Recent developments in Bible Codes and their correct interpretation and application allow the wise and logical among us to realize that what is called "clouds" in the Old and New Testament Bible were often UFOs ["Flying Saucers"}.

Dr. Robert F. Holt, md, for 20+ years a Family Practice Doctor and Emergency Room Physician, visited the real remains of Noah's Ark in Dogubayazit, Eastern Turkey, in 1990 with Dave Fasold, "Arkologist".

Dave Fasold explained, like recent replicas such as the Ra boat pictured here, Noah's ark was built of REEDS

However, it was a very large reed raft with a cement [GPR] coating to give it stability and durability. Over 500 feet long to hold all those animals!

....Further study by Dr. Holt after 1990 convinced him the word-wide FLOOD was about 11,000 years ago, coinciding with the melting of an Ice Age.

/.One of the Sumerian ELOHIM ["gods"] provided Noah with the information needed to survive this particular FLOOD. ...Noah [Utnapishtim] sold everything he owned in order to build this ARK!

....Dr. Holt has an MPH degree in "Health Education" besides being a practicing Medical Doctor, so after he learned a lot about the ESSENES, and the "Bible Codes" they "invented" with the help of Dr. Barbara Thiering's 1992 book, he became the web-master in March, 1999 of

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