An Act of God

On this web site we are calling the violence and destruction of the severe hurricanes of 2004 an "Act of God".

Although it is traditional and customary for religious people, and even secular people, such as insurance companies and government agencies, and non-believers in general to use this terminology for disasters and unexpected unpleasant natural events, most do not believe that "God" or even "Divine Beings" of any type are behind these events, or have any control over them!

Why this is so is partly due to the secular public's perception that mankind invented "God", a more or less mythical "God" made in our likeness, and if He or They really do exist, then "God" must go by the rules that we have set up to worship and relate to the Diety, and sending severe hurricanes to punish us, "His" favorite children, is not a part of this bargain!

THUS, in the Western World, we worship a JUDEO-CHRISTIAN God, who although He created all mankind as "Adam" out of red clay about 6000 years ago, and as a sort of afterthought, "Eve" also - destroyed everything and everybody in the Flood, about 4000 years ago.

"Noah found grace in the eyes of the Lord," and was spared so long as he kept God's Rules, His Covenant.

The Covenant-Keepers are God's favorite Children, and He spares them

This Covenant was expanded over the centuries, supposedly by direct revelations from God, including direct talks with Abraham, and with Moses, and on one very significant occasion, on Mount Sinai, with all of Israel listening!.....By giving the Ten Commandments, later written on stone tablets [unchangeable!].

Perceiving that this story just related excluded any new revelations or any New Covenant, Mohammed made his own trip to heaven, accompanied to start with by the angel Jibreel [equivalent to Gabriel] and worked out a better Covenant with God and with Moses in the 7th Century C.E.

In this Covenant, Arabs, not Christians or Jews, are God's favorite Children, and God's name is Allah!


When new instructions from God [Allah] are felt to be necessary, a respected Arab leader, who also has shown himself to be a fanatically loyal follower of God and Mohammed, makes a new "interpretation" of the Koran, or other related Islamic traditions, called a "Fatwah" or ruling, and the new problem is taken care of.

Such as the existance of the United States of America. And skyscrapers.

However, less we fault Mohammed as being completely out of line with previous traditions by trying to change or add to those Ten Command- ments spoken by Allah and carved by God's own finger on two tables of stone, let's remind ourselves that Jesus Christ, [known as Saint Issa to Muslims, but called a "False Prophet" by Jews] also made "Fatwahs", or new interpretations of the older rules made before Him. And His followers after His crucifixion claimed to have a New Covenant.

This New Covenant, presented to Jesus' 12 Apostles, and by them to the popes through Paul the Evangelist and through Saint Peter, has resulted in a powerful world-wide organization known collectively as the Christian Church.

And the Mother Church, the Roman Catholic Church, has found it necessary, from time to time, to make Fatwas of their own. To clarify issues and insure their continued power and prestige. Including, but not limited to: the "Trinity", and Sunday Sacredness.

The one thing that Arabs and Christians have at times agreed upon is that Jews are no longer God's favorite children.

And that perhaps the world would be a better place with no Jews at all!

Jewish bodies piled up like cord-wood

in one of the Nazi Holocaust camps.

When the United Nations at the close of WWII gave the World's Jews a homeland, the Arab nations attacked them all at once!...... To enforce the Will of Allah!

And so, 70 years later, as Christians, Jews, and Arabs square off for Armageddon, to be fought, I suppose, to determine who really has a New Covenant with God, the "gods," Allah, or Jesus - it was time for the Real God to make a statement once again, as "He" traditionally did at Mount Sinai to Moses and the original "Children of Israel".

Which indeed He [the Real God] has done in the Tabloids and hurricanes of August and September of 2004.

And in this case the "Fatwah" [the interpretation or ruling] will be given, not by Abraham, Moses, Mohammed, Osama bin Laden, Al Zaqawi, or some other Mullah or Imam, but by Dr. Bob Holt, md, chosen to do this back in December, 1997, long before this present mess became so bad!

The background of this page is a collage of the circle and flying wings of the Anunaki, or Elohim, the heavenly beings who came from outer space to "create" our world, and the first humans who could talk to each other, obey laws, set up governments, build cities, govern them in a civilized way, and worship the Elohim in temples.

And I'm here to tell you that one of these Elohim is still in charge of this earth, as the designated "caretaker" of the human children of the Elohim, and that Jesus Christ, his unique "Son" still has a significant part in finishing what they both started, -- "Father God" and Jesus, the Son of God, 2000 years ago!

An Act of God

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