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LEFT, Ron Wyatt -- RIGHT, Dr. Robert Holt, MD.  In the middle, a picture of the "Garden Tomb"

     I got acquainted with Ron Wyatt back in 1988 and 1989 because of his search for the "Ark of the Covenant" which he was continuing his on-going search for in the tunnels that exist below the streets and houses and lots and cemeteries of Old Jerusalem.   His theory was that the prophet Jeremiah had managed to hide this Holy Golden Ark in one of these tunnels and walled up the tunnel and buried it so thoroughly just before the Babylonians had invaded that no one (but Ron) has ever been able to catch a glimpse of it since.    
     Ever since the Emperor Constantine's mother, now a Roman Catholic saint, the woman who became Saint Catherine, picked out a number of the Holy Sites in the 4th century AD, people have known where the Garden of Gethsemane is, near the walled city of Jerusalem, Israel, and visited it.  The first time I visited it was in 1981 as part of a tour of the Holy Land conducted by Pastor Henry Feyerabend, a Seventh-day Adventist minister and missionary from Canada.
    Saint Catherine picked the location, and her son, Emperor Constantine, authori-zed the building of the Church of the Holy Sepulcre in the walled city of Jerusalem.

      I visited there also on my tour with Pastor Henry Feyerabend.  A man from the same family has been opening the entry door to this ancient church all his working life, as did his ancestors before him.  Our own tour guide took us to every part of this church, where other guides and spokespersons recited their speeches by rote.  "Here is where Christ was crucified." "Here is where his dead body was laid out." (On a marble slab less than 1000 years old.) And--"Here is where he was buried." (For the critical, there is an alternative cave-tomb underneath the church called the "Jewish Tomb")  Nearby is where Saint Catherine, according to tradition, found the true cross of Christ, still intact after 300 years!  Making certain, of course, the location. Protestants for several centuries have become critical of all such traditional Catholic locations, although in the Middle Ages, those who doubted often lost their lives in the Inquisition.

    The British general, General Gordon, while stationed in Jerusalem, noticed an oddly shaped hill near the Damascus Gate, with a garden nearby in which was an old tomb that showed signs of being used as a chapel or church many centuries before.


   The LEFT picture above shows the hill that caught General Gordon's eye. If you look closely you'll see two dark holes in the bank just above the two parked motor vehicles which make the entire hill look quite a bit like a human skull.  The dark holes are the eye-holes of the skull.  The RIGHT picture, from farther away, shows how near this "skull hill" is to the bus station in the foreground.

    Following his 1883 discovery and promotion of this site as a more likely place of Jesus' burial -- it's now better known now as Gordon's Tomb, or the Protestant Tomb, or simply the "Garden Tomb".

     Gordon's Biblical quotation, the one that convinced him that this was the proper place, and also convinced the British "Church of England" to buy and develop this "Garden Tomb" site was the following text in the Gospel of John.

     John 19:16 "Then delivered he him therefore unto them to be crucified. And they took Jesus, and led him away."

     17 "And he bearing his cross went forth into a place called THE PLACE OF THE SKULL, which is called in the Hebrew GOLGOTHA;--"

     18 "Where they crucified him, and two other with him, on either side one, and Jesus in the midst."

     41 "Now in the place where he was crucified there was a GARDEN; and in the garden an new SEPULCRE, wherein was never man yet laid,"

     42 "There laid they Jesus therefore because of the Jews' preparation day; for the sepulcre was NIGH AT HAND."


     Ron Wyatt became convinced that General Gordon was right about his supposition that this tomb was the right one, and that Jesus Christ's body had lain for parts of three days on the bench-like shelf we see in the middle picture above.

      He also became convinced, he feels it was because an angel showed him that this was true, that Christ had been crucified at a spot in the "Garden Tomb" where there was a vertical wall and indentations where a sign could be posted, that Jesus' cross (and two others) had once been placed into a hole in the ground.  A hole that he believed he could trace down to a crack in the rock and gravel fill.

    Back now to where I myself became a part of this picture.  As I mentioned in the beginning, I got acquainted with Ron Wyatt back in 1988 and 1989 because of his search for the "Ark of the Covenant" which he was continuing his on-going search for in the tunnels that exist below the streets and houses and lots and cemeteries of Old Jerusalem.   His theory was that the prophet Jeremiah had managed to hide this Holy Golden Ark in one of these tunnels and walled up the tunnel and buried it so thoroughly just before the Babylonians had invaded that no one (but Ron) has ever been able to catch a glimpse of it since.

     By the time that I joined Ron Wyatt in October of 1989 at his archaeological site not far from the Damascus Gate in Jerusalem, Israel, the hole in the ground surrounded by a wooden box with a hatch-cover you see here on the right had been surrounded by gravel fill and disguised as a garden area.  A set of stairs led down from a nearby walk on which thousands of tourists pass daily on visits to the "Garden Tomb" where a great number of Protestants believe that Jesus Christ was temporarily buried after his crucifixion.  We blocked entry to this area by tourists while we were working, -- Ron Wyatt, myself Dr. Robert Holt, and another worker,  John Osborn, by hanging a sheet with a sign denying admittance to others not involved with our excavation.  I'll devote some of the pages linked to the table below to our encounter with some angels we met on this same trip to Jerusalem in 1989, and to a visit from someone we called the "Man in White" that Ron and I agreed later may have been Jesus Christ himself -- perhaps in disguise. Other links will be to the story of the "Mount Sinai" Ron Wyatt found in Saudia Arabia, and my own visit to Sarabit al Khadim in the Sinai Desert in Egypt.

     Below is a picture of me underground at Ron Wyatt's "dig" near the "Garden Tomb".  We did not accomplish our goal of chopping a hole deep underground directly over where Ron claimed to have earlier viewed through a medical instrument what he believed until he died was the "Ark of the Covenant" and other articles that were in Moses' original tent sanctuary for Yahweh in the wilderness. I am on the left (white beard, black hat and overall-suit).  On right is tangle of electrical cords and an electric hammer-rock-drill.  Poor light conditions.

     Another view, this time with a better light and camera, of what those who Ron Wyatt took into his confidence could actually see in his over 5 years of attempts to excavate and raise the "Golden Ark" and the "Tables of Stone" that he felt that it contained to the surface.  He kept his activities as secret as possible, realizing that if he was correct, this discovery could bring about significant, perhaps "world shaking" changes and consequences.  And perhaps make him a target for terrorists.


October 12, 1989

      The day began as usual with our breakfast at the "Jerusalem Hotel" not far from the Damascus Gate and the Bus Station next to the "Garden Tomb".  Randy Osborne was now down below still running the rented electric hammer drill, headed, we all hoped, towards the hidden cave or cistern carved in the rock below us, deep below this part of Jerusalem outside the wall.

       I was taking a lunch break in an area where no one could see me as shown in the diagrammatic drawing below.  With my lunch I was drinking Coca Cola because that's how Ron Wyatt kept from catching traveler's diarrhea from eating the local salad vegetables in the Falafels we generally had at least once a day.  At the top of the stairs was our usual "Do not enter sign." On the other side of the sign stood Ron Wyatt interacting with the walkway full of tourists walking past.


     Up walked this friendly fellow wearing a white flowing robe such as is common in many Asian and Near East countries, but not in the United States unless that person is role-playing.  This person struck up a conversation with Ron, and I, only a few feet away, as shown above, heard both sides of the conversation.  What struck me was the change in Ron Wyatt's voice as he answered this person back.  Then Ron invited this person to come with us to our hotel room -- which Ron Wyatt never does, because, as I noted, he tried to keep his "Searching for the Ark of the Covenant" secretive.   Immediately afterwards Ron came down and discussed his encounter with me and said, "I believe I've been talking with another Angel."  Ron's "Angels" have always appeared as normal human beings,  Never has he described to me an encounter with a semi-transparent angel with wings such as one sees in the Bible and religious books.

      Were this an isolated experience, and nothing else of note happened on this October 1989 Jerusalem excavation endeavor, and were we not striving to accomplish something of such religious importance as recovering the Golden Ark of the Covenant after its absence of about 3000 years, one might be tempted to downgrade this to normal human civility and curiosity.  But the situation being as it was, Ron a little later assumed he had been talking, not to just an ordinary angel, but to Jesus himself.  As an Adventist, he had seen many pictures of a present Jesus, looking entirely human.  And interacting with other human beings such as Ron Wyatt and I.  So we finally assumed this had been the case about noon at the Garden Tomb in Jerusalem on October 12, 1989.

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