The 6-Hour Christmas Story Part 2

Bryan Aalborg, pastor of the Foster Seventh-day Adventist church in Asheville, North Carolina, preached this sermon on December 11, 2010


Now to be a little bit more precise –

Here’s the schedule of events,

I had concluded --- And again, as a child, and then as a student,

Mary and Joseph arrived in Bethlehem about 6 PM in the evening

And angels lit up the sky about 7:30

The shepherds arrived about 8:30

And as they’re sipping on their last cup of hot cocoa,

They bump into the Wise Men, who arrive about 9:30

Well now the Wise Men, they visit for a while – about 45 minutes

They finally excuse themselves, and Mary and Joseph have a

Little personal time

That takes us from about 10:30 to 11,

They finally drift off to sleep about 11 to 11:30

Joseph gets the warning in a dream from the angel about 12:30

And by 5 AM they’ve saddled up the donkey and are

Clip-clopping, clip-clopping – on their way down to Egypt.

There it is – the SIX HOUR version

of the Christmas Story.

Very simple.  Very quick..

In my mind, that’s how it happened.


After all, you go to the Christmas programs December after December

And they only last from about 60 to 90 minutes ---

All of this takes place in about 60 to 90 minutes –

And if you read ALL of the records

You can do it in about 20 minutes with a question or two for discussion

If you extend it from 20 minutes to 60 to 90 minutes to about

SIX HOURS  that’s pretty realistic, is it not?

         BUT, it didn’t happen that way.

         It didn’t happen the way that we think it happened!

         Did it happen the way that you think it happened ?

         As a child, as a teenager --- growing up?

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