FIRST.. CHRISTIAN WIFE of the middle-aged Jesus Christ, the young

Greek virgin -

LYDIA of Thyatira

whom he carried

off to Kashmir, making all his former wives -



"The New Testament Bible"

in "Gospel Pesher"

[an Essene Scribal Code]

plus "Kings of Kashmira"

plus: Buddhist pictures at

Ajanta discovered by Suzanne Olsson

Copyright 1993 by Robert F. Holt, MD. Rights Reserved.

At first I had only the

"Gospel Pesher" of New testament

ACTS to go by, and I pictured

Jesus and Lydia as above.

[Actually I was to later discover that this is

a rather good likeness of Lydia, only she had

light blonde hair, not dark hair. ..She wore it

caught up in a "bun" as pictured, and stayed

slim and shapely -- as Jesus evidently liked!]

[They did live in Corinth for

a while after Jesus divorced

Mary Magdalene and married

Lydia, who lived at Phillipi]

Enter Sue Olsson, another

blonde, who sent me "Kings

of Kashmira" from India, and

photos of several Ajanta Cave

paintings done by Buddhists.

Copyright 2003 by Robert F. Holt, MD - Rights reserved.

Sue had no publication rights

for the pictures, so I drew and

colored my own versions of them.


The picture above [Grotto #2] is

of Jesus as Pravarasena I,

with his still young wife Lydia,

Queen of Kaskmir from 59-89 AD.


Their teen-age or 20-something

children are pictured also.


The older Hiranya is standing

by Jesus [Pravarasena] holding

"Varuna's Umbrella" as the heir-

to-be. The younger Toramaná is

next to Queen Lydia. He was, or

would become, an Essene High

priest [note the "Torah" in his

name, a clue to this profession].

Copyright 2003 by Robert F. Holt, MD. Rights reserved.

Another later painting by

the Buddhist monks at Ajanta

shows the now aged Jesus as

a major doner to Buddhist

causes. [Or perhaps more

likely a "Holy Man" himself

at his retirement as King.]


That Hiranya is now

officially King of Kashmir

is shown by the metal crown

he is wearing... And Toramaná

has a priest's mitre on our

right. [Behind the dark-skinned

woman with her hand on the king's



Jesus, as "Son" and protegee

of Lord Shiva, was proud of his

continued sexual prowess at

97 years old. [in 89 AD]


So the young dark-skinned

MARGHAM was in all likehood

his concubine, not servant!


In any event, lots of current

Kashmiri residents of Phalgam,

Kashmir, claim to be descendents

of Jesus Christ and Margham.

The Long Pilgrimage of 58 AD.

Jesus elected not to travel by space-craft

as he usually did when he brought Lydia to

Kashmir. Possibly because she had small

children with her. And also because he

wished to bring his aged mother Mary with

him [now 70+ years old]. It was a very

slow trip, in a caravan, with the women

and children riding on donkies.

The route of the pilgrimage was

probably as noted above. There

is evidence of this journey all

along this route.

For more details of this pilgrimage click here!


Acts 16:12 "And from thence to Philippi,

[home of Lydia], which is the chief city

of that part of Macedonia [Greek], and

a [Roman] colony; and we [Jesus and Luke]

were in that city abiding certain days

[denoting an Essene feast]."

Pesher time codes show this to be Sunday,

March 15, 50 AD at 6 PM.

13. "And on the sabbath [feast day] we

[Jesus and Luke] went out of the city by

a river side [location identified and

clearly marked by Greek Orthodox Church],

where prayer was wont to be made; and

we sat down [there was an Essene meeting

place there], and spake unto the women

which resorted there [it was a nunnery,

a monastery for females]."


14. "And a certain woman named Lydia,

a seller of purple [cloth - symbol of

female bishops], of the city of Thyatira,

[home base of these female Essenes],

who worshipped God [was a nun, a

virgin], heard us: [considered Jesus'

proposal of marriage]: whose heart

the Lord opened [Lydia was attracted

to this now 56 or 57 year old man!] --

that she attended unto the things which

were spoken of Paul."

Paul, as Archbishop of Ephesus, the highest Essene

authority at that time in that area, had made a ruling

that Essenes could separate for another reason besides

adultery -- that of religious conflict. ..A person not of your

faith could be divorced! ..Jesus had used this excuse to divorce

Mary Magdalene [always Gnostic Essene, never Christian].


To be consistant with this ruling, and not make Jesus and

Paul look foolish and inconsistant, Lydia must now agree

to become "Christian" before Jesus could live with her!

15. "And when she was baptized [as a

Christian], and her household, [perhaps

her whole order of nuns converted!],

she besought us [Jesus and Luke],

saying, If ye have judged me to be

faithful to the Lord [notice I got

baptized as a Christian], come into

my house [and live with me] and

abide there."


"And she constrained us [Jesus more

so than Luke!]."

Again, Essene customs and time codes show what

happened and when it happened. The date was now

Tuesday, March 17, 50 AD at midnight. Jesus'

successful courtship of Lydia took all of thirty hours!

Monday night at midnight was the baptism and

wedding. [Technically a "betrothal"]

Tuesday 3 AM, now "village grade" Essenes,

Jesus and Lydia attend services in the vestry

of the Phillipi Essene monastery.

Acts 17:2-9

The events here are in Thessalonica, 6

months after Lydia's betrothal. By now

she is 3 months pregnant, and it is time

for the permanent Essene wedding.


2. "And Paul, as his manner was, went

in unto them, and three sabbath days

reasoned with them out of the scriptures,.."

[Here Paul is keeping the September

FALL feasts of the Essenes -- "Tishri"]


3 "Opening and alleging, that Christ

must needs have suffered, and risen

again from the dead;--" Here Paul

is preaching a human Christ with a fully human

body, not the nonsense preached after Constantine!

and that this Jesus, [the human Jesus]

is [the real] Christ."


4. "And some of them [but not all]

believed, and consorted with Paul

and Silas; and of the devout Greeks

[happy that Jesus now had a Greek

wife] a great multitude, and of the

chief women [happy that Jesus had

made "their sister" Lydia pregnant]

not a few."


5. "But the Jews which believed not

[those who insisted on celibacy and

no divorce for Essene Messiahs],

were moved with envy --etc.


It was at this time that Paul made some remarks

about Homosexuality and Sodomy that have

caused no end of trouble ever since -- all because

of some actions by some "lewd persons" [practicing

homosexual Essenes] whose riotous actions are

detailed in verses 5-9.

Kings of Kashmira

Page 37-38

"He [Meghaváhana] was succeeded by his

son Shrestasena who was also known

as Pravarasena and also as Tungjina.

...The prince thought that the whole world

was entirely subject to him and dedicated

Trigaretta to the God Pravareshvara

[literally the "REAL TRUTH!"]

which he had set up."


"He ruled over many kings, and reigned

for thirty years [59 - 89 AD] with mercy.

He always liked to use his jewelled sword."


"Of his two sons, Hiranya became king,

and Toramaná assisted his brother in

the administration of the kingdom."

Bob Holt, MD

[Page added 6-28-2004]

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