Sept 16-17, 2004

IVAN "the Terrible" Scrapbook- Edneyville Rt 64

[These pictures taken by Bob Holt, MD September 17-20, 2004]
The first item I trained my digital camera on was this tree that just missed the house when it fell All along Rt 64 towards Henderson -ville trees were laying down along the road-side.
Sometimes as they fell they knocked wires off the telephone poles, like this one. On the right, a tree- top or large branch is engulfing and lying on wires. The pole is leaning.
Here the white and black twisted wires are on the left, guy wire in the middle, and pole on right. Not so obvious here is the broken top of a light pole, separated from the pole, and hanging.

IVAN "the Terrible" - Hendersonville, Horseshoe

No one in Edney- ville had electricity. Here is the crowd at Hardees near I-26 for breakfast. Passing through dark Henderson- ville, more trees down on Rt 64 on way to Horseshoe.
On the left is Jean Marie Patton's driveway with fallen tree. Providentially, no trees on house! On the left, 2 signs on Horshoe Hardware store are crooked and bent, but not blown away!
Returning to down- town Henderson- ville, this side street is blocked off for flood waters. The main bypass to downtown on the East was flooded, where two busy lanes of traffic run.

IVAN "the Terrible"-Rt 64 "Road to Destruction"

Returning to Edney -ville, I filmed this car hitting the flooded intersection at Rt. 64. On the corner of Gilliam Mountain road, a large storage building had lost its roof.
By one of the general stores, the road to Edneyville Methodist Church washed out at a culvert. By Monday morning, 2 days later, the road was passible. Sign says "Rough Pavement".
Saturday afternoon, Sept. 18. A cherry- picker from Duke Power working on Gilliam Mt. Road. Monday, Sept. 20. Split tree being cut up in down-town Hendersonville.

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NOTICE: Dr. Bob Holt, md, is on these pages displaying a variety of different aspects of scientific and educational study, records,and measurements of a number of hurricanes that have occurred since Rosh Hashana of 1988......Not all hurricanes have been included.

Dr. Holt has chosen these particular hurricanes because of religious, not scientific associations, and will supplement the usual type of information supplied here with "Gospel Pesher", Bible quotations, and Bible Computer Codes - to attempt to show the courses, severity, and other factors involved with these storms was altered by beings or entities not of this world, using UFOs ["Flying Saucers"] and other technology not as yet available to humans.

But which technology may indeed be available in our future if we learn to become concerned enough about earth's environment to make saving lives, pure water, and enough food for everyone a major priority. ..Instead of high energy consumption for a few, at the expense of poverty and starvation for the many.

Dr. Robert Holt, md .....October 2004