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A New Light Dawns!


QUESTION: Did LAZARUS, who lived in Bethany, the brother of Mary and Martha, who Jesus raised from the dead after he had been in his tomb 4 days,  speak in "unknown tongues", either before or after he was raised from the dead?



ANSWER: YES, he did INDEED speak in other unknown tongues, healed people by prayer, and did a lot of other things not recorded in the Gospel of John where he appears only as "Lazarus", not by his real historical name

Simon Magus. 

Since after Jesus' crucifixion and resurrection a decision was made to make Simon Peter the executive leader of the "Twelve Apostles" and not "Lazarus" (Simon Magus) a cover-up of the true identity of Simon Magus was performed in the other gospels and by Luke in the Book of Acts.

  And YES, we can rightly assume that Jesus himself knew about this cover-up and agreed it should be done.


of SIMON MAGUS, also

known as "LAZARUS"

in the Gospel of John!


QUESTION: Did Simon Peter ever cooperate with Simon Magus ("Lazarus") during Jesus' active ministry and after his crucifixion and resurrection?

ANSWER: Yes, he did, but not under the name of "Lazarus" but under another of many names for this same person.  Under the name of "Zebedee".   In all the other gospels besides "John" Simon Magus is called "Zebedee"




   It may shock a lot of Christians to discover:

   That Simon Magus as "Zebedee" was FISHING FOR MEN in the Dead Sea, with a fishing boat he quite likely had brought down to the Dead Sea from the Sea of Galilee, and with 2 fishermen named Simon Peter and his brother Andrew, who had fished for real fish (not men) in the Sea of Galilee  ---


    That Jesus Christ "borrowed" this idea of "Fishing for Men" in the Dead Sea (which has no real fish --- too salty for fish to live in it) -- and also that he also "borrowed" Peter and Andrew, and two others that Simon Magus had "hired" for this "magical work" of "fishing for men".

WHY HE WAS ABLE TO DO THIS WAS    That Jesus was able to become the Real "Messiah" of the ESSENES for a period of 3 1/2 years from 29 to March of 33 AD.

Simon Magus as "Zebedee" became Jesus' religious and political "partner" for this period of time -- This "Fishing Boat" was now their joint enterprise!

NEXT QUESTION: Did ZEBEDEE, who in three of the gospels appears to be only the owner and operator of a FISHING BOAT with "sons" and hired fishermen, have much more to do with the ORIGINS of CHRISTIANITY and the Charismatic Movement of that day than what the Bible is saying about him?  And if SO, what's being hidden and covered-up?

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