in Hindu Theology

is One of the Three Major Gods.

The tower on the left is part of a Madras temple to Shiva, and on the right, Shiva is doing His cosmic dance.

BRAHMA the Creator

created everything that is (but is no longer

available on a day to day basis to deal with

human beings in a meaningful way)

VISHNU the Preserver

is a very important God, and millions invoke

His protection, but He also lacks in availability.

SHIVA the Destroyer

although possibly equivalent to the "Devil"

or "Satan" in Christian Theology, is the powerful

"God of Earth", to whom the other Gods have

relinquished control of human affairs.

   In the Gospel stories in the New Testament Bible, Jesus is offered all the kingdoms of the world if he will worship "Satan" and accept Satan's authority over the world's affairs. In the Gospels, Jesus refuses, and is later crucified.

 In the Kings of Kasmira version of the "Temptation of Christ", Jesus Christ, on his return to Kashmir after being crucified (now in another lifetime according to Indian Reincarnation Theory) accepts the help of Lord Shiva ("Satan?") to become King of Kashmir under the name Pravarasena I.

He reigns as king for 30 years (59 AD to 89 AD) and on his retire- ment is seen by all his subjects ascending into heaven (like another sun) or perhaps descending into hell (another element of the same story).


"Kings of Kashmira"

Appendix E: page ix

The story CONTINUES:

"The death of king Pravarasena (Jesus Christ in a later lifetime) is thus told:

By the orders of Shiva (the Destroyer "God" or "Devil" who has artificially extended the king's life for 2000 years) Ashvapáda addressed one Jayanta, a Káshmirian Bráhmana (not a believer in Lord Shiva "the Devil", but instead a believer in the Creator God [see above]) saying "I hope you are not weary of travelling , (CODE MEANING: Someone such as myself, who lives now 2000 years later in the 21st century) show this letter to the king." But the Bráhmana said that he was weary of travelling, and could not set out that day." (CODE MEANING: Here a change of "Age" and theology is proposed, and 21st century Christians are not ready to make such a change [to TOLERATION, not dogmatic inflexibility]) Whereupon Ashvapáda (John Mark or Moroka [Holy Spirit] and Time-Traveller) replied that he was a hermit of the class that carried human skulls, and as he touched him, he should bathe. (Here the ancient Indian caste system is referred to by Kahlana. As an "untouchable", Moroka [Ashvapáda] has just defiled the Orthodox Brahmana [Christian], making rebaptism necessary. But the more potent CODE MEANING IS: "Religious intolorence has killed enough people already --Dark and Middle Ages -- and is now holding the entire world hostage -- Muslim extremists and terrorists -- TIME TO MOVE ON!) So saying he pushed the Bráhmana into a pond." (The "pond" is here the "Age of Pisces" in which live the Christian "fish". When Jayanta gets out of the "pond" he will be in the "Age of Aquarius")

This is your USUAL "Gospel Pesher" (Jesus Parable) type story in which

everything has double, triple, and multiple meanings. To this already confusing

picture is added the Indian caste system, holy hermits, and a dependence

upon the rest of the King Meghavahana, King Pravarasena I stories to come

to the REAL MEANING..... Shiva as the Cosmic Lord and the "Destroyer"

is not about to "destroy" Jesus' earthly life (the meaning to Kahlana) but

in reality, the Whole AGE of Pisces! Judgement DAY is now HERE!


REVELATION 21:1 "And I saw a new heaven and a new earth;

(I lived until the dawn of the "Age of Aquarius")

for the first heaven and the first earth (The "Age of Pisces")

were passed away; and there was no more sea."

Jayanta has surfaced from "the pond", and shook the

water from his eyes!

2 "And I John saw the holy city, new Jerusalem, coming

down from God out of heaven, (Theology as it should be --)

prepared as a bride (GNOSIS - "Wisdom") adorned for

her husband (ALL MEN, everywhere!).

"Kings of Kashmira"

Appendix E: page ix

"Rising from the water, when Jayanta (now yours truly, Robert F. Holt, MD) opened his eyes (learned to do and understand all types of "Bible Codes") he saw himself in his native country (my trip to India and Kashmir in the Spring of 1995), and the servants of the king busy in fetching water from the river for the king to worship (here the picture is one of baptism of an idol or image. -- the "river" is the End of the AGE.). Jayenta found opportunity to put the billet hastily in one of the water-vessels. (Water-vessels are Christian churches -- thus. give a lecture about "Jesus in Kashmir" in a Christian church.) Now, when the king was bathing Shiva Pravareshra, (space and time-travelling with Lord Shiva in His "vimana")the letter dropped from the pot (the "pot" here stands for the clay pots in which the Dead Sea Scrolls were found, thus I [Jayanta] learned all this as a result of "Gospe Pesher" obtained by Dr. Barbara Thiering's study of the Dead Sea Scrolls), he read it (watched my Power Point Show at UNITY CENTER. on 6-15-2003, and browsed this Web Site since 8-20-2003) and sent for Jayanta whom he dismissed satisfied with royal presents. (Yet to come, I presume!) ----(later)--- Jayanta who got riches by this strange means, built a village inhabited by Bráhmanas, and called it after his name. (UNITY CENTER?) or perhaps (JAYANTA?)


"Kings of Kashmira"

Appendix E: page x

"The contents of the letter (addressed to a world of people in a "New Age", really) were as follows; -- "You have done what should have been done, you have given large gifts, and enjoyed what should have been enjoyed, your years are on the decline, what more shall you do? Come to the house of Shiva." (Here Lord Shiva is holding out for all to copy and try to match, the REAL Life of Jesus Christ, instead of the mythical non-life of the Gospels!) The king ascended the heaven piercing through the stony house and the people saw him going towards Kailasa across the clear sky, like another sun. The king reached the court of Shiva in his human body. Even to this day may be seen the passage through which the king made his exit into heaven."

Here there are a lot of contradictory terms, consistent with

the contradictory (to westerners) Theology attached to the

Devil-God Lord Shiva (the Destroyer).

Jesus as Pravarasena I ASCENDED "across the CLEAR SKY".

While ASCENDING, he, or his UFO, looked "like another sun."

The people noted the direction, "towards Kailasa" (South).

Yet Kahlana, the reporter, is certain Jesus as Pravarasena I

"pierced through the stony house" (the Earth?)

He further assures us that there is evidence Jesus actually

reached the "Court of Shiva" with a living human body,

and that this evidence was still available in Kahlana's day.

One can assume that Kahlana had actually seen this evidence!

The rest of this page will actually clear up some of these

otherwise ambiguous statements.

In this closer view of this Madras tower dedicated to 800 episodes of

the life and asventures of Lord Shiva, we can see a lot of people, gods

and humans, who are doing things in association with Lord Shiva. A

careful search might reveal some of his adventures with Jesus,

including perhaps, one or several of their time travel adventures.

Notice the recurring circle with Shiva inside -- a UFO!

Travelling now to Ellora, we find similar, but much older carvings.

And discover that Mount Kialas is a "holy mountain", the traditional

home of Lord Shiva! So now we know why it was important for

Kahlana to say the UFO that was as brilliant "in a clear sky" as "another

sun" was headed in this direction, towards Ellora and Kialasa (Home

of Lord Shiva). No doubt the "other evidence" of Jesus as Pravarasena

reaching Lord Shiva's court "with a living body" is right here in the

carvings at Ellora. Now we know what to look for (due to Sue

Olsson's discovery near Shrinagar, Kashmir) we can no doubt find

this other "evidence"!

There is obviously a traditional style "obelisk" quite prominent in the foreground of the carvings here at Kailasa. In light of the Bible Computer codes Michael Drosnin features in Bible Codes II: the Countdown, this obelisk might be a good one to invesrigate further. Caption in "INDIA" reads:"HUGE TEMPLE at Ellora, Kailasa was hewn out of the black volcanic rock that originally filled its site in the Eigth century A.D. It was built as a monument to Lord Shiva, whose eternal home lies at the top of Mount Kialas." page 56

Pictures above and below © TIME/LIFE Books, 1967

"SANCTUARY displays sensuous portrayals of Shiva and his courtiers (center) and the seven Hindu mothers (right). Some 200,000 tons of rock were excavated to create Kailasa and accompanying shrines similar to this one."

"INDIA", by TIME/LIFE Books, page 57

Local artists throughout India are free to use Lord Shiva

as a subject and his wife Parvati "Maiden of the Mountains"

as subjects. ..On the left is the "Destroyer God" comfortably

sitting on a slain leopard or tiger, with serpents entwined

all over him to show his imperviousness to DEATH him-

self. ..Pervati is modeled after a local princess....It is

commonly believed throughout India that Lord Shiva's

original home was an ice cave in Kashmir.

Here, as usual, Lord Shiva is surrounded

by his friends, the animals. ....For he is

their special "protector". ..The red fellow

right behind him is a demon, [of course!]