Information now available in the New Testament Gospel Pesher tells us the exact history of Peter, Paul and Jesus during and after the Crucifixion of Jesus!

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Dr.Barbara Thiering PhD
 The following information will be an outline of "Pesher History" that can be found in a more complete form [with documentation] in"Jesus and the Riddle of the Dead Sea Scrolls"[Harpur,'92]  

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Third:The "Trinity" Invented.....Bottom:First Sunday Law

After Jesus "Ascended" to Qumran/Heaven

Tuesday, March 24, 33 AD

At the New Jerusalem of Essenes [Qumran]

 TIME for each event [time adjustment past]

 Pesher History

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 Monday June1, 33AD


 John ch. 21
In the only "fish story" in John's gospel, 3 years after Herod Agrippa's first Essene Baptism, his whole group chooses Jesus's and Peter's Theology as their own Theology. ..Soon called Christian.

 Pg. 248,249

3.03 am Jesus acting as a

PRIEST joins Peter's

boat at the Mazin jetty

and accepts HerodAgrippa

and many Gentiles.

6 am Village meal by fire.

7-9 am Jesus predicts a

later celibate life for

Peter, who defers it...



and Sunday

June 21, 33 AD

The Day of Pentecost begins. ...Herod Agrippa completes his June promotion to the office of Archbishop...He permits services in Western churches to be held in native languages [tongues].

Dr. Thiering discovered the "Gospel Pesher" was just as valid in Acts as in the Gospels!

 9 AM Sunday

One of the few Sunday Services in Acts was held on Pentecost, Peter was the preacher, in the presence of Herod Agrippa....A council of Gentiles from all world provinces is being held...

 Pg. 250

 Monday June 22
Herod Agrippa further promoted....

 Pg. 250

 Tuesday Sept.1

33 AD

3 PM
Peter again preaches. .Allows James [lame man] to attend church although now betrothed...predicts Jesus will RETURN to world in 36 AD [a daughter has been born to Mary Magdalene].

Pg. 250

Dr. Barbara Thiering PhD has also figured out that Essenes practiced "Family Planning" ...3 years apart for girls...6 years apart for between celibate!

Wed. Dec. 16

33 AD

Mt of Olives
Married members stay in an apartment building on the Mt. of Olives. ...They hear that Jesus has been given a pardon by Pilate through the influence of the Herods. [Herod Agrippa II will follow Jesus's western Essene theology, and be tutored by Paul].

 Pg. 251

Jesus RETURNED from wherever he was hiding every 3 to 6 years to father another child in the approved Essene fashion. However, in between, he travelled all over the Roman world, to India, and in my opinion, took a number of TIME/SPACE trips also, enabling him to become the greatest PROPHET of History!

As a TIME/SPACE traveller, Jesus could truthfully

say such things as "Before Abraham was, I am", and

"I come from above," and "I go to prepare a place for

you"...and return from our Age to tell the Bible

Copyists what to put in the "Torah Codes"!

 With two years experience actually doing Bible "Torah Codes" on his own computer, Dr. Holt is of the opinion Yeshua ben Miriam [Jesus Christ] is the One responsible for these codes!



 There is no record in the "Gospel Pesher" in Acts of Jesus

ever authorizng a change from the Seventh day Sabbath to

Sunday, although about 60 AD one particular Sunday was

celebrated as a sort of EASTER! For More on Bible Codes

How, then, did Christians begin to worship on

Sunday, the FIRST day of the week, in place

of Saturday, the SEVENTH day of the week?

ANSWER: It seems that Gentile Christians by the end of the first century

were, some of them, celebrating the first day of the week as a holiday or

"play day" IN ADDITION TO keeping the SEVENTH DAY Holy by

strict Jewish and Essene rules...Of course these Sunday holidays were

more enjoyable than the Saturday Sabbaths.

After the destruction of Jerusalem around 70 AD, and another Jewish revolt

around 135 AD, Gentiles, and especially Romans had another reason for

disliking Saturday reminded them of Jews and Jewishness, and

they by then detested anything Jewish!

However, it was not until after the Emporer Constantine the Great chose to

make Christianity the STATE RELIGION of his Empire, that any attempt

was made to TRANSFER any of the sacredness of the

Seventh day Sabbath to Sunday, the FIRST DAY.

This was by Constantine's REQUEST, not by any ACTION of the Church

originally...a REQUEST by a man who was a SUN-WORSHIPPER!


 Mr. Ian Wilson, of Bristol, England, in 1984 completed one of his many successful books tracing what we then knew about Jesus...

The book was published by HarpurSanFrancisco in 1988...

Ian Wilson is a historian not a theologian, so he writes very clearly about the Emporer Constantine and his real religious preferences!

 Shown in the book are these two medals struck in

Constantine's honor, the left in 313 AD and the right

in 315 AD...He is paired with Solar Invictus, the Sun

God on the left, and still has the Sun's horse on right.


A small chi-rho is on helmet.


 On page 161 of Jesus: the Evidence is this picture

of Jesus from about the time of Constantine..."Jesus as

sun god, riding in the solar chariot...Third century mos

-aic from the Mausoleum of the Julii, discovered during

excavations beneath the high altar of St. Peter's, Rome."

Ian Wilson adds.."This is another indication of the synthesis of pagan and Christ-

ian thinking. ...To any original Jewish follower of Jesus such a representation would

have been unthinkable."

 From page 163..."Portrait of Jesus, from fourth-century Roman mosaic discovered in 1963 at Hinton St Mary, Dorset, England..Only the Chi-Rho monogram identifies the portrait as Jesus; otherwise ...the pagan god Apollo..This is one of several examples of how, by the time of Constantine the Great, the concept of Jesus was far removed from ..a human Galilean Jew.".  


 If it were not for the discovery of the Holy Shroud of

Turin preserved for many centuries by the Eastern Church,

not Rome, we might still today be worshipping a "Jesus" who

looks like a GREEK GOD, as well as on the day of the SUN!

 The picture on the right is of the Council of Nicaea of 325 AD...

According to accounts that survive, it was Constantine himself who decided on the wording of a document which made "Almighty God" of a person who never claimed to be more than "the Son of God" and our High Priest precisely because he was human like we are. ..

Those who wouldn't sign the document Constantine preferred were banished!


 "Jesus: the Evidence" pg. 160 "...eleven years after winning the battle at the Milvian Bridge [before which Constantine saw his "vision" of the cross victorious: R.H.] Constantine murdered his already vanquished rival Licinius, former Emporer of the East; he then killed his wife, by having her boiled alive in her bath, and his own son - hardly the action of a true follower of Jesus."....

......Pg. 162 "It was only when he was approaching death that he asked for, or was accepted for, Christian baptism. .....As was still the custom, he received this naked, thereafter renouncing forever the purple of his imperial rank."

......About the Council of Nicaea Ian Wilson writes: Pg. 168 "Exactly what swayed Constantine in that crucial moment we shall probably never know. There can be little doubt that for him the deification of a man was nothing particularly special......He had had his father Constantius deified, would be accorded the same honour after his own death, and would surely have expected Jesus to be a superior entity in the divine hierarchy."

......Same page..."Perhaps not unexpectedly, all but two of the most die-hard Arian loyalists signed......But from the none too truthful face-saving letter Eusebius of Caesarea sent back to his home diocese, it is clear how uneasy he felt about the extent to which he had compromised the fundamental principles of what had been taught about Jesus......Other signatories, who were equally swayed into aquiescence by their awe of the forceful Constantine, felt exactly the ame......Only on returning home did Eusebius of Nicomedia, Maris of Chalcedon and Theognis of Nicaea summon the courage to express to Constantine in writing how much they regretted having put their signatures to the Nicene formula: 'We committed an impious act, O Prince', wrote Eusebius of Nicomedia, 'by subscribing to a blasphemy from fear of you'."...."Although no gospel regarded Jesus as God, and not even Paul had done so, the Jewish teacher had been declared Very God through all eternity, and a whole new theology would flow from this. A fourthcentury sarcophagus preserved at San Paolo fuori le Mura in Rome ludicrously depicts the Trinity as three bearded men side by side, and a beardless Jesus officiating at the expulsion of Adam and Eve from the Garden of Eden...Jesus, with his Jewish abhorrence of any representational images, would surely not have approved of this." [One of many recurring themes in the Torah Codes, the Bible Computer Codes, is how the "Church" has disregarded the Commandment regarding worshipping these codes, even the crucifix is an idol..R.H.]

   Here is the picture that makes the Trinity of Nicaea "plain" so that the peasants can "understand" how 3=1 and 1=3...The 3 old men on the left include Jesus, but Jesus at the same time is on the right between Adam & Eve..To not believe this is heresy!

The Sunday Law of Constantine

March 7, AD 321

The Latin original is in the Codex Justiniani (Codes of Justinian),

lib.3, title 12, lex. 3. Here it is in English:

    "All judges and city people and the craftsmen shall rest upon the venerable Day of the Sun.

   Country people, however, may freely attend to the cultivation of the fields, because it frequently happens that no other days are better adapted for planting the grain in the furrows or the vines in trenches. .....So that the advantage given by heavenly providence may not be the occasion of a short time perish."

Joseph Cullen Ayer, A Source Book for Ancient Church History (New York: Charles Scribner's Sons, 1913), div.2, per.1, ch.1, sec.59, g, pp. 284,285.

Apollo, the "Sun God" of Greece and Rome

Although the Early Roman Catholic Church claims to have made

the change from Sabbath worship to Sunday worship on their own

authority, this may be no more true than that it was the "Church"

who "invented" a "Trinity" of three Persons Who "rule" the Universe!

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 What the Emporer Constantine and his puppet Church did not count on, was that Yeshua ben Miriam [Jesus Christ] was indeed still alive, and able to travel through TIME /SPACE and keep the Church under surveillance!

The Sabbath-keeping Church in the Wilderness