Dr. Robert Flewelling Holt, MD, MPH is a retired Emergency Room physician who has


A lifetime Bible Scholar, 25+ year practicing doctor of medicine, graduate of Columbia Union College [1967] BA degree in Biology, Chemistry, and Behavioral Science, and graduate of Loma Linda University School of Medicine and School of Health [1971].


     Dr. Bob Holt's interest in the 2016 Presidential ELECTION  became personal and local when Dr. Ben Carson showed up at the Asheville, NC Agricultural Center across from the airport to give a political speech at a fund-raiser for Mark Meadows. 

    This interest continued as he attended many more speeches and events locally, mostly in Greenville, SC and nearby. His biggest effort was to drive out to the IOWA CAUCUS, after which Dr. Ben Carson dropped out to throw his support behind Donald Trump.  Here's the Republican line-up at that time.

     Dr. Bob Holt is an expert in both the New Testament "Gospel Pesher" made accessible by Dr. Barbara Thiering PhD in 1992, and utilizes the Bible Computer Codes made famous by Michael Drosnin in 1997.

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will be about ELS Bible Codes

about Donald Trump's Election--

      Dr. Holt subscribes to Zecharia Sitchin's views, based on the ancient Sumerian cylinder seal pictures and cuneiform writings, that we are not alone, that time/space travel is real, and that we are children of the "gods" of ancient Sumer.

Zechariah Sitchin


In 1997 Jerusalem

Dr. Holt claims to have met the time-traveling Jesus in December of 1997, who drew a portrait of Dr. Holt shown here on your left. He tells on this web site  the story of Jesus showing up as a Cartoonist in a small shop in the Old Walled City of Jerusalem in Israel.

   Dr. Holt back in the 1990's  looked up a great number of ELS Bible Codes using software from near Tel Aviv, Israel -- a picture of which I have shown in the introduction to these web pages.

    Using this same software Dr. Holt was able to find Donald Trump's name in ELS (Equidistant Letter Spacing) in 5 hidden codes in Jeremiah chapter 4.

    Which was enough to satisfy him in September and October of 2016 that indeed the type of search he was using back in the 1990's does support the prophecy he made on 9-11-2016.

     Most users of Bible Code software today, 20-25 years later, want to see more specific results using PATTERN findings in a relatively limited text area, with multiple words indicated, not just "Trump" or "D, Trump" and / or Hillary Clinton, but also other words in ELS or even plain text that give them more of a clue about what will happen, or in this case, has happened.   Dr. Holt also has more modern software of this type which he also uses.

    Now I did not find the large cluster of ELS codes that can be found in Numbers chapters 26 through 30 that seem to relate to the Presidential Contest between Donald Trump and Hillary Rodham (Clinton), and indeed the original finder of these two names in this area of the Old Testament found only a small portion of the words and concepts now available from repeated searches of the same area.

     This is how this "block" of text now looks with each major word or phrase marked differently.  Which is the type of result "pattern" Bible Code researchers hope to find, and which gives them more confidence in whatever "prophecy" they choose to infer from all these findings.

    I got both the above pattern and the list of marked words and phrases from the INTERNET, and of course can take NO CREDIT for either finding them or to what degree they are "interpreted" to assure my readers of the legitimacy of this interpretation.  What I will do, now that the ELECTION is past, is tell my readers what I, with the 20/20 vision of hindsight, believe to be what really happened, and ASSUME, as usual, that whoever or whatever is responsible for Bible Codes of this type -- did indeed know that MY INTERPRETATION was the one that would be what happened (since indeed it DID HAPPEN)!

     For those who will find the photographed list not easy to read -- Here it is in larger, more clear, type.

     D. Trump (literal)     Numbers 26:64

    poison                       Numbers 27:12

    Lucifer                       Numbers 27:12

    Lilith or screech owl    Num. 27:17

    Cain                           Numbers 27:21

    slay, murder             Numbers 28:3

    poison                       Numbers 28:3

    to curse                     Numbers 28:5

    subvert                      Numbers 28:8

    H. Rodham                Numbers 28:17

    watcher(s)                Numbers 28:17

    Use Witchcraft         Numbers 28:22

    satyr or devil            Numbers 28:23

    evil plan or device   Numbers 29:1

    missile or bullet       Numbers 29:11

    5776   2015-2016      Numbers 29:12

    murder                       Numbers 30:10


    The person displaying this enlarged ELS Bible Codes pattern and the list I have just shown you, being a believer in a great number of "Conspiracy Theories" constantly displayed on the INTERNET, assumed that this large list of provocative and almost uniformly evil terms and phrases indicated that Hillary Rodham Clinton would literally succeed in poisoning Donald Trump by some sort of poison missile, perhaps involving ice and poison of a sort that would be un-detectable later.

      What this person neglected to consider was SYMBOLISM, the use of "double meanings" by the Essenes of Jesus' day, and that Donald Trump might survive Hillary's wicked "attack" (verbal not mechanical) and go on to win the presidency.  Also, as in all such pattern codes, it's difficult or impossible to determine from the code itself, given two combatants, which will "die" and which will survive.  It's assumed that Hillary Rodham (Clinton) won all three of these final debates --- but -- Donald Trump WON the ELECTION, while Hillary was (symbolically) murdered.    

Although I believed at the time that I made this prophecy in front of a church-full of people in Hendersonville, NC that I was inspired by God and His Holy Spirit to do so, it helps that others also were inspired to make the same prophecy.

And that there are ELS Bible Codes that for 2 or 3 thousand years  seem to be talking about this same 2016 Election.  However, we've seen from this very popular ELS code, that it was impossible to really be certain of the outcome!