Facsimile shows this to be a genuine article

everyone [Muslims and Infidels] should read!


The caption under the picture reads:

"Above: Christ [left] consults with

his new spiritual advisor, the

Righteous Hassan Abdul al-Aziz."

The FAX being rather fuzzy, I will

on the following page quote the

article verbatim, and risk a lawsuit

from one of the under-employed

lawyers of NYC, who have run out

of victims of 911 to represent.

Fortunately for the glorious cause of Islam, spreading knowledge of the tender regard of Allah for the human race around the world on September 11, 2001 [911]--

none of the blood, guts, debris, or falling airplane parts dedicated to Allah fell on "the ONION" headquarters, allowing this NEWS REPORT so important to Muslims everywhere to now be released HERE!

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