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"Jesus in Kashmir -

The Lost Tomb"


This review is from: Jesus in Kashmir The Lost Tomb (Kindle Edition)

As a native of India (Punjab) I am acutely sensitive to the accuracy and depth of understanding with which various foreign writers approach topics close to my heart and my home. In this book, I felt the author's overwhelming sensitivity and depth of understanding of India culture. Olsson summarizes huge overlaying sweeps, conveying thousands of years of history in a few broad strokes of the pen. Several chapters are stand-alone summations of one Jewish-Hebrew prophet associated with Kashmir; Adam, Noah, Abraham, Moses, King David, Mother Mary and Jesus.

This is an immense piece of work, a true labor of love, and a book full of passion and enthusiasm.
There are many illustrations and photographs, making the reading a visual pleasure as well.

Parts of the book I found particularly interesting were about art, scripture and other texts suggesting a possible extra-terrestrial explanation behind religious ideas and folklore. Some will scoff at this, but I actually find it rather plausible, right in step with the modern space age theories. Olsson examines if the experiences of Jesus could be deeply rooted with such connections. "On earth as it is in Heaven" has interpretations I wont soon forget. The book draws no conclusions, it should be said, but offers much food for thought, a new way of thinking outside the box of conventionality. I loved this section as it gave me much to think about long after I finished the book.

The section called Cultural Terrorism addresses Islamic fundamentalism. The threat has particular relevance to this book because of increasing attacks on all religious sites, tombs and cemeteries that make the news weekly. Kashmir would do well to throw the doors of Roza Bal wide open with no restrictions to science and get to the truth. Otherwise Kashmir and the world may pay the price for this stubborn ignorance and fundamentalism for eternity. Who wants that? No one.

I agree with the other reviewers. The Roza Bal tomb in Kashmir is under great threat, and regardless of who may or may not be buried there, the desire by many to destroy such an important historic site should concern us all. Olsson did a commendable job tracking down the missing and stolen artifacts, the very items that make such a powerful proof for the identity of the man buried in this tomb. Few are aware how compelling this evidence is. Olsson was able to locate and document much during her research there. She should be commended for this accomplishment.

She is highly regarded in this region. Stories abound about her kindness and generosity and great risk-taking to help others when asked, even trekking in the mountains alone with only Taliban as guards and guides, to bring food, blankets, medicine and aid to a dying old grandmother who she gave a comfortable and dignified death, even if it was in a hovel in a mountainside. The old grandmother's son was a member Al Quaida, but that didn't matter. Olsson was a sacred person on a holy mission for the prophet Jesus. Not a hair of her head was to be disrespected. Stories like this are not in her book, but are well known in the region. Olsson is both Indiana Jones and a Mother Theresa in urban legends. She could have included more personal experiences like these in her book, but she did not. Her research is really a personal quest connected to her own ancient family roots somewhere in this region. Her determined sense of mission is compelling. I wish her well and hope she eventually succeeds. There is more to come from her story and I for one eagerly anticipate what happens next.
All in all, there is a great deal to like and admire in this book and about the author. I recommend reading this. It will be a life-changer for many.

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