THE STORY IS AVAILABLE in "Jesus and the Riddle of the Dead Sea Scrolls", in "Holy Blood, Holy Grail", in "Bloodline of the Holy Grail", and of course, in some of my books available through the BOOK-BIN on this WEB-SITE.......

For a cheaper alternative to buying the above books, browse our BOOK-BIN!


 The picture of Mary Magdalene used here is on display at the Delaware Art Museum in Wilmington, Delaware. The Gospel Pesher hints that she did have RED HAIR and was VERY BEAUTIFUL.

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