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Millions of Christians world-wide, were among the others who read the book

The Da Vinci Code,

by Dan Brown, and/or watched the movie or video by the same name. When one speaks of "Codes" or more specifically "Bible Codes" this is what they think of --- but one should not judge all "BIBLE CODES" by what one knows about, or has heard about,

The Da Vinci Code.

        "WORLD"- an organization based in Asheville, North Carolina, took upon themselves the task of warning all other Christians they could easily reach by publishing the magazine pictured above.    It was a popular project, supported whole-heartedly by the Asheville area ministers, and I'm sure the publisher and editors of "WORLD" were able to talk the Fundamentalists in this area of the "Bible Belt" into buying a lot of these magazines for themselves and for their neighbors. At last they had found an enemy they could attack that seemed to be outside of "Christianity" as a whole, and could "take a break" in their attacks on each other, and their persistent promotion of their particular church as the only one that other Christians should attend.   AT STAKE HERE, as perceived by the writers and editors of "WORLD" was a lot more that whether or not Jesus was ever married, and more specifically whether or not he was ever married to Mary Magdalene, and even more horribly and heretical, that they had a child or children together -- the issue, they decided, -- was GNOSTICISM!

It's not so much that this young man pictured here sitting not far from the glass-paned pyramid on the grounds of the Louvre in Paris, France [the setting for much of Dan Brown's book] seems totally engrossed with the story. [He may be a plant from the "World" magazine posing for this picture], -- but that this young man, and lots of other young men, should instead be going to a Protestant church [any Protestant church] on Sunday, and not "wasting his time" reading such trash, and spending money on European travel that Asheville area churches could use to "do the Lord's work." Mostly retelling for the billionth time the "Greatest Story ever Told!"

The Da Vinci Code

may indeed be nothing more than an imaginary "Code" that Dan Brown inherited from others before him who enjoy "conspiracy theories" and Gnostic ideas, and support women's liberation and "Goddess" theology -- but on the other hand, it's also possible Leonardo Da Vinci did indeed put these symbols in his paintings for the purposes suggested in the book and movie.

DAN BROWN weaves his story around a plot in which the curator of a well-known group of paintings and objects in the famous LOUVRE museum in Paris is murdered by a fanatical Catholic monk, [who happens to be an albino in the book and movie] because the curator refuses to divulge a secret location that will lead this murderous monk to what he needs next to destroy those protecting "age old" secrets involving Jesus Christ and Mary Magdalene. In his dying moments the curator leaves various "clues" smeared in blood on his own naked body and throughout part of the LOUVRE written in crayon that will show up only in ultraviolet light.

"Coded messages" some of them in poetry, are a part of the trail that must be followed to find his murderer and reveal other secrets long hidden, and supposedly very damaging to the Christian [spell that "Catholic"] church. Enter Sophie Neveu [played by the beautiful but mysterious French actress Audrey Tautou] who helps Tom Hanks as the symbologist Robert Langdon solve some of the puzzles her uncle the curator has left for them. On a thrill-a-page race through Paris streets, the French countryside, and across the channel to Britain the chase continues, revealing a great deal of heretical Gnosticism the Christian church supposedly buried almost two millennia ago.

And Sophie Neveu discovers that--Yes, she is a descendent of Jesus and Mary Magdalene, but No, she can't "walk on water.

  The device pictured here was supposedly invented by Leonardo Da Vinci and consists of an elaborate contraption built like a lock that contains a piece of parchment on which is written a message in delicate ink that will be destroyed immediately by vinegar. It also contains a small vial of vinegar that will be smashed to eradicate the message if anything other than the exact word needed [the CODE] is dialed-- a word that will be known only by the intended reader.

   In the book and movie, the CRYPTEX is indeed smashed, but not before Tom Hanks and Audrey Tautou find out what they need to know to proceed further.

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