The New Age Prophets!

The WARNING from GOD that appeared in the SUN Tabloid is quite UNUSUAL in the terms of what we read in the HOLY BIBLE!

In the Bible Stories we have listened to since we were all children, GOD spoke only through PROPHETS!

Although now it appears that new BIBLE CODES have been discovered that anyone can find!

Indeed, it appears that God uses

even cartoons to get His [Her?]

message to modern humanity!

Typical old-time prophets of the

older Ages during which the Bible

and Koran were written include

[but are not limited to] Enoch, Noah,

Abraham, Moses, Elijah, Jesus, and

of course Mohammed [7th century AD].


But now the favorite prophets appear to be, at least in this article currently in the SUN Tabloid on sale until September 27, 2004: the following, in order Our Lady of Fatima, Edgar Cayce, Pope John Paul II, Bernadette of Lourdes, John the Baptist, and Nostradamus

We'll talk more about these prophets

and this particular prophecy a few

pages from now, but I choose to start

with William Miller and his disciple

Ellen G. White, who began the era of

"modern" End of the Age prophecy

beginning a few years before 1844!

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