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The Portrait of the "Arrogant Judge"

(More Details)

Which was done in the walled city of Jerusalem on December 12, 1997

Here we'll assume you've looked at "encounter 1"

and want to see some more enhanced details



 By merely smudg-

ing out the upside-

down wrecked ship

=Clinton's Rapture!


The "organization" of the picture is that of a

page that came out in the SUN Tabloid of

July 18, 2000 (2 1/2 years after this picture

was drawn in Jerusalem) with a cross to the

right and a pope in the middle!




This "organization" or sequence also illustrates

the history revealed in that July 18, 2000 SUN

Tabloid Articleof Pope Pius XII's vision or

dream (that was real) of 1956 which you can

browse at http:setdat5.htm and http:setdat6.htm

The distinctive pointed hat worn by the pope behind my eyeglass on the right extends up across my forehead (he's kissing my nose!)

The pope in the "Arrogant Judge" picture is

not Pius XII, but pope John Paul II, who often

wears such a hat and poses in this fashion as

we see in the picture at the right. ...He was

the pope in 1999 - 2000 when the door to the

New Age opened (by my ear) to your left as

you view this picture.

Look behind the other lens and add color and a few more lines.."novus ordo seclorum"!

A 13 step pyramid with an "all-seeing-eye" at

the top was placed on our dollar bill by the

Masonic influences in Congress...the Latin

"novus ordo seclorum" means a new secular

order (free of Catholic influence) or in common

speech....a "New World Order".

To be sure there was very little Catholic influence on the American Congress in 1776, but a lot more in 2000. ...However, it's the pope's influence on Protestants that counts... As the "Champion" of religious orthodoxy, the apponent of all types of birth-control, but especially abortion, and outspoken against death sentences even for mass murderers, the papacy hopes to rule the New Millennium as it has the past two millenniums. ...By offering ETERNAL LIFE to believers and ETERNAL HELL FIRE to all who waver even a little bit from Dogma!

How will the ultra-Orthodox "explain" how and

why an unknown cartoon artist in Jerusalem

drew all these prophetic and meaningful things

into a supposed "portrait" of someone he never

met before and knew nothing about?

1) These things are a figment of our imaginations,

yours and mine! ...or

2) It's all a coincidence or series of coincidences! or

3) It's the definite work of Satan, who is almost all-

powerful, can be anywhere, do anything, and

thereby steal our soul, yours and mine!

4) If God or Jesus would have had anything to do with

it, He would have told their minister or priest!

For evidence God and Jesus DID tell them:Click Here!




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