Seventh-day Adventists 

owe their unique set of Beliefs and Practices largely to a 19th century woman named Ellen G. White.

is the name of magazine published by Seventh-day Adventists, many of them highly educated, who believe it is time to move beyond the 19th century and question some of these beliefs and practices, and indeed if it is deemed necessary improve on them. On their web page is a BLOG, a modern web-site feature that allows write-in comments from viewers, and if deemed thought-provoking and appropriate, SPECTRUM publishes some of them and elicits comments from viewers.

     Although I, Dr. Robert F. Holt, MD, am not connected with SPECTRUM magazine, SPECTRUM web site,  SPECTRUM's blog, or Adventist Forum in any way, I have decided to publish on this web site, HEALTHARK.COM edited parts of some of these BLOG submissions that I have read on SPECTRUM's blog.  Giving credit, of course, to where I found these articles and comments, to the same extent to which they are identified on that web site.   The choice of what I choose to emphasize by repeating these things, and not to emphasize by leaving out certain parts, will be mine, this being as it is at the present time a free country where freedom of speech and religious belief is guaranteed by the Constitution and its amendments.


   Satan Claus: On the night before Sunday law ---

The Marital Separation of James and Ellen White

How Some Adventist Officials End Debate in Meetings

Volume Overload in Following EGW Counsels

Ordained by God but not by GC President

Why All Adventist Books Say the Same Thing

Dr. Robert Flewelling Holt, MD, MPH is a retired Emergency Room physician who has

A lifetime Bible Scholar, 25+ year practicing doctor of medicine, graduate of Columbia Union College [1967] BA degree in Biology, Chemistry, and Behavioral Science, and graduate of Loma Linda University School of Medicine and School of Health [1971].

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