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Dr. Robert Holt, MD, MPH


Dr. Robert Flewelling Holt, MD, MPH is a retired Emergency Room physician who has


A lifetime Bible Scholar, 25+ year practicing doctor of medicine, graduate of Columbia Union College [1967] BA degree in Biology, Chemistry, and Behavioral Science, and graduate of Loma Linda University School of Medicine and School of Health [1971].

Dr. Bob Holt, md

new novels based on

has written several

the sword Excalibur!

previously owned by Jesus Christ as

King Pravarasena in Kashmir!

In the wake of the popularity of Dan Brown's new thriller novel "The Da Vinci Code", Margaret Starbird and a host of other writers are stacking the shelves of the major book stores with new books about

Mary Magdalene, or at least in which Mary Magdalene plays a major role.

Not the role of a "penitent sinner", or "lady of the city" [read that "lady of the street"] as the Church has long portrayed her, but as the

Wife of Christ!

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...Dr. Bob Holt's advantage over all these writers, and now even movie makers [at least 4 Mary Magdalene movies were planned for 2005], is that he read Dr. Barbara Thiering's book "Jesus and the Riddle of the Dead Sea Scrolls" in 1992, when it was published. He made a number of trips to Israel and the Dead Sea area in 1992-1997, and checked out her "Gospel Pesher" theories. And now is an expert user of the "Gospel Pesher" technique!

   Also, after 2001, Dr. Holt was able to decode the passages in "Kings of Kashmira" by Kahlana that show definitely and historically that Jesus Christ was a King of Kashmir before and after his "Gospel Years" in Judea and Galilee.  It was in his later years as King Pravarasena that Jesus Christ is said to have had a "jeweled sword" that he enjoyed wielding, although in this historical record his only "wars" were pilgrimages in which he mostly converted other Indian provinces and kingdoms to Essene-style "Vegetarianism"!

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Disturbing as it may be to some that Jesus Christ actually had sexual desires, married, and fathered children in both Judaea and Kashmir, is the premise of another of Dr. Holt's novels --


in which Jesus' many years' association with "John the Beloved Disciple", a Greek freed slave named Eutychus, who never married -- the handsome and athletic chariot driver of Herod Agrippa before he met Jesus -- is explored. ..In later years, Jesus as King Pravarasena I renewed his relationship with Eutychus, now renamed "John Mark" and made him his "MINISTER" of all his affairs in KASHMIR, -- where he was known as MARAKA or MOROKA -- (an anagram of "Mark"). .....For more on Jesus' lack of hostility towards "Gays" and possible life-long association with a "Gay Man"