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"The Destroyer"


PROTECTOR of Animal Life


This picture appears on pages 42, 43 of LIFE World Library "INDIA" © TIME-LIFE Books 1961,1967



In contrast with the God Yahweh, Jehovah, or Allah, the three major

names that Jews, Muslims, and some Christians have given the major

God of the Bible (Torah, Tanakh) and the Koran, Lord Shiva has never

called Himself "the Only God". ...Nor has He insisted that all Indians

worship Him, and Him only. ....Neither has he made it a law that no

one can picture Him, describe Him, or say that no one can see Him

and live! ... Far from being celibate, and demanding sexual abstinance

from His worshippers, Lord Shiva has always been known for His own

sexual prowess, and a stylistic statue of His most private member

is displayed in most towns and villages of India (Shiva-lingas). ..The

above-pictured tower in Madras is part of a temple dedicated to Shiva,

and shows carved scenes depicting 800 different episodes in the life of

this prominent HINDU GOD.


Until very recent times, Yahweh [and one supposes Allah, too] has

allowed people like Noah to preach for 120 years, to have only his

own family [8 people] listen to him. And sent Moses [a wanted

murderer] back into Egypt to get his fellow Jews [athough Moses

was 3/4 Egyptian] to "borrow" [spell that S-T-E-A-L] money and

jewels from their land-lords and escape the country under pretext

of needing to placate "God" with some roasted dead animals out

in the wilderness of Sinai.

In spite of 40 years of leading sheep all over this same wilderness,

Moses was unable to guide these troublesome Jewish relatives,

[millions of them we are supposed to believe], on a journey that a

crippled man can walk in a couple of weeks, and 40 years later,

everyone was dead that started out except Caleb and Joshua.

In Joshua, Yahweh-Allah saw a real leader,

and taught him the elements of JIHAD, which are

still being practiced today by followers of

Yahweh-Allah on both sides of the new

"Berlin Wall" being constructed across Palestine!

Shiva has had lots of adventures himself, here on this earth, many of

which are pictured all over the Madras tower. ....He managed to stay

out of all these Biblical Stories, and as far as I know, is not even

mentioned in the Koran. ....At least in any way he can be positively

identified. .....Which leaves him free to offer advice to all combatants

in the continuous World War we are used to in our part of the world!

In mid-July, 2004, Lord Shiva, whose WILL and RULES are well-known throughout INDIA,

declared these same rules to the Western World!

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