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How Noah's Ark was

built in only 7 DAYS!

How Noah's Reed Ark was Built

Dr. Robert Holt, MD, visited David Fasold in 1990 at his California home,

and toured Dogubayzit and the Nu-un Gamisi museum with him.

One of the many things they discussed repeatedly was how the Ark was built.

Bundles of reeds, the long cylinders shown here as (2) to keep things simple, were laid on the top of many long strips of rope crosswise to the bundles of reeds. Here three men are scurrying about.

Here we see that the bundles are not uniform, but thicker in the center than at the ends. The smaller diameter ends are tied together with ropes, and the ropes allow for a wide separation in the middle, yet wrap the reeds together.

   This relatively simple construction was built up in layers on the sides of the boat or raft, with the ends of the ropes wrapped around each successive layer of bundled reeds, and the smaller ends twisted up to make these ends higher than the rest of the boat or raft. Wooden braces were used to achieve the proper curvature, and to keep the boat, usually built on a sloping hill, from sliding into the water prematurely from its own weight, and the weight of the added cargo. Often the structure was begun in a hollow depression, but if a very big, heavy boat was planned, rollers were added underneath to facilitate movement.

 Finally, in the case of Nu-un Gamisi [Noah's Big Boat], cages for animals were built up two stories higher than the lower deck and water line. Wooden trusses and ropes held everything together.  


 Such a boat built of reeds would usually have a sail or sails to push it along by the wind, and some type of rudder or long oar to steer it. But in Noah's case, a hurricane and tidal wave were expected, so no sail, no rudder.

I'm suggesting that Lord Ea's submarine [bullet shaped] was enclosed to push the raft along


 On the bottom, a layer of waterproof cement [GPR or KPR] which contained tar [bitumen], and on the top some type of waterproof plastic sheeting [from Lord Ea's shop, he was the "scientist" of the Anunnaki]. Roped down like the rest of the structure, to keep the wind from tearing it to pieces.

With the metal submarine inside, winches were needed to restrain the craft from launching prematurely.

Berossus, [3d century BC] writes this happened on a May 15th. Berossus was a Babylonian priest of Marduk quoted widely by many authors including Eusebius of Caesarea [Christian].

And so it was that Noah, a great King and Priest, not an unsuccessful "preacher" for 120 years, had this boat built and floating in only SEVEN DAYS…The deadline set by Lord Ea!


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