Dr. Robert Holt, MD and his companion Linda Preston watched the SOLAR ECLIPSE

of August 21, 2017

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Dr. Robert Holt, MD is a Bible Student, Minister, and Dead Sea Scroll and

Essene Scholar

    On Saturday May 13, 2017 over 50 Korean War Veterans were honored by a Hendersonville, NC Veterans Organization called "Honor Air" with a Plane trip to Washington, DC, a tour of ALL the War Memorials and a Medal bestowed by the South Korean Embassy.  Dr. Holt was one of those so honored.

PFC Robert Holt '53  Retired ER Doctor Robert Holt 2016 Korean Vet R. Holt MD

    In May of 2017 Dr. Holt was honored along with 50+ other Korean War veterans with a free airplane trip and tour of all the war memorials in Washington, DC. as a guest of "HONOR AIR".  And later, on  Memorial Day Weekend, May 26-29, 2017 Dr. Holt drove back to Washington, DC to watch and photograph the National Memorial Day Parade and watch hundreds of motorcycles roar by all day Saturday and watch a free concert in a tribute to Veterans of the Viet Nam War near the LINCOLN MEMORIAL. (The Viet Nam Memorial is quite near the Lincoln Memorial).

   On Monday August 21, 2017 Dr. Holt, together with his companion Linda Preston drove over to Brevard, in Transylvania County, NC to watch a TOTAL ECLIPSE of the Sun.  All these events were described with photos on other pages.  This page has links to other events involving the SUN throughout History. 

A Short History of Sun-Worship

    Man-kind has worshipped the Sun as a "God" as long as records have been kept.   The " Lord's Prayer" credited to Jesus Christ is really, at a hidden level, actually directed to the SUN as "Our Father in Heaven" -- Jesus was an ESSENE Messiah, and the Essenes were known to make a prayer that the Sun would rise every day at the time that the sun was due to rise!

     Flavius Jesephus, the famous Jewish historian of the late first century AD had this to say about this Essene custom in ""The Wars of the Jews" Book 2, Ch. 8, (128)

    "And as for their piety towards God, it is very extraordinary; for before sunrising they speak not a word about profane matters, but put up certain prayers which they have received from their forefathers, as if they made a supplication for its rising."

Published in 1992 by Harpur Books,  the book about the Essene Jesus Christ that explains "Gospel Pesher."

  Dr. Barbara Thiering Phd, author of the book on the left, an expert on Essene calendars

      Once Dr. Barbara Thiering PhD, a professor of Religion at the University of Sydney in Sydney, Australia, had figured out, using the clue given by Josephus (and others) about constant prayers at the Qumran Monastery that allowed these monks to predict the exact time of sunrise within several minutes.  There was always somebody praying memorized prayers that took an exact period of time to pray.  (This is what Josephus is remembering, although he is poorly stating it in the "War Chapter 2" quotation).

     This, along with the periodic 1 to 3 hour time "corrections" made by the Essenes allowed Thiering in her book to accurately reconstruct what actually happened the night of Jesus' crucifixion (and how the Cock could be described as "crowing twice" and how it came to be dark while Jesus was on the cross being crucified.  (Like during a "Total Eclipse of the Sun") 

    Mark 14:29 "But Peter said unto him, Although all shall be offended, yet will not I.     30 "And Jesus saith unto him, Verily I say unto thee, That this day, even in this night, before the cock crow twice, thou shalt deny me thrice."

    Thiering's book, page 239-30 "1 AM old time, 4 AM new time. Jesus is brought into the vestry (at Qumran), to the judgment section in in the north near the fire.  He turns west to face Annas on the raised western platform. Caiaphas is just south of Annas in line with cubit 2 (Jn. 18:12-14, Mk. 14:53, Lk. 22:54 Mt. 26:57).  Peter is admitted to the vestry. (Jn. 18:1-16, Mk 14:54, Lk 22:54, Mt 26:58) Peter is standing on the same E-W line, but below the fire on the east on the east of the center.  He is acting (making the required timed prayer the Essenes used to "keep time" all night) on the fast times,and stands to pray at the position of the 4 AM prayer.  The female doorkeeper in the passage way bet ween the north and south doors is on the east.  Peter has a choice whether to turn east or west for his prayer.  He turns east (Mt 26:70 emprosthen) so he can talk with the woman, but turns his back to Jesus, thus denying Jesus' westernized doctrine."

    The cock crowed twice because it was two different times (1 AM and 4 AM due to the time adjustment) and although Peter's prayer was only one hour long, he had several opportunities NOT to pray with his back to Jesus, and didn't realize until afterwards what he had done symbolically.

     The "cursing and swearing" of one account is NOT as we suppose ordinary profanity, but refers to the CURSE of non-Essenes which is a required part of the ritual as recorded in 1QS "Community Rule".

       Mark 15:25 "And it was the third hour, and they crucified him."    33 "And when the sixth hour was come, there was darkness over the whole land until the ninth hour."

     Thiering's book, page 241 "9 AM old time, noon new time -- The crosses are erected in the unclean area near the unstepped cistern (at the Qumran Monastery).(Jn 19:23-24, Mk 15:25-27, Lk 23:33-38, Mt 27:36-38).It is time for the adjustment of hours. As true 9 AM but fast noon the half-roof in the vestry is left over instead of being opened, leading to a "three hours' darkness"  John Mark's party do not make the adjustment as they use 15a (a different calendar) for unleavened bread (feast)

   noon end of adjustment

   3 PM (new fast time) After 6 hours on the cross, Jesus is in intolerable pain. He cries out, both asking for poison, and reproaching Jonathan (My God, my God, why have you forsaken me?) for his treachery.

   The snake poison (vinegar) is brought, Jesus drinks it and loses consciousness. (Jn 19:28-30, Mk 15:34-37, Lk 23:46-47, Mt 27:46-51)  

    At the Eclipse of the Sun

that Linda Preston and I watched

on August 21, 2017

     For a few moments there appeared to me (Dr. Holt) to be TWO SUNS, the thin slivver of a sun you see here on the left, and below it a LARGER more brilliant SUN!

Saturday Oct. 13, 1917

    For a much more famous apparent occurrence of TWO SUNS being seen in the SKY at the same time  let's revisit the "MIRACLE of the SUN" at Fatima, Portugal -- watched by an estimated 50,000 to 70,000 people at the same time!

      It was a rainy day, and most of the people watching got very wet, those that didn't bring umbrellas especially so.

    All these people showed up at this particular day in this field near Fatima, Portugal because they were promised a MIRACLE by an apparition of the Virgin Mary which apparition asked the three Shepherd Children to ask the people to come, and they would not be disappointed.

      Cameras were common by 1917, and quite a few pictures of the crowd are available, but no pictures or movies of what was supposedly the SUN doing what thousands of people saw it doing -- although not everyone saw, or remembered seeing exactly the same thing.  However, if one labels this experience mass hypnosis, it must be the largest well-documented case of mass group hypnosis ever recorded in modern times.

      Obviously the actual SUN was not "doing cartwheels" or "diving down towards the crowd", nor turning all sorts of colors, as many described.  And since no one reported temporary blindness afterwards, nor "burned retinas" as would happen looking at the REAL SUN without special glasses (which nobody there had) -- we'll have to speculate on what really happened.  INTERESTING FACT, well documented.  Everyone's clothes, soaking wet before the "miracle" were now completely dry afterwards!

    The EFFECT of this "miracle" (by whatever means it was accomplished, and by whoever was able to make it happen) was to draw a lot of attention worldwide to the MESSAGES given to everyone who would listen by the three Catholic Portuguese children -- and to the Roman Catholic Church.  Which church built a very large cathedral dedicated to "Our Lady of Fatima".  But this same church suppressed one of these messages up to the present time for reasons we can only speculate on.


     Dr. Holt has applied Dr. Barbara Thiering's "Gospel Pesher" techniques to Jesus Christ's prophecies found in Matthew chapter 24, and sees "TWO SUNS" in the following verses.

Dr. Thiering's ESSENE Jesus

Dr. Barbara Thiering

My interp. Matt 24

   Matthew 24:29 "Immediately after the TRIBULATION of those days (World War 11 and the Jewish Holocaust) shall the SUN be darkened (As I witnessed on Aug. 21, 2017, there will apparently be "TWO SUNS" momentarily -- the "SECOND SUN" --  or alternately "TWO SUNS" being two atomic explosions over Hiroshima and Nagasaki in Japan)

The "Enola Gay" was the B29 bomber that dropped the A bomb on Hiroshima, Japan This mushroom-shaped cloud appeared afterwards, but before that  appeared a second SUN!

August 6, 1945

at 8:16 AM Hiroshima Time

bomb named "Little Boy"

August 9, 1945

at 10:58 Nagasaki Time

bomb named "Fat Man"

The ESSENES in their day were famed throughout the Roman Empire for their ACCURATE PROPHECIES, and none of them became more famous than JESUS CHRIST!


An ESSENE interpretation by Dr. Bob Holt MD


Although the PRIMARY MEANING here is the Essene "High Priest" a major secondary meaning is the SUN.  As indicated by Josephus in "WARS of the Jews."


Again the PRIMARY MEANING is the Qumran Monastery, the secondary meaning is the SUN in the sky!


The Essene "High Priest" was expected to live a holy life, keep all the RULES.  Those who ignore the "RULES" of Nature and the SUN may pay with a "Death Penalty" at any time!


The Essenes considered their CULT to be the "Kingdom of Light" in constant warfare with the "Kingdom of Darkness."


Barbara Thiering shows that Jesus' prayer in the Garden of Gethsemane was directed to Jonathan Annas, his Essene "Father" -- however, the SUN'S WILL is always done!


The major beneficiary of the SUN'S light, heat, and energy in our SOLAR SYSTEM is this earth, --Our world (we suppose).


However, without the intense power of the GRAVITY of the SUN, which keeps the other planets where they belong, we wouldn't still be here, would we?


GRAVITY is nice, and without it we might float off and freeze, but what grows our FOOD is sunlight, and energy!


Here the important word is "Daily".  It's our weakness we must EAT every day, not just once in a while.  The Essene "High Priest" insures this for his followers.


Here your credibility might be strained, it's hard to see any "forgiveness" from Nature and the SUN -- but in the larger picture we see a great diversity of LIFE, -- even the timid and weak survive - if they obey the LAWS for their species.


    The Essenes were trained in existing Jewish laws to be friendly to the Environment, (allowing the land to "rest" on Sabbatical years and Jubilees) and they added their own new practices of water-conserving desert agriculture. Now in recent years we're back to realizing how much we are "trespassing" against Mother Nature (and the SUN) once more.




     The primary meaning here is Essenes were to forgive (help out and get along with) other Essenes who kept and abided by the requirements in 1QS the "Manual of Discipline" -- However, back now to Mother Nature and "Father" SUN, they have set up automatic "Laws" that take care of things pretty well, so long as we (mankind) do our part.  We should not, for example, be killing each other over trivial petty religious preferences and unproven or ridiculous assumptions.



      Up until the time of the Essenes, the Jews believed that God (Yahweh) was responsible for all things that happened to Jews, both GOOD and BAD.  The Essenes, however, adopted and promoted the idea that Satan or Beelzebub could be blamed for all DARKNESS or EVIL (with Yahweh's permission, of course) (CF the book of "JOB") However, in the "Lord's Prayer" we're back to the recognition that "Mother Nature" and "Father" SUN allow things we don't like to happen -- it's our responsibility to make the proper choices.


    How "Mother Nature" and "Father" SUN deliver us from Evil is to send or allow to be born the proper teachers, prophets, priests and Yes, MESSIAHS (such as Jesus Christ) to point otherwise troublesome humans in the right direction.  The Essenes of Jesus' time saw Jonathan Annas, the "High Priest' of the "Priestly Essenes and monks in the Monastery" as being the responsible "Father", but since then, to the rest of us, JESUS CHRIST (the Lesser SUN GOD) fills that role. Except to Roman Catholics, who trust Mother Mary ("Mother of God") to be more compassionate in this role.


     "Thine" here refers ultimately to the SUN, or to Jews possibly Yahweh, -- to Muslims, "Allah", to Christians JESUS CHRIST, and to Hindus perhaps Lord Shiva -- and the Kingdom is defined by their worshippers.


      The ultimate Power in our Solar System seems to reside in the Atom, as we discovered on August 6 and 9 of 1945, but for practical purposes, the SUN dispenses it.


Other things besides the SUN can indeed be "GLORIOUS". However, without our SUN, we humans would not be around to know that, or appreciate this "GLORY".


Only a few BILLIONS of YEARS, but certainly for us humans, the term "FOREVER" is an adequate description.


    On Sabbath morning, September 2, 2017, Pastor Patrick Williams of the Asheville NC "Foster Memorial SDA Church" spoke about APOLLOS, the fellow Apostle of Christ who "competed" with the Apostle Paul in Patrick's "contest" for the "Greatest Apostle".

    Dr. Bob Holt's explanation of WHY APOLLOS wins this designation -- but with no authorization from Patrick to do so, and quite likely no AGREEMENT nor SUPPORT from Patrick Williams for anything Dr. Bob Holt has to say on this subject! (And most other subjects also!)

     The HIDDEN "Beloved Disciple's" (John Mark - Eutychus- Bartholomew) presentation of Jesus Christ as the Egyptian SUN GOD "Horus" in John 3:16-17.

    The Woman of Samaria of John chapter 4 as the HIDDEN "Isis" of Egyptian and Roman Theology, and Jesus' offer to impregnate her with his "Golden Penis" --

    Martha (Sister of Mary Magdalene and "Sister" of Lazarus) in John chapter 11, is again the "Isis" of Egyptian and Roman Theology.  Offered "Eternal Life" by the "Sun God" Jesus, the Essene Messiah. ("Isis" didn't need it for herself.  She, as a "Goddess" already possessed it -- since chapter 4).

   Martha (Sister of Mary Magdalene and Lazarus) in John chapter 11, is also the "Woman of Samaria" of John chapter 4, and all three, Mary, Martha, and Lazarus are Gnostics - the type of religion that Peter and Paul started to "bury" while they were still alive, but the suppression was not complete until after the reign of Constantine.

    The supposed CONVERSION of Saul of Tarsus at the Essene monastery near Damascus (the "Road to Damascus") using "Total Eclipse of the SUN" imagery and "Gospel Pesher" double meanings.

    The Roman CULT of Mithras in TARSUS, Paul's birthplace, and how Paul "adapted" this CULT's beliefs and Pagan practices to his ("Paul's) Gospel -- for 2000 years one of this world's most successful DELUSIONS!

    FOUR GOSPELS you probably didn't know about (NOT Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John).  Instead:

   (1) The ESSENE Gospel of Jesus Christ (and of the first 44 years of the Seventh-day Adventist Church).  A Gospel not of "Faith" but of "Good Works".    Includes an understanding of the ESSENE "Millennial Week" -- Keep the Seventh Day holy and eat a Vegetarian Diet.

   (2) The Trinitarian Gospel of PETER the Fisherman and the Roman Catholic Church (successful for 2000 years) --

the smaller "Stone" (Cephas-Peter) continued what the "Cornerstone" (Jesus the Essene Messiah) began-- Using his "Keys to the Kingdom" -- Heaven, Hell, and Purgatory.

   (3) The (Protestant) Gospel of PAUL ("Converted" Mithraism) successful since Martin Luther's Reformation up to this present time -- Includes the 5 "Solas" --- and drowns us all in the "Blood of Christ" ---

  (4) The "New Age" Gospel of APOLLOS -- Jesus not a "God" but a Jewish High Priest -- Not "God" but leading us towards understanding the "SUN GOD" and "Mother Nature" and a re-connection with Real Science and our Mortality (not Fake Immortality) ---

      Dr. Holt, now 84 years old, for 20+ years an Emergency Room doctor, is here offering the following VALUABLE MEDICAL ADVICE!





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