Abraham of Sumer


After the Big Boat of Noah [Nu.un Gamisi]beached on Mount Nisir [Mount of Salvation] near Dogubayzit in Eastern Turkey {Armenia] actually many thousands of years passed.

 It took that long for the flood waters to go down as the ice on the mountaintops and in Greenland and the Antarctic to build up once more.

Meanwhile "Noah's" descendents were populating the earth once more. Especially so in Sumer. 

The historical Abram or Abraham was indeed a "Friend of God". His Sumerian name was IB.RU.UM, and he was a general, not a literal shepherd in charge of sheep and goats. ...In ancient Sumer one could be called a "Shepherd" if one's position allowed them to "shepherd" large groups of people, as well as animals........... On the left I have labelled this picture of an unknown Sumerian gentleman or official with Abraham's name, because this is how Abraham would have looked when dressed up.

The picture on the right is taken from a Sumerian or Assyrian cylinder picture seal.... These carved rock cylinders were rolled on wet clay and the clay baked into a brick-like document. ..The picture is that of the great victory of "General" IB.RU.UM over some rebellious Sumerian kings. ..As in Genesis ch. 14.

Here I have enlarged the part of the picture seal picture to show General IB.RU.UM (Abraham) kneeling on a horse's back in the victory celebration. I have colored him orange and his crown yellow. ..The goddess (horns and light blue dress) is the Sumerian goddess of the Sinai (later Hathor). Behind them is an Astronaut with uniform and space helmet.. The picture also includes a three-stage rocket space-craft!

Later Hebrew scribes no doubt had this Sumerian record, and perhaps the picture because they have accurately described the battle, the kings involved, and Abraham's victory, in Genesis 14.

However, they have suppressed or left out of the Hebrew Bible records that Abraham was a great general still working for the Elohim (divine beings) and that these divine beings had astronauts and spacecraft.

This is because they wished to portray Abraham as a wandering shepherd and the father of Isaac, who would be the father of Jacob, who would be renamed "Israel" and become the father of the Jews.

The editing is more severe than just "leaving out information" however, for we shall discover that "Isaac" in all likelihood is pure fiction, a mythical character who never really existed!

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On our next page I will show that a little simple arithmetic shows us the improbability of Isaac's near sacrifice on Mount Moriah, and that only first-born sons ever "belonged" to Allah!