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Devious Religious Poetry





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Twas the night before Sunday Law, when all through the sect
Not a creature was stirring among the elect
The tithe envelopes were placed near the chimney with care
Because withholding the tithe, well, no one would dare!


      First to be derided in this paraphrase of "Twas the night before Christmas" is that TIME IS SHORT before something needs to be done as the world as we know it comes to an END.  The urgency preached by William Miller and then Seventh-day Adventists after  October 22, 1844, has not just "gone away" however.   Now everyone is preaching it, Economists, Scientists, Environmentalists, and as always, most Religionists!  William Miller was, however, a Sunday-keeper.

     So the NEXT thing derided is a "NATIONAL SUNDAY LAW", which makes this paraphrase of "Twas the Night before Christmas" much more specific for ELLEN G. WHITE and her visions and dreams.  It was the youthful Ellen who first saw the possibility of a "NATIONAL SUNDAY LAW" in one of these visions or dreams.

    In 1889, A.T. Jones spoke before a United States Congressional subcommittee; the topic of discussion was the “Breckinridge Bill” which proposed the compulsion of Sunday observance in the Washington, D.C. environs. Jones’s testimony helped to defeat this bill, and Jones became known for his abilities in defense of and knowledge regarding freedom of religion. The Sentinel pictures above was later named Sentinel of Liberty, then later Liberty magazine.


    It is partly because Alonzo T. Jones, whose picture you see here on the left, believed that Ellen's "prophecy" of a National Sunday Law would indeed become a reality, that he gave a great defense of Religious Liberty before the US Senate in 1889. And what is shown below never became a US national law! 

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