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"As a man thinketh, so is he --" Solomon Paraphrased.


Eve Stories

by Dr. Bob Holt, MD

although not the first man,



known in the Bible

in the book of Genesis as


spelled with a capital "A", while lesser enhanced humans, also called adam, spelled with a lower case "a" were treated as slaves, was Lord EA's own HUMAN SON, and was treated differently than  the inferior adams also called "Adamites".


 Eve, Adam's Wife,  appears only in Bible Genesis

in a story in which she wanders around nude entertaining herself any way she can until she disobeys Adam and God and eats the forbidden fruit of knowledge.

    She gives some of the fruit to Adam, they both realize they are naked, and Eve makes them "aprons" of fig leaves.

     They are evicted from the Garden of Eden, and Adam can no longer spend his time with God naming animals and domestic fowl as God creates them.








BACK IN 2002 and 2003 --- HERE IT IS!


The Temptation of Eve

(The Real Story)

as told by Robert Holt

       Eve was bored.   She had been left alone in the Garden of Eden once more while God and Adam went off out into the world outside the Garden to create new animals, birds, and fishes.    And populate the bare and empty earth with them.    God would do it by magic, of course, forming the animals of clay, or mud, or whatever else was handy, then breathing life into them.  Adam stood by to name the new creation, give it a pat on the backside, and assign it a place to live somewhere on the vast earth.   He had a little notebook on which he wrote such things as, location: Africa.   Name: lion.  Prefers to run and catch things.   Needs high protein diet.   Location: Middle East.  Name: sheep.  Needs care and direction.  Eats grass.  Should avoid lions.

        As evening approached once more in Eden, God and Adam would fly along together, above the ground but below the hazy clouds, and follow the valley of one of the great rivers that flowed out of Eden back to the garden. Both would be tired.     Adam physically, God mentally.    Creating so many animals, no two alike, was a challenge requiring attention to a lot of minute details, and being God, He couldn’t afford to have anyone think He had made any of these animals to be less than perfect.      And even the worms and insects had to be made just right, or the whole system would not operate properly as a whole, and He would later have to return to earth to make repairs.     He must teach Adam all this, because in the end, Adam would be in charge of things on this little blue planet with lots of water.

       Adam was too tired to pay much attention to Eve in what little remained of daylight once God said a polite good-night to Eve, hugged Adam, and flew off into the sunset.   Adam gobbled up the peach Eve had split for his supper, and noted with satisfaction she had removed the pit, and looked around to make sure she had not changed anything in God’s and his garden.      Soon he was fast asleep on his pile of hay, and dreaming of the next day’s activities.     When God and he would continue making the world what it should be.     

       Eve was not tired, and the moon was full, the fire-flies were helpful, and she found and read Adam’s note-book during the night.    When Adam kissed her goodbye after breakfast, there was a new sparkle in Eve’s eye, but he didn’t notice.    He had his notebook with him, but didn’t know that most of what was in the notebook was now also in Eve’s head!

       Eve assumed that if it was all right for Adam to make observations about what animals needed to be happy and healthy, and where they can be found, then she should be doing a little exploring also.   If Adam and God had the whole world to explore, at least she had this garden.     It was small enough that she could be back by supper-time, and split another peach for Adam.    Knowing full well that he would be too tired or disinterested for anything else.      After all, Adam and God were miles away by now, and what could they know about her activities!    She remembered a caution about eating some particular type of fruit, but assumed she would know it if she saw it.   Perhaps it would be covered with prickles, or smell bad, or the pet animals of Eden would not come near that particular tree.

      Eve learned a lot on that first day after she discovered Adam’s note book, and she found that she could draw small pictures, and form them into words, and make some records and lists of her own.    There was clay in the banks of the rivers of Eden, and the sun would bake the clay hard.   A small pointed twig could be used to draw the pictures and letters into the clay, and once the clay was baked by the sun, the record would last, if not forever, at  least until Eve could use it to learn something else.    Eve explored all day, wrote down what she had learned, and left the clay page where she hoped Adam would not discover it.    Somehow she knew he would not be pleased.

       One day Eve brought home a flat round slab of tan-colored sun-baked clay, and some smaller round flat things she called, for want of a better name, “dishes”.    The larger item was too big for her to carry, and Adam of course, was not around to help her move it.     It was shiny, and smooth, and round, and Eve liked it, so she worked at trying to move it until she discovered that once she stood it on edge, she could roll it wherever she wanted.    By the time she got the item to their “room” in Eden, Eve was covered with dirt, mud, and sweat.     But she took a long bath in the nearby brook, and was ready for the “boys” when they returned at sunset of another “perfect” day.   Now the Garden of Eden had a table, of sorts, and some dishes.     Adam hardly noticed, but Eve didn’t care.    Tonight she was too tired to care about Adam’s lack of interest in her, and she slept so soundly on her own pile of hay that Adam had to make his own breakfast, as God waited for him.  If God noticed the new table and dishes, He did not say anything.   He had been through all this before, on other planets.   Adam would find out what he was in for soon enough!

       Towards the end of the week she found the table and dishes, Eve discovered that by flattening balls of clay, then bending the outside upwards all around, she had something that would hold water, or other liquids once the clay was baked in the sun.     She imagined that with a little more work, and perhaps some way to concentrate heat like that of the sun in a small area, even larger and more useful things could be made of clay.   An afternoon’s observations with rock crystals, and how the rounded clear stones could be used to concentrate very hot points of light from the sun’s rays on light grass and dried leaves led  first to smoking grass, and later a real fire!   That evening she had soot to wash off her naked body before the “boys” returned from creating the world, but the job was made easier by some unusual clay she had found that she called, for want of a better name, “soap”.

       The next day, Adam announced that he and God had to be gone for almost the entire next week.  A continent called America over there on the other side of the world was needing some vegetation planted, and animals made that would graze its broad prairies, and populate its forests.    God, of course, could manage the commute at supersonic speeds, but Adam was neither up to that type of rapid travel, nor would he be likely to be of any use for a while after these trips.  “Jet lag”, and all that, you know!  Eve said, “Don’t worry about me, I’ll just tend my kitchen.”  And that was that.   A hurried goodbye kiss from Adam, and Eve was on her own for an entire week!   

       Early in that week that Adam and God were gone to create America, Eve found the clay tablet she had made from memory of what she had seen in Adam’s notebook.   As she sat in the grass near the clay bank, she noticed the eyes of various animals staring at her out of the semi-darkness of the bushes, and out of the branches of the trees.    To be sure she was naked, but so were they.    And she was not a bit self-conscious of her nakedness.    But as she reviewed Adam’s notes she got to thinking perhaps she should be.   He had drawn pictures of male deer with antlers, and female deer without. And rams with mighty horns, and ewes with little nubbins for horns, or no horns at all.    He had drawn pictures of rams struggling with each other for the possession of a particularly inviting ewe.    And there was a pregnant ewe, and another one with a lamb sucking at her breast.    Eve looked down at her own ample breasts and wondered if she would ever have a small human hanging on to her, and deriving warmth and nourishment from her own body. 

      The animals had begun spying on Eve, so she learned to spy on them. Female animals had various ways to attract the male animals, and once they got their interest up, the end result was usually the same.    The male would dominate the female in a manner that seemed temporarily pleasant to both parties, and there would be some sweaty activity followed by contented rest.  From then on the pair seemed more committed to each other’s needs and welfare.     At least in some cases, if not in all. 

      Eve practiced some of the moves made by the female deer and sheep who were not yet pregnant, and watched her own reflection in the still waters of the stream.    Perhaps these moves might work on her disinterested husband when he returned from discovering America.    Meanwhile she had found a large colorful snake who seemed to live in a tree up the hill a ways, who found her moves very interesting.  When she swayed, he swayed.   When she danced, he danced.    And he brought her flowers, and nodded his appreciation when she hung them in garlands around her long smooth neck and let them hang around her waist and over the nipples of her breasts.

      From the glitter in the serpent’s eyes, and from the dance of the serpent’s tongue, she learned what young girls of the islands of the sea have known ever since.     Nakedness is too obvious, and may even in some cases be ugly.   But little hints of nakedness, and proper accenting of what may later be available to an interesting and interested partner is another matter altogether.      By the end of the week, Eve was wearing flowers every day, and had even managed to put together a garment of sorts.    Out of fig leaves, sewed together with vines.    And her pet serpent had shown her many other things we don't have time to get into in this short narration.

       Eve was singing a little song, clapping her hands now and then, and swinging her hips in time with the music as Adam and God walked in, both naked as a Jay bird.     She was dressed for supper, and they were not.   But she served them supper anyway, not even pretending that she was looking anywhere she shouldn’t.     After the usual fruit and salad, she served up some hot bread cooked in her new clay oven, and a slab of cheese from one of the goats that had freshened just the week before.     And for desert, there was hot apple pie, the very first made on planet earth.     God refused the apple pie and cheese, mumbling something about “high cholesterol”.    Then He made a little speech, telling Eve what Adam already knew, that the creation of “Earth” was now complete.     And warned Eve that not many months from now she would find out that being a mother was going to be more trouble than she could ever imagine in her wildest dreams.

        When Adam and Eve retired that night, it was not to separate beds as before.   Eve had piled all the hay together, covered it with some new material she called “cloth” for want of a better term, and over the top of the cloth, a comforter full of bird feathers and down.    And, Oh yes, they even had several of those things we call “pillows”.       Eve had no more use for the serpent, and so God, when He left, took the serpent along with Him, crawling dutifully along on the ground behind his Master and Creator.    It turns out this serpent was God’s pet, not Eve’s after all.

       When the now properly married couple woke up next morning, the Garden of Eden was gone.   They found themselves awakening in a forest quite new to them.   They moved their bed into a cave with a narrow entrance, because with God gone to create other worlds, one could never tell what these larger animals might do.      And Adam set to work to plant some grain in a nearby field, so that Eve could make some more of her new inventions.    Fresh home-made bread, and hot apple pie!

Dr. Robert F. Holt MD, MPH is a lifetime Bible Student, and expert in both the New Testament “Gospel Pesher” and the newly re-discovered “Torah Codes”.    The story you have just read above is really there in the Bible, and has been there all along.   You just have to look for it, and understand it properly!   Doctor Holt is a graduate of Columbia Union College, Takoma Park, Maryland and Loma Linda University School of Medicine and School of Health.   He obtained his MD and MPH degree in 1971.  (March, 2002)

This story was originally written in March, 2002 – improved a little April 11, 2003 – edited Feb. 13, 2009.

Assumptions: 1) There are two Bible stories of creation, one in seven  days, the other took much longer, perhaps many years, centuries, or whatever.   Here I have elected to use the longer period, hich is permissible, since both are there to use.

    2) Since God was creating animals, and Adam naming them (Gen.2;19,20) Here I am presuming this was God’s choice of the proper way to proceed.   God’s choice is always correct and perfect, so they must have continued on in the same manner after Eve was reated surgically from Adam’s rib.

    3) Eve was created as perfect as Adam, so she was not so stupid as to sin right away, but  spent some time learning to do things she enjoyed and was expected to do by the males.

    4) Since girls mature  more rapidly even today, and are smarter than boys, then Eve, the first female, must have cleverly figured out a lot of things by herself, while the males were off doing what was important to them.

    5) Eve, like all females since her, must have craved attention, and figured out some way to get some from watching the animals.

    6) There was a very large world out there outside the Garden of Eden, and this world was God’s responsibility.   And He made it Adam and Eve’s responsibility also.

    Genesis 1:28 “And God blessed them, and God said unto them, Be fruitful, and multiply, And replenish the earth, and subdue it, and have dominion over the fish of the sea, and  over the fowl of the air, and over every living thing that moveth upon the earth.”


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Conversations with the Serpent

as told by Robert Holt, MD

      Do not be so naïve as to think that our mother Eve, the mother of Cain, Abel, Seth and the rest of us, was taken in completely by the guile of the serpent on that first Friday afternoon in the Garden of Eden.   And by sundown on that very day, it was all over for all of us!    I mean, whom are those Bible editors trying to fool, anyway?    There is sufficient evidence here, if you want to call it that, for us to reconstruct the real story, one that might survive the critical eye of Eve’s twenty-first century children!

      First, let me remind you that by that Friday evening, the first Sabbath had not yet occurred.    And that one of the reasons God rested on that first seventh day was that His major work was completed, and what’s more, it was a good work, one that even God Himself could be satisfied with.     The very last act of the sixth day, a “benediction” by God on what He had done that day, is recorded in Genesis 1:31. “And god saw every thing that he had made, and behold, IT WAS VERY GOOD.   And the evening and the morning were the SIXTH DAY.”

       Allow me to suggest here that Adam and Eve rested together in love and harmony, and completely in accord with all of God’s commands on this, the first Sabbath day. And that Eve may have spent that first Sabbath admiring the fresh, but rapidly healing scar on Adam’s side.   And that whatever fruit she fed him that day was not forbidden.  Nor did it have anything to do with the knowledge of “good” and “evil”.    Perhaps, as good Jews are likely to do today, she even picked the fruit on Friday evening, so as not to be “working” during the holy hours.   And Adam, of course, was recuperating from his surgery, under the care of the prettiest, albeit “out of uniform”, nurse in all the world.

      Now out of respect for all those twenty-first century people who prefer to rest on Sunday instead of Saturday, I will not speculate that God and Adam went to work that very first Sunday.   Creating and naming more animals.  But instead we’ll suppose God allowed Adam one more day of rest to recuperate.   And of course Eve, with Adam there to pay attention to, and willing to pay attention to her, would not be off exploring the Garden of Eden and getting us all into trouble.   So now we’ve allowed Eve two days, two nights, and part of a third day, Friday, to be a good woman, dutiful wife, and the very first “nurse” ever.     That’s more credit than much of the world is willing to give their mother!  Now I’m going to take Jesus’ advice, walk the second mile, and say that it took most of that second week, and maybe even longer for Eve to listen to the serpent’s arguments, and make up her mind that a little knowledge couldn’t hurt her, and might even be to her advantage! 

         Now of course you are free to agree with me or disagree with me that the following account is what really happened.   But that short story in the Bible may not be complete!


         God had stopped by Sunday evening about sunset to remind Adam they had an appointment the next morning.     Although the world had been pretty well seeded with wild animals by Friday evening, mankind would need some farm animals too, and these would be custom-made according to Adam’s specifications.   Adam would have the honor of naming them, and if they were not up to par, it would be Adam that must put up with their imperfections, not God.    So Adam got up a little early Monday morning, made his own breakfast, and left with God at sun-up.    “Did you tell Eve about that tree?” asked God.   Adam replied, “Told her last night just before she fell off to sleep.”   “O.K.” said God.   And they flew off together, Adam and God, to create and name animals.  The Bible is very clear on that point.

       Eve rolled out of the hay to discover she was all alone, which doesn’t seem to be a big deal anymore, but remember now, she was new at this, and had never been alone before for her entire life.      It was an uncanny feeling.     What had Adam mumbled just before they went to sleep?     Something about a “tree” somewhere in their garden she was not to pick any fruit from.   Oh well, perhaps he would repeat the instructions, or have more details about why this particular type of fruit should not be eaten when he returned home tonight.     Adam had not said anything about any of the animals in the garden being dangerous.   So after a short breakfast eating fruit of a type Adam and her had already eaten several times, Eve ventured forth to find some animals to spend her day with.    There was a deer family not far away, a buck, a doe, and Yes, a little fawn.   And a gaily colored Flamingo with long legs wading in the stream.  With his wife sitting on eggs nearby.    The male bird brought her food, and never really let her out of his sight.

      Eve couldn’t really understand what the deer family was saying to each other, nor could she understand that Flamingo language, but just once, up the hill a way from the stream, off in the orchard of trees up there, fruit trees she thought they might be, she almost thought she heard someone calling her name.

      “Eve”.      And again a little later.   “Eve”.     Now there is no sound sweeter in any language than one’s own name.    And Eve was no different in this respect than the rest of us.   She was, after all, our mother!

       When Adam and God returned from a long day’s work, Adam was tired, a bit cross, and his side was hurting.   God was a good surgeon, the best there ever was, but nerves had been cut, and morphine had not been discovered yet.    Once during the long day, Adam had even asked God why He had not made Eve out of clay, and saved Adam some seemingly unnecessary discomfort.     “I had my reasons,” said God.   And that’s all the explanation Adam could get out of Him.     Adam only picked at his fruit during supper, and retired early.     Eve put a cool dressing of wet moss on his side, and soon he was fast asleep.  Eve went to sleep also, but instead of dreaming about the deer, or about Adam, she was up there in the orchard in her dreams, and she heard a soft voice calling her name.   

     “Eve”.   “Eve”.    “Where are you, Eve?"


      The next morning Adam grumbled to Eve about the pain in his side, and gave her a sideways glance as if she was to blame for it, which in a way, she was.  But when God showed up, Adam said not a word about his discomfort, but cheerfully went off to name some more farm animals as God created them, as if nothing at all was wrong.    God was polite to Eve, and did not repeat Adam’s instructions about that forbidden fruit, because Adam had assured him he had passed the instructions along.     And off they went together, arm in arm, God and Adam.   Good buddies, and creators of an ideal world.

    What could go wrong?   Eve should be able to take care of one peaceful garden full of tame animals, if they could take care of the rest of the world!

     After breakfast and a shower at the waterfall, Eve lay in the sun long enough to get dry, then put several flowers in her hair, and wandered a little further then she had yesterday.     She was naked, of course, but then, so were the deer, and the Flamingos, and all the other animals she had seen yesterday.   Her nakedness didn’t seem to bother Adam, one way or the other.   In fact he paid no attention at all to her much of the time.

     It was like she wasn’t even there!     She was getting just a little jealous of the doe, and the Flamingo’s hen.   No one had told her she shouldn’t think such thoughts, so she went ahead and thought them.

      For a long while she sat at the edge of the orchard, and heard that soft, eery voice whispering “Eve”,…”Eve”.  Perhaps it was just the afternoon breeze, causing the leaves and branches to make that peculiar sound, so like that of a human voice.    After a while she fell asleep, and in her dreams, Adam was as attentive to her as the buck was to his doe, and the male Flamingo to his hen on the nest.   Eve awoke with a start, and seeing the sun was low in the sky, she hurried home to make Adam’s supper.    He didn’t seem to notice the wilted flowers in her hair, but rattled on for an hour about all he and God had accomplished together that day.


       By Wednesday afternoon, Eve had almost forgotten about those mumbled instructions of Adam Friday or Sunday  evening, and she was entranced by the smell of the flowers in the orchard.   The orchard on the edge of which she had had that nice nap yesterday.   A soft, warm breeze was blowing from that direction, and even this far away, she fancied she heard her name being called.    She though for a few moments that it was nice of God to plant such colorful and sweet-smelling trees so close to the little forest room in which Adam and her had lived ever since she could remember.  Which was not, one must admit, a very long time.     Anyway, time to get on with her life.    Was she just thinking these words, or was somebody else whispering them in her ear?  She couldn’t really tell, but the words, the idea, made sense.  If she didn’t look out for Eve, no one else would.  Soon she was in the orchard, looking at the trees, one by one. 

       They were nice trees, some with flowers, some with fruit, and some with both flowers and fruit.   But there was one in the middle that was larger than the others, and looked like it might have been there longer.     The branches were closer together, and the flowers and fruit clustered so thickly that she could hardly see what was at the center of the tree.   The tree even seemed to be more alive than the other trees, and as she walked a bit closer, the branches seemed to reach out towards her, holding out their fruit for her to pick.   It was if they were calling out to her, “Pick me!”   “No, no, Pick me!”     Eve felt a little flattered, and even a bit elated.   She had not had this much attention from anyone in her whole life, even if this was only a tree!

    Then Eve heard it again, and this time it seemed even closer.    That sad but sweet voice calling her name.   “Eve”.   “Eve”.    It seemed to be coming from the very center of the tree.   She went so close to the tree that the fruit almost touched her, and peering in the dim light, she made out a shadowy form that seemed to be part of the trunk of the tree, but moved independently from it.   Then she saw two large luminous eyes.   Yellow, cat-like eyes, with a slit down the center. She jumped back when she saw the eyes, but when nothing more happened, she strained forward to be sure of what she was seeing.

Then she laughed, loud and long.   It was only a serpent!   

    There were other serpents in the garden.   A family of serpents lived not far from the deer family.    And she had seen a colorful one  near the waterfall where she usually took her shower.      Serpents were as harmless as all of God’s and Adam’s other pets in the Garden of Eden.    Surely it must have been the wind that whispered her name before.  Serpents don’t talk.    Ever.

     Eve was in such a good mood at supper-time that evening, that it was infectious.

     Adam’s side was hurting him less, and God hung around until after supper.    Perhaps Adam and Eve would make a happy couple after all.  He hoped so.  Adam and Eve did a little snuggling before they went to sleep.     Perhaps this “rib” business would work out all right after all.  Once Adam’s side had healed up just a little bit more.


     Thursday morning God and Adam were in a hurry to be off, so Eve blew God a kiss and planted a wet and lingering one on Adam’s mouth as he was on his way out of the leafy doorway of their room.    Eve was now sure that if there was anything evil or forbidden in the Garden of Eden, it must be a long ways away.  Certainly not in her personal orchard, where she took naps, and dreamed pleasant dreams, and imagined she heard a voice calling her name.   If Adam and God had their hobbies, then she should be allowed a hobby also.  This orchard would be her hobby.   She would learn all she could about these trees, and the animals that lived in them and around them, and perhaps teach Adam a few things he didn’t know.   Wasn’t that what a good wife should do?  She thought so.     She stopped on her way to the orchard to stroke the head of the little fawn, who was able to get around better now, having learned to use its wobbly long legs. Down at the brook, some of the Flamingo eggs had hatched, and papa Flamingo had more mouths to feed.  And the serpent by the waterfall showed up with a wife and some smaller serpents wriggling along in the grass.

      Eve walked up by the large tree in the middle of the orchard, and noticed that several of its fruits were lying on the grass, having been dislodged by the breeze during the night.    As she contemplated picking them up, the wind seemed to be playing tricks with her hearing once again.   She thought about Adam’s instructions to be careful about what she picked and ate.  But she had not picked this fruit, it was lying on the ground.  Nobody had passed it to her.    And it looked good, smelled good, and she could tell it would taste good just by looking at it.   She would try it, and if it didn’t make her sick, she would give some to her husband for supper.    If it tasted bad, she would spit it out immediately, and wash out her mouth at the waterfall.

     The fruit tasted every bit as good as she thought it would.    Not wanting to risk giving Adam fruit off the ground, she picked a whole armful of fresh fruit for Adam.

      It was early in the afternoon, so she stopped by to look at the Flamingo family once more.

     By now all the babies were out of their eggs, and the first ones were no longer wet, but dry and fuzzy.   She noticed the bright pink hue of the Flamingo feathers, and how the male Flamingo preened and showed off his head-feathers to his mate.    Eve borrowed a few bright feathers from their nest to wear in her hair.    This being naked all the time was not all that great.   Stopping by the deer family, she admired their bright orange, brown, and white fur coats, with the patterns along the back.  She could imagine herself wearing something like that.

      God had obviously left something undone when he created human beings.   He had only partly “finished” them.  Even the monkeys were better clothed.    Eve would have to speak to Adam about all this when he arrived home.   They would have a nice warm bath, she’d feed him some of that excellent fruit from her orchard, and the next time God saw them they would be properly dressed for the occasion.    One doesn’t attend church in polite society --- well, to put it bluntly and plainly --- naked!



     This story was originally written on April 11, 2003, and has not been altered in any way.

       As I did in the first story, I have relied on the Bible story itself to provide clues, such as:

      Assumptions: 1) There are two Bible stories of creation, one in seven days, the other took much longer, perhaps many years, centuries, or whatever.   In the first story I elected to use the longer period, which is permissible, since both are there to use, but in this story I compromise between the stories, using a real week as a device to add some realism.

     2) Since God was creating animals, and Adam naming them (Gen.2;19,20) Here I am presuming this was God’s choice of the proper way to proceed.   God’s choice is always correct and perfect, so they must have continued on in the same manner after Eve was created surgically from Adam’s rib. 

     3) Eve was created as perfect as Adam, so she was not so stupid as to sin right away, but spent some time learning to do things she enjoyed and was expected to do by the males.

     4) Since girls mature more rapidly even today, and are smarter than boys, then Eve, the first female, must have cleverly figured out a lot of things by herself, while the males were off doing what was important to them.

     5) Eve, like all females since her, must have craved attention, and figured out some way to get some from watching the animals.   Including the snakes or serpents.    And particularly one very attentive serpent she discovered in the center of the orchard.

      6) In this story I go much farther than in the first story in imagining some type of  conversations between this attentive serpent and Eve, although not going nearly as far as the Bible story does along this line.   Does the serpent really talk to Eve in her own language, or is Eve only imagining all this?

     7) Since at least at one level, this story was edited to make the 7th day Sabbath very important, I use this importance, and the Sabbath sacredness implied, to allow Eve a few more days of “grace” before she becomes the world’s premier sinner.

      8) To cut down the impossible work load of the team of God and Adam creating and naming all the world’s animals in this version of the story, I have limited the job to creating farm animals only (the original Sumerian version, by the way!)

      9) Since God, in the original Genesis story gives the instructions to Adam alone about not eating from a certain tree (Gen. 2:16,17) before he created Eve (Gen. 2:21,22) and nowhere does it say that God repeated these instructions specifically to Eve, the possibility of a communications breakdown does exist.

FROM THE RESEARCHER: This story was written by Dr. Robert F. Holt, MD, MPH.   A graduate of Columbia Union College, Takoma Park, Maryland.   Magna Cum Laude.   Major in Biology and Chemistry.  Minor in Behavioral Science. He earned an MD degree and an MPH degree at Loma Linda University School of Medicine and School of Health in 1971.  Later he spent many years as an Emergency Room Physician, but has never ceased writing and doing private research.

      Doctor Holt has read most of Zechariah Sitchin’s books on the original Sumerian, Akkadian, Assyrian, and Babylonian cuneiform tablets, and the carved stone cylinder picture seals that illustrate these original records of the birth of civilization in the times when the Elohim lived on Earth and still had their holy cities.    When Eden was planted as a “Garden for the Gods” at the mouth of the Tigris and Euphrates rivers.   And of Adama and Adapa and the other priests of the Elohim.   Doctor Holt is also an expert in “Gospel Pesher”, and familiar with the use of the Bible Computer Codes since 1997.

       It is well known that King Solomon of Israel was a collector of books and poems.  And “Wisdom Literature” (proverbs) and songs (the Psalms).   He had an efficient trade organization, a navy, and ships built for him by King Hiram of Tyre.   His interests extended even as far as Great Britain (lead and tin), and India (gold, spices, ivory, peacocks, etc.).     And he acquired some of the original cuneiform tablets and Sumerian picture seals.   Sumerian by King Solomon’s time was almost a dead language, but anyone could look at the picture seals and make up a story as to what they really meant.    In many of these picture seals the gods were clothed but the humans weren’t.    Perhaps this was just symbolic so as to easily tell the two classes apart, but Solomon’s book editors would not know that.

       In the Sumerian (and later) picture seals, the so called “Tree of life” was drawn with a mixture of flowers with male organs and female organs of procreation.    This is scientifically accurate of course, real flowers being for this purpose.    But in the picture seals (many of which are reproduced in Zechariah Sitchin’s well-illustrated paperbacks (Avon Books), the organs are recognizable as male and female human genitalia.    Sometimes two trees are shown, not one.   These are “Trees of Life”, not trees of “Knowledge” but the Hebrews confused the two, using the word for knowledge to denote sexual intercourse.  As it is used in Genesis 4:1.  As soon as Adam and Eve were evicted from the Garden of Eden.

       To the Hebrew voyeurs of these earlier pictures in King Solomon’s court, Adam and Eve were too stupid and naïve to realize they were naked until Eve without permission obtained some of the knowledge of the gods.   And since “trees” were used to convey knowledge of sexual intercourse and procreation., Eve must  have learned the message these trees conveyed.     To be sure, the “Garden of the Gods”, called E.DIN in the cuneiform tablets, could only support so many “gardeners”.    So when mankind began procreating in earnest, it was inevitable that almost all of them would have to find a home outside the Garden of Eden.

     Adam worked "by the sweat of his brow" to keep his growing family fed and clothed, and Eve suffered the pains of childbirth, but they and their children were sinners because they had disobeyed Yahweh --

     For the real story (the original un-edited story) of the conflict between Cain and Abel, which was a god-conflict, not just sibling rivalry ---

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    Those who are completely happy with the THIRD obviously tampered with and rewritten story of CREATION, and the RELIGION that accompanies it, are entitled to keep it, and most likely will not be at all interested in an ALTERNATIVE, which I will offer next, which will be:



As can we also, if we chose to do so! And we need not discard the Bible to follow this ALTERATIVE Religion, because it also is taught in the Bible!

We can be FREE to THINK, and CHOOSE what we wish to become - following the MOTTO or Proverb --


"As a man thinketh, so is he."

Original wording --"For as he thinketh in his heart, so is he;--" Solomon  Pr 23:7