Dr. Robert Holt, MD and his companion Linda Preston watched the SOLAR ECLIPSE

of August 21, 2017


Dr. Robert Holt, MD is a Veteran of the



    On Saturday May 13, 2017 over 50 Korean War Veterans were honored by a Hendersonville, NC Veterans Organization called "Honor Air" with a Plane trip to Washington, DC, a tour of ALL the War Memorials and a Medal bestowed by the South Korean Embassy.  Dr. Holt was one of those so honored.

PFC Robert Holt '53  Retired ER Doctor Robert Holt 2016 Korean Vet R. Holt MD

       On Monday August 21, 2017 Dr. Holt, together with his companion Linda Preston drove over to Brevard, in Transylvania County, NC to watch a TOTAL ECLIPSE of the Sun (this town was in the "path of totality in which the moon completely blocked out the sun for up to 2 minutes - depending on where you were viewing this in that town) -- more photos! --- CLICK HERE!

A Short History of Sun-Worship

    Man-kind has worshipped the Sun as a "God" as long as records have been kept.   The " Lord's Prayer" credited to Jesus Christ is really, at a hidden level, actually directed to the SUN as "Our Father in Heaven" -- Jesus was an ESSENE Messiah, and the Essenes were known to make a prayer that the Sun would rise every day at the time that the sun was due to rise!

    For MORE about the "appearance of TWO SUNS at once"

    For MORE about the ESSENE Jesus Christ and an apparent worshipping of the rising SUN by the other Essenes at the Qumran Monastery by the Dead Sea--

   For Dr. Bob Holt's "translation" of the "Lord's Prayer" as a "Prayer to the SUN" ---

     On Sabbath morning, September 2, 2017, Pastor Patrick Williams of the Asheville NC "Foster Memorial SDA Church" spoke about APOLLOS, the fellow Apostle of Christ who "competed" with the Apostle Paul in Patrick's "contest" for the "Greatest Apostle".

    Dr. Bob Holt's explanation of WHY APOLLOS wins this designation -- but with no authorization from Patrick to do so, and quite likely no AGREEMENT nor SUPPORT from Patrick Williams for anything Dr. Bob Holt has to say on this subject! (And most other subjects also!)

     The HIDDEN "Beloved Disciple's" (John Mark - Eutychus- Bartholomew) presentation of Jesus Christ as the Egyptian SUN GOD "Horus" in John 3:16-17.

    The Woman of Samaria of John chapter 4 as the HIDDEN "Isis" of Egyptian and Roman Theology, and Jesus' offer to impregnate her with his "Golden Penis" --

    Martha (Sister of Mary Magdalene and "Sister" of Lazarus) in John chapter 11, is again the "Isis" of Egyptian and Roman Theology.  Offered "Eternal Life" by the "Sun God" Jesus, the Essene Messiah. ("Isis" didn't need it for herself.  She, as a "Goddess" already possessed it -- since chapter 4.

   Martha (Sister of Mary Magdalene and Lazarus) in John chapter 11, is also the "Woman of Samaria" of John chapter 4, and all three, Mary, Martha, and Lazarus are Gnostics - the type of religion that Peter and Paul started to "bury" while they were still alive, but the suppression was not complete until after the reign of Constantine.

    The supposed CONVERSION of Saul of Tarsus at the Essene monastery near Damascus (the "Road to Damascus") using "Total Eclipse of the SUN" imagery and "Gospel Pesher" double meanings.

    The Roman CULT of Mithras in TARSUS, Paul's birthplace, and how Paul "adapted" this CULT's beliefs and Pagan practices to his ("Paul's) Gospel -- for 2000 years one of this world's most successful DELUSIONS!

    FOUR GOSPELS you probably didn't know about (NOT Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John).  Instead:

   (1) The ESSENE Gospel of Jesus Christ (and of the first 44 years of the Seventh-day Adventist Church). Includes an understanding of the ESSENE "Millennial Week" -- Keep the Seventh Day holy and eat a Vegetarian Diet.

   (2) The Trinitarian Gospel of PETER the Fisherman and the Roman Catholic Church (successful for 2000 years) --

the smaller "Stone" (Cephas-Peter) continued what the "Cornerstone" (Jesus the Essene Messiah) began-- Using his "Keys to the Kingdom" -- Heaven, Hell, and Purgetory.

   (3) The (Protestant) Gospel of PAUL ("Converted" Mithraism) successful since Martin Luther's Reformation up to this present time -- Includes the 5 "Solas" --- and drowns us all in the "Blood of Christ" ---

  (4) The "New Age" Gospel of APOLLOS -- Jesus not a "God" but a Jewish High Priest -- Not "God" but leading us towards understanding the "SUN GOD" and a re-connection with Real Science and our Mortality (not Fake Immortality) ---

      Dr. Holt, now 84 years old, for 20+ years an Emergency Room doctor, is here offering the following VALUABLE MEDICAL ADVICE!