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QUESTION: What did the ESSENES think about the




ANSWER: The Records in the Bible and Dead Sea Scrolls and in Contemporary Literature show that SOME ESSENES were Charismatic (danced and spoke in unknown tongues) and other ESSENES were not Charismatic.

Those who were Charismatic credited God's Spirit (or a "Wind from God") with their ecstatic utterances, feelings of euphoria, and desire to dance and sing.


QUESTION: Was the Essene HOLY GHOST or HOLY SPIRIT part of a Holy Trinity?



ANSWER: The Records in the Bible and Dead Sea Scrolls DO NOT show any tendency of the Essenes to create a "Trinity" of God having three personalities.

God does, however, have a "Spirit" or "Wind" that allows Him to extend His power to wherever He needs to extend this power.

A smaller group of Essenes, called the "Egyptian Therapeautae" were familiar with an old Egyptian tradition of Three Gods as a Trinity, but one of these three divine personages was female, not male -- the Goddess Isis.

Gnostic Essenes, of which there were several different kinds, had a major Goddess named Sophia or Barbelo, whose major emphasis or specialty was WISDOM, and it was SHE, not YHWH who created the creatures and humans who inhabit this world.



Did Jesus Christ speak in Charismatic Unknown Tongues in the 4 Gospels and in Acts?

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