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GENESIS 1:27, 28

   "So God (the Elohim) created man(kind) in His (Their) own image; in the image of God(s)(and Godesses) He(They) created (them) (the man and the woman):male and female He(They) created them.  28 Then God (the Elohim) blessed them (the man and the woman, male and female) and God (the Elohim) said to them, be fruitful (reproduce sexually with the sexual organs We have provided you); fill the earth, and subdue it; have dominion over the fish of the sea, over the birds of the air, and over every thing that moves on the earth."




God (the Gods) created Sex

    In illustration #1 above, a part of the second (original) Creation story of Eve, Adam and Eve are contemplating the fruit from the "Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil" (usually pictured as an apple) and also a monkey, (a mammal with sexual organs quite like their own) and a reptile (a cold-blooded egg-laying creature which cannot enjoy nor use mammalian type sex.

   In illustration #2 above, a continuation of the second (original) Creation story of Eve, Adam and Eve have decided to eat the fruit, and later (Genesis chapter 4) experiment with mammalian monkey-style SEX, -- and sure enough, about 9 months later, Eve bears two sons, Cain and Abel.

   In illustration #3 above, a substitute story, as redacted by various disciples of Jesus Christ thousands of years after the above second (original story) was supposedly written by the Elohist Jews, is illustrated.  With Jesus Christ doing this creating of Adam (and we assume Eve also).  But logically, if we care to inject any logic into this redaction, it's now His job to insure that both Adam and Eve are given (by Him of course) the proper sexual organs to create new Christians (under carefully specified conditions of course).

   In illustration #4 above, a substitute story, possibly begun in the Middle Ages, perhaps before --- It's Satan or the Devil that is in charge of SEXual procreation, and it is to be avoided by Godly people of all Faiths, except for the express purpose of providing more members of that particular Faith.    

     "Anthony Weiner was my inspiration for this modern reinterpretation of the Creation story as told in the Bible in the Book of Genesis. Since modern man (and a few liberated women) use an erect third finger as a sign of rebellion and
distain for those they dislike, I've chosen to give it a more useful meaning. That God invented Sex and our sexual organs, and in primitive societies, they need not protect teen age girls from seeing what seems perfectly natural to them."


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