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"Jesus in Kashmir -

The Lost Tomb"

Historians know almost nothing about the two decades following the crucifixion of Jesus. ‘Jesus in Kashmir The Lost Tomb’ presents compelling new evidence about the life of Jesus derived from a variety of sources in the East unknown to most Western scholars, and his unknown life before and after the crucifixion. This new evidence follows the lesser known trail of Jesus. The result of many years of investigative research, Jesus in Kashmir The Lost Tomb’ takes the reader to all the historical sites connected with Jesus in Israel, the Middle East, Afghanistan and India. As well as revealing age-old links between the Israelites and the East, and the magi and kings who came for his birth, the evidence found by Suzanne Olsson verifies the startling conclusions: In his youth Jesus followed the Silk Road to India, where he had ancient family ties. Among a number of well researched and well composed books on the subject of the origins of the historical Jesus, this stands out as the most carefully researched and filled with never before published information. The DNA of God Project is the effort to gather as much DNA as possible from ancient tombs that are rapidly disappearing forever, destroyed by cultural terrorism.           © 2014 by Suzanna Marie Olsson


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