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A first century and later religious group with certain defined beliefs and practices.


First century and later religious groups suppressed by the Christian church.

Qumran Essene Scribes


The Essene-Gnostic Fellowship

Asheville, Fletcher, Hendersonville, N. Carolina

and the whole World Wide Web of the Internet!

 ...One of the characteristics the ESSENES and the GNOSTICS shared, was the habit of keeping their most important ideas, their beliefs and "doctrines" SECRET.

...We won't be doing this either in our DISCUSSION GROUP or on this WEB SITE. ..The time has come to shout these ideas and doctines from the housetops!

....The Christian "off-shoot" of the ESSENES has forced down the throats of the whole Roman Empire after Constantine arranged for a Paganized Version of ESSENISM that was agreed on by the bishops that met at Nicea in France and Constaninople in Turkey. ...Constantine himself decreed that the first of these councils be held, and what was to be decided. ...The only one who voted his beliefs was Bishop Arias, who represented at that time the area where the Jews and Jesus and the Twelve Apostles actually lived. ...For refusing to be "politically correct" he was stripped of all authority and banished to Africa. .....Constantine himself and many of his descendents did not believe what was decided to be the dogma of the new "Christian World." ...This took another 200 years to define.

....This WEB SITE and this DISCUSSION GROUP will allow the ideas and beliefs once held by the ESSENES and in a much more wide-spread way by the GNOSTIC Sects and Religions to again be heard and discussed. ...One of the arguments that will NOT BE ALLOWED is ---"You can't say that because the "Christian Church" (or substitute "My Church") does not teach that!' -- Lacking that option you may offer other reasons for your belief or lack of belief in those subjects we will discuss....A major GNOSTIC BELIEF is that everybody with a MIND is required by the Divine Spirit or Spirits to use it, and to defend whatever TRUTH "Spirit" has shown you! ...Since anyone who really reads the Bible knows it contains apparent contradictions, and represents ideas that even the later authors of the Bible found unacceptable -- quoting the Bible alone as your authority WILL NOT be the end of any debate -- but perhaps a starting point. ... The same is true of any other so-call "Authority", past or present. ... Now for SOME of the SUBJECTS represented by the colorful display above.


Who were the ESSENES, and what is their relationship to Christianity?

Was Jesus an ESSENE? Was the Apostle Paul an Essene? Was Peter?

Why won't your minister discuss or preach on the ESSENES?

Was John the Baptist an ESSENE? Was he really Jesus' friend and disciple?

Which of the Twelve Apostles were Essenes? And which were NOT?

Did Jesus EVER "break" the Essene ("Jewish") Sabbath?

The Essenes were Vegetarians---Was Jesus a Vegetarian?

Where was Jesus the rest of those 30+ years not in the Gospels?

What about "Gospel Pesher" -- Did Jesus know how to use it?

(Starting now with the "Jesus-7th Day" icon and going counter-clockwise)

The ESSENE "Millennial Week" Prophecy -- Did Jesus know it?

Was Jesus ever an ESSENE "High Priest"? If not, why did he mimic one?

Who "invented" communion or the "Mass", the Essenes or Jesus?

The TEN COMMANDMENTS, did Jesus keep them? Should we?

Why do so many Virgin Mary images cry? Sometimes with real blood!

Why so much emphasis on the "End of the Age"? Who's behind this?


Who were the GNOSTICS, and why did the Christians suppress them?

Was Jesus himself ever a GNOSTIC? Was Mary Magdalene? Or John?

Which, if any, of the TWELVE APOSTLES were GNOSTIC?

What was the relationship of Simon Magus, the famous GNOSTIC to Jesus?

Why did Thomas preach a GNOSTIC religion to India and the Far East?

Are there still major GNOSTIC sects and religions today?

(Starting now with the Virgin Mary with children statuette going now clockwise)

Mary here is symbolic of "wisdom", Sophia, or Barbelo, Gnostic goddess.

The dove is symbolic of the "Holy Spirit" which speaks directly to Gnostics

When filled with the Holy Spirit, GNOSTICS experience ecstasy.

ESSENES and GNOSTICS practiced Angelology, banned by the Church.

My portrait, done in December 1997 by Jesus Christ. What it means.

Lastly, the resurrected Jesus. What a living Jesus Christ means today.

On Nov. 6, 2010, following discussions in a separate classroom in a Baptist church near East Asheville that ranged far from Baptist orthodoxy, three people met at a home in East Asheville to discuss Essene and Gnostic themes. Thus began this series of meetings and web page.

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