The "END TIMES" began on September 16, 2004!
AUTHORITY for this prediction? The SUN Tabloid [of course!] but even before this, the August 30 SUN Tabloid pronounced that a "Warning from God" will stun, or had stunned "thousands"!

The article by "Beth Gimmel" on pages 36-38 was featured on the cover, with an Aug. 30 cover date, so must have been in the supermarkets a week before. About Aug. 24.

And the article may have been written as early as 4 - 6 weeks before that in July 2004.

So we are either talking here about a real forecast, divinely inspired precognition - or incredible coincidence!

At the time this particular article by "Beth Gimmel" was in the works and being accepted by SUN Tabloid, I was contemplating putting up this web site, my third. The former web sites are www.healthark .com [Spring, 1999] and [Summer, 2003], so when I saw the "Warning from God" on the SUN cover, it boosted my resolve, and by September 7-8, the new website, was on the Internet, although it took a while longer for the DNS and URL to be finalized.

Beth Gimmel's article begins: "The celebrated shrine of Fatima has been visited by another visionary miracle - a new apparition of the Virgin Mary bringing a strong warning from God himself!" She followed with a review of the earlier Fatima prophecies, including the suppressed "third prophecy", kept, according to Gimmel, "under lock and key" at the Vatican.

Beth Gimmel tells now of an appearance to a young girl named Anna in July of this year on a Friday about 6 pm. First of the customary "lady in blue" who prayed with her, but over the next four days of other unusual events, culminating with a final vision. Not of the Virgin Mary, nor of Jesus, but of "The Lord God Almighty"!

Anna's cousin Ricky was healed of leukemia durng these 4 days, red roses and an intense odor of roses appeared in the church on one occasion, and during the final vision, a tree in the public square appeared to burn without being consumed.... Meanwhile a majestic voice was heard reciting the "Lord's Payer". ...3000 people were in the square and saw and heard these things, and heard the voice declare "I am the Lord your God." .....Following this, the following new commands and pronouncements were given.

WAR: Everywhere there is strife and trouble between you. ...It must stop.... Or you will be removed from My sight........ Only those will remain that act in kindness and justice.

THE CHURCH: Angels over the churches are bringing "my sundered body to wholeness."

SOCIETY: You are children wearing the clothing of your parents. You are building your towers to reach the sky... But the sky is Mine [God's]. ....The One whose only Law is the LOVE for yourself and your neighbor.

A WASTING DISEASE: A plague will melt the flesh from the bones until men are walking skeletons.

THE END TIMES: Trials by fire, warfare, hunger and disease, STORM and LIGHTNING, then by shaking of the earth and a darkening of the sky. ....Unbelevers will say these things are natural events caused by "movement of the planet". Know, faithful children, these are "signs for you"..........Summary 9-22-2004 Dr. Bob Holt

Then, with a cover date of September 27, 2004 [still 5 days in the future as I write these words] the following startlingly ACCURATE prediction, if rightly applied to Hurricane IVAN! R.H. 9-22-04

The prophecies, displayed on pages 10-11 of the SUN Tabloid, supposedly edited and interpreted by The Crucible Institute, [Possibly ficticious] will be reviewed later on this web site. ....But for now, suffice it to say, we have an uncanny and accurate prediction of the arrival of the hurricane now nicknamed "IVAN the Terrible" in my area. The area of Asheville and Hendersonville, North Carolina. Home of

The Arrival of..IVAN!