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What Gospel Pesher reveals about the Crucifixion!

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Those who Eat the BODY of CHRIST and drink his

 BLOOD -- CRUCIFY the Son of God AFRESH!

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What Gospel Pesher reveals about the Crucifixion!

The Real Easter Story!


     For over 1700 years readers of the 4 Gospels preserved by Eusebius and Constantine around 325 AD (the Council of Nicea) have read the story of the life, death, and supposed "resurrection from the dead" of an itinerant teacher and preacher from Galilee named Yeshua.  Arrested supposedly for claiming to be the "Son of God" and predicting that Herod's temple would be destroyed, he was crucified in spite of his radical claim that if these Jewish "Chief Priests and Scribes" allowed him to be crucified by the Romans, he'd be back from the dead to torment them "in three days".  

      Constantine, wishing to make Christianity the state religion of the Roman Empire, put great pressure on the Christian bishops assembled at Nicea to find the proper religious arguments to make Jesus Christ "a god" (as were the Greek gods, Roman gods, and dead Roman Emperors that preceded Constantine).   And being an admirer of Ancient Egyptian Theology and the worship of the "Invincible Sun", he was happy when these bishops used mainly the story of Jesus' "Easter Resurrection" to provide him with a Divine Trinity, the theology he wanted, and Sunday as the approved day of Divine worship.

       Here Dr. Robert Holt, MD, MPH is showing the real events of that "Easter Weekend" which by means of decoding Bible Codes now available, did NOT occur exactly as  they have been taught, played in "Passion Plays", preached in thousands of churches, acted out by well-know Hollywood actors and actresses on movie screens for a century, and thought to be the only true story by billions of people

        Whipped, insulted, crowned with thorns, and nailed to a cross, at the Qumran monastery, not in or near the city of Jerusalem as has been supposed by so many, for so many years, Jesus only a relatively few hours after his crucifixion, did indeed get off that cross, by himself, under his own power.   With also a lot of help from the Essenes, and from the God who was enabling all this to happen, he recovered rapidly from his wounds, was pardoned by Pontius Pilate because of a bribe, and became the driving force behind the rapid takeover of the ancient world by the new religion we call "Christianity".

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       The "Man in White" met by Ron Wyatt and myself at the "Garden Tomb" near the Damascus Gate in the fall of 1989.  Later evidence points to the conclusion, by both of us, that this was the "resurrected" Jesus.   Not a spook, not an "apparition" but a real living, breathing, human being -- alive and well after 2000 years!


The Real Easter Story!



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So you thought you knew everything you

need to know about Jesus Christ?

And you are in deathly fear of his wrathful 

"Father" -- YHWH, Jehovah, "Allah"?

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